Two piranha caught in the river that separates Greece and Turkey

Two piranha caught at intervals of a few days on the river Evros (Maritsa) separating Greece and Turkey, said on Wednesday the Greek TV channels.

Predatory fish family piranevyh known powerful jaws and violent behavior, are found in South America and has never before been seen on the border between Greece and Turkey.

The first length of 45 centimeters piranha caught July 31 Turkish fisherman Qadir Ozal, the second, a 23-inch, caught this week at the usual trap with bait of corn Tsolakidis Kostas Greek fisherman, reports TV.

The presence of piranhas in the river is dangerous not only for people but also for the rest of the fish river ecosystem.

Who and why piranhas released into the border river, is still unknown.

Across the river Evros year trying to cross tens of thousands of illegal migrants seeking to get from Turkey to Greece.

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