Times and The Warriors Watch online

Times and The Warriors Watch online
Documentary series to tell you about the warriors of different cultures that existed in ancient times. You will learn about the army of soldiers of Pharaoh Amasis, whose reign in the 17th century BC Egypt was captured by a tribe HYCOS, which he had gathered to protect their government from invasion.

Will be discussed and recognized masters of war — the Assyrians, who became famous endurance in battles, their own strength and indescribable brutality in the conduct of the battle. Macedonians, capable of many transitions and invincible in those distant times. They went down in history as an invincible army, able to inflict a devastating defeat even the most powerful army to confront them.

The Spartans did not know how anything, except of war. They lived in a very modest criteria and suffered many hardships, but had to cancel, brave warriors. The Roman legions, of which many legends that have become a real mainstay of their country. Vrgi trembled at the 1st mention of the Roman soldier. Unknown to anyone tribe Huns who appeared on the East as if out of nowhere, but having the most rapid and most riders apt archers. They were nomads and their impetuosity carried momentary death.

Historic battle

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