True Grit. The inventor of the Urals has made the metal more durable

Natalya Petrovna Pavlova, the inventor of Chrysostom, figured out how to improve the steel, which collect containers for nuclear waste. The developed technology has enabled it to add steel ES-82 increased strength. On account of the metallurgist and other unique designs.

Metallurg Zlatoust (Chelyabinsk region) Natalya Petrovna Pavlova found a way to become a famous brand ES-82 highly durable and of high quality. Special metal for containers initially invented one of Moscow's metallurgists, but the steel did not meet the high demands of potential customers and in need of serious revision. Hard to find "relatively ideal" formula fought dozens of men, but was only able to find a solution Natalya Petrovna.

"Usually steel smelted in an open electric arc furnaces, and then bottled at the continuous casting machine to produce electrodes for subsequent electro-slag remelting. And our task was to develop the technology in electroslag remelting furnace. Nuance was the fact that the melting point of the slag above the melting point of the metal. metal is melted and slag yet, and slag like "entangled" in the metal, what was the problem of production, which we successfully resolved ".

Natalia P. Pavlov, head of electroslag and vacuum arc remelting laboratory Zlatoust metallozavod. 

ES-grade steel 82 — boron alloy and titanium. From his ZMZ where Natalia works to produce ingots, billets. From these ingots to tube rolling mills produce hexagonal tubes, which, in turn, are necessary for the production of special cartridge in the form of honeycomb. These boxes are intended for the storage of radioactive waste. Any other metal radiation passes, while the ES-82 is able to fully capture her and keep you. However, the invention of such a grade of steel — this is only half the battle. Importantly, behaves as metal during melting and rolling. Natalya Petrovna Pavlova technology allows high quality metal, free of defects and discontinuities. In the cells of Zlatoust steel nuclear waste shut tight. For the nuclear industry in the region is particularly important.

However, the most favorite invention metallurgist technologist Natalya Petrovna Pavlova — not technology for smelting steel, and special hollow ingots, billets for seamless steel pipes of large diameter.

Each ingot length — 3.5 m, unique in that they are thin, are nowhere else in the world do not. Earlier in the same grades of steel rolled sheet, then folded it and did seam. Stitches do not always get a good quality, there was a need for seamless pipes. And now we have to figure out how to do such a seamless pipe. They are less joints, they are more durable, and for the oil and gas industry is very important that there are no leaks. "

Total counts of Natalia Pavlova — 13 inventions, each of which received a patent factory ZMZ. In the experiments and experiments help her fellow technologists and her own children. Daughter Svetlana works as a mechanic in the same factory, the son of Oleg graduated from Faculty of Metallurgy.

On his inventions technologist state did not, however many awards she has. Thus, Last year she became the winner of the local competition "Best Inventor of the Southern Urals" in the category "woman-inventor." Choosing the profession of metallurgist 40 years ago, this woman has never regretted.

"Iron and steel chose because I have always been close physics and chemistry. Upon graduation immediately came to the plant, first came to the laboratory vacuum arc remelting, worked there for twenty years. Then became involved in electroslag remelting. Never regretted my choice — this is mine. "
As a part of the creative team Natalya Petrovna took part in the creation of 13 inventions patented ZMZ. Development of production technology of hollow ingots by electroslag through six inventions brought the plant to a silver medal VIII International Industrial Exhibition "Metal-Expo" in 2007, the awards in the contest "100 best goods of Russia" (2007), "20 Best Products of the Chelyabinsk region" category "Products for industrial purposes" (2008) As acknowledged by Natalia Pavlova, creative thought is always in motion. Who is ready for patenting two more of her ideas:

— I want to plant lived and prospered. And our invention will help him in this.

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