Turkish self-propelled islands with missiles

Turkish self-propelled "islands" with missiles

Come from Turkey noteworthy news. It seems that this country was slowly reviving former navy. The Ottoman Empire at the time was the most powerful navy, he was famous all over the world, but by the end of the XIX century, the country became a shipbuilding experience is not the best of times. It has even come to the point that more or less "serious" or ships had to build, together with zabugornom partners, or in general to take abroad.

In 1996, it was decided to adopt a number of measures to decrease depending on the Turkish fleet from third countries. Project received the title MILGEM. In the course of its implementation was planned on the basis of cooperation with zabugornom shipbuilders and existing developments to make the project a warship that meets modern requirements. Also, in order of mandatory required to take into account the ability of Turkish shipyards to not only develop, and build ships at home. In addition, all new ships, weapons, too, must be made in Turkey.

Decided to start a program from the design and construction of corvettes. Different work MILGEM — determination of the kind required the ship, the research prospects of available technologies, the creation of conceptual design, etc. — Began almost immediately after the start of applets. Yet, the final stage of developing a new corvette began only in 2004.

Turkish self-propelled "islands" with missiles

According to the technical specifications, the new corvette intended to patrol the territorial waters of Turkey with the possibility of storm surface and underwater targets. Of course, the terms of reference and provides for a system of air defense. Also ships a new project had to be able to protect coastal installations of all types of threats. Obeying the "fashion" of recent years, corvette must have a reduced radar signature.

Ultimately, by the end of 2006, was finalized project corvette class «Ada», and on 22 January next year at the Istanbul Naval Shipyard accomplished laying of the first ship of the series. The first-born was named F 511 Heybeliada — by name the little island in the Sea of Marmara. In September 2008, "Heybeliada" was launched, and on the same day laid the second corvette series — F 512 Büyükada (Buyukada — also Peninsula). The entire series will receive the names of the ships on the titles of Turkish islands.

Exactly three years after launching ship Heybeliada officially became a member of the Turkish Navy. Second corvette was launched a day ceremony for the adoption of a system of "Heybeliada" — September 27 of this year.

Turkish self-propelled "islands" with missiles

Almost immediately after the end of a ceremony to transfer F511 Heybeliada fleet, this ship came out in the first campaign. Along with several other ships of the Navy Turkey "Heybeliada" went to the area of Cyprus where the connection should accompany research vessel K. Piri Reis. Last task — exploration of gas fields in the sea in the days of the disputed areas.

Total planned to build eight corvettes project «Ada». Later on this basis will be created a new class of ships — frigates F-100. But the "hundredths" will appear not earlier than 2018-19, although precise dates have not yet been established. Total, Turkey will receive 12 ships built by programmke MILGEN. But it is only by Turkey. Indonesia has ordered two corvettes "Hell" and is negotiating with Egypt. Will there be more customers, is not yet clear, but one can imagine that they must exist. At the moment there is some "fashion" for corvettes, frigates, patrol boats and other small warships. This trend can even compare with the spread of battleships first of the last century.

When were the first images and photos corvettes "Hell", a number of professionals have noted that the Turkish creation is very reminiscent of the family German ships MEKO, especially their 100th episode. Maybe Turkish engineers specifically as such have decided to use foreign experience.

Turkish self-propelled "islands" with missiles

Displacement corvettes "Hell" is 2000 tons, draft — 3.7 meters. Length of the ship 99 meters, maximum width — 14.5.

Power plant ships combined, the system CODAG. That is, it includes and diesel and gas turbine engines. By working together, the engines power ratings up to 40,800 hp and accelerate the ship to 29 knots. When more economical modes of engines ship has in store stroke to 3.5 thousand nautical miles. Cruising "Ada" — about 3 weeks. The crew of the ships of early applets MILGEN — 93 people.

Armament "Heybeliada" and its "sistershipov" in its composition has three units barreled weapons, one gun caliber of 76 mm and two mnogokalibernyh (12.7 mm) machine gun Alesan.

Protection of the ship against air targets designed to produce SAM Mk-41VLS. Ammunition — 21 rocket.

To attack surface targets corvettes "Hell" have eight Harpoon anti-ship missiles and two triple torpedo tubes caliber 324 mm.

Corvettes can also carry one helicopter S-70B2 Sea Hawk, which has a set of equipment for the detection of submarines and torpedoes possibility suspension.

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