Typhoon Nesat left without electricity more than 100 thousand inhabitants of the Philippines

Powerful typhoon "Nesat" hit the Philippines this morning. Announced the evacuation of more than 100,000 people in the central region of the country. Capital city of Manila is completely paralyzed. It is expected that the element will rage in the Philippines for two days, and on Thursday will spread to China, according to the British Broadcasting Company BBC.

This morning, the typhoon "Nesat" hit Albay, the central region of the Philippines. At this point, the element has claimed the lives of two people, four more are missing. Speed "Nesata" is about 170 kilometers per hour, the storm is directed toward the island of Luzon, where half of the population. Authorities ordered 110,000 residents in the central areas of the Philippines to leave their homes and seek refuge in other parts of the country.

However, residents of the capital city of Manila to escape from the disaster is too late — in the city is blurred most of the roads, no power, closed schools, banks, stock exchanges. Manila residents advised not to leave the house. Authorities warn that now most at risk are those living in low-lying areas of the capital, where the typhoon could cause flooding and landslides. Meteorologists warn that the coast of the central islands of the country has recorded four-meter waves.

It is expected that the typhoon "Nesat" swept the country, and then spread to the south of China on Thursday. The current storm was the largest in the Philippines last year. Two years ago, Typhoon "Ketsana" killed 400 citizens.

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