The witches of Salem. The story of three children

Deal Witches of Salem perhaps the most notorious in history and has many references, even in our days. Remember even a work of Stephen King's "Salem's fate." I think you will be interested to hear how it all started and find out what guilt arrest 150 people and 19 people were hanged three little girls

It was winter 1692, two little girls of nine and twelve years: Abigail and Elizabeth were the first victims of the Salem vedmam. A few days later they were joined by twelve Anna. With them there was something unexplainable, they were hiding behind the furniture, claimed that they had seen ghosts who inject their bodies with sharp objects. Both had a high fever. It was at this time the girls began to tell me that they are visited by visions of what it did to them witches living in Salem. And they began to name names …

Perhaps no one believed would be, but the story of the witches involved are not trivial love spell on the moon, supported by the local doctor, who was not able to make a diagnosis. Response to the state of children he found in the book of Cutter's pastor, who described the same thing that happened to his children. The diagnosis was determined and delivered: for girls induced damage of the local witches.

The local elite supported the view of "well-read" citizen of the city and began a witch hunt.

The girls began to call all of unwanted low-caste women, which went without them is not the best rumors. Maids, slaves, the poor, people, bad old woman that did not attend church. Under terrible pressure, humiliation and torment newly minted witch confessed to witchcraft, love spell, hover damage and flying on broomsticks.

Only on children's pranks and mad passion of ardent supporters of the fight against witches in the person of the governor, doctors and judges were hanged 19 people, three of them died in their cells, awaiting sentencing and about 150 were branded witches. And probably would have ended with mass pandemic, if the Governor in doubt how to identify evil forces. In October, 92-year penalty was stopped, and all those arrested released.

Later probable causes hallucinations children Abigail, Elizabeth and Anna called ergot, which was in the bread, or the pressure of a pastor who forced the girls to lie to their own purposes.

Who knows what was the cause in fact.


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