Two other livestock complex opened in Saratov region

Since 2008, within the framework of the state program of agricultural development reproducers agricultural company "Volga" investment projects for the reconstruction of pig houses.

Since 2009, the economy started to build a dairy complex for 800 head of cattle. The introduction of a complex economy will increase milk production to 7 million tonnes per year.

On pedigree farm "Labor" put into operation next, third place livestock complex.

Plemzavod one of the first in the region began to build breeding complex with the introduction of modern technologies of European animal welfare. In 2008, commissioned the first phase of the complex at 1200 head, similar to — in 2010, when the economy has strengthened its leadership milk production Saratov region.

Also took delivery of the keys to the apartments to employees "Labor." Keys to new homes have two families. Is currently under construction has 20 apartments.


According to Chairman of the Board of Directors of the breeding plant Syrema Bayzuldinova, the value of the house is about 1.2 million, "Sometimes it's hard sometimes, but we are greatly supported by the 30% paid for the federal budget, 40% — the regional, and the rest — the factory. It Young professionals housing goes completely free, "- he said.

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