Turning off the lights at night to help reduce CO2 emissions in France

The Ministry of Environment of France and made it mandatory for all companies of the country with offices July 1, 2013 off the night light, which will help reduce carbon emissions (CO2) emissions by 250 tons per year, according to the British newspaper Guardian.

"It is expected that the announced Wednesday innovation, will help the country to reduce CO2 emissions by 250 tons and save as much energy as it consumes annually 750 000 French families," — said in a statement.

With the entry into force of the new rules, the owners of French shops and offices will be required to put out the light in the room an hour after the last employee left the building. Any light windows and exterior lights must be turned off with one in the morning to seven in the morning. An exception is provided only during the Christmas and local holidays.

Turning off the lights at night also meant to reduce light pollution — a violation of a change of dark and daylight hours because of the use of electric lamps, lights, buildings and outdoor advertising. Light pollution violates the ecosystem and leads to changes in biological rhythms of animals and humans, for example, may mislead birds and lead to sleep disorders in humans.

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