The water does not subside in Bangkok

The water level in the Chao Phraya Thai — critical, in spite of the fact that the peak of high tide passed. The statement was made governor of Bangkok. So throw off the element off early. Meanwhile forecasters are already warning of a new danger: Thailand soon to expect heavy rainfall. The damage from the high water was several billion dollars.

In Bangkok, ends week weekend. They were declared a state of emergency in place by the authorities in the hope that this period will be sufficient to overcome adversity. However, in the confrontation with the natural elements forces were unequal. High water continues to besiege the 12 millionth metropolis.

Bangkok neighborhoods remain submerged for two weeks. Despite the fact that the peak of the tide in the Gulf of Thailand is over, the water does not become smaller. She was nowhere to go. Home Bangkok Chao Phraya river is still full. It continues to receive huge flow from flooded northern provinces.

The reflection of the water attack mobilized army. Struggle is with mixed success. The soldiers managed to pump out water from the historic center, where the royal palace, but immediately after that the dam had burst and flood zone spreads to the eastern districts. Within minutes the street had gone more than one meter deep. Flooded bedroom suburbs of Bangkok now resemble a tropical swamp water surface, where and look to jump out a crocodile.

"This flood has never been. What to do next, I do not know. We live here like a desert island. Drinking water and food no longer exists," — says a resident of Bangkok.

Authorities estimate that only flood and need assistance to victims nearly $ 2 billion. Despite the fact that direct economic losses of at least three times more. In only one in tourism losses are about a billion. In the affected area has not been established delivery of products and drinking water. On the eve of the north of Bangkok were flooded stores with humanitarian aid.

According to experts, even if the worst-case scenario — flooding of Bangkok — will be avoided, tangible improvements will not begin until next week, when the tide is to end. Another danger — rain. All these days the Thais were lucky with the weather. But forecasters say it may be damaged just a week later.

Sergei Mingazhev

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