Two new tropical storm looming to the south and east of Japan

Photo: vostokmedia.comJapanese authorities issued a warning in connection with the approaching to the southern and eastern regions of two new tropical storms, of named "Rocky" and "Sonka", reports on Friday broadcaster NHK.
According to information posted on the site by the Japan Meteorological Agency, the storm "Rocky", followed by extreme rainfall, moving slowly towards the island of Okinawa and Kii Peninsula.
Currently, "Rocky" is situated 240 kilometers east of the administrative center of the island, the city of Naha, and moving to the northwest at a speed of 20 kilometers per hour. By Saturday morning to Okinawa and southern Kyushu could fall up to 40 millimeters of rain per hour.
Wind speed at the center of the storm is 23 meters per second.
Besides storm "Rocky" is likely to hit the Kii peninsula and the most affected by unleashed on Japan last month, Typhoon "Talas". Here it is possible loss of up to 250 millimeters of rain, further fueling fears of local authorities about the possible increase in the damage already done to the region element.
At the same time, to the east coast of the country is approaching another tropical storm, "Sonka." Currently the storm is far enough to the south-east coast of Japan and is slowly moving west. Forecasters warned of heavy rains, which can fall on Tokyo and the surrounding area the Japanese capital on Sunday.

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