Trapping of wolves began in JAR after their attacks on pets

Authorities Leninsky District of the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR) formed a team for catching wolves due to increased attacks these animals to dogs and livestock, according to AMIA Jewish Autonomous Region.

"This time the police turned a resident of the village of Leninsky district Chocks. Climbed in the manor … wolf and attacked the home dog. Landlord arrived in time to rescue … and shot the wolf eighteen months," — said in a statement.

With the increasing number of such cases the situation is under control by local authorities, the population informed about the security measures and rules of conduct when dealing with predators.

"At present, formed three teams for catching wolves, in the one of which includes staff from inter-municipal police department" Lenin. "In place of the state inspector immediately went for the protection of wildlife and protected areas EAO Vitaly Ivanchov", — stated in the release.

Told Ivancea, aggressive behavior is not typical of wolves in the summer.

"Usually, people close to the wolves in the winter, when they feel hungry. Assumption is that wolf" train "the cubs to prey, although it is one of the versions of frequent attacks," — he said.

According to police, killed by a wolf given to the examination, a team of doctors of veterinary station Leninsky district began pets vaccinated against rabies.

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