U.S. Senator, D. McCain insists on changing the relations with Pakistan

U.S. Senator, D. McCain insists on changing the relations with Pakistan

According to France24, John McCain (Republican senator and school), called to review the cases with Pakistan one hundred percent. He insists on restricting the development and the development of new joint programs in the field of economy and military affairs, also asked to assess the possibility absolutely renounce all contact with this Islamic republic. Note, in the Senate, Mr. McCain absolutely not alone, it supports Lindsey Graham, a member of the party "Republicans," and sitting in the upper legislative chamber.

John McCain commented: "The U.S. is quite a long time showed remarkable patience in dealing with Pakistan. And this despite the fact that the existing "some excitement and anxiety." (Here are assumed charge of Islamabad, due to his intelligence against terrorists). "Now is the time to radically revise the U.S. business and Pakistan. We need to reassess the level and disposition of the support that we receive from Pakistan. First review to be held with respect to all existing programs in the area of financial aid and security. "

Incidentally, L. Graham and D. McCain, occupy important positions in the Senate. First — a member of the Senate Committee on Armed Services, responsible for the care rassredotachivanie school for foreign countries. The second is, is co-chair of said committee.
It will be recalled that on November 26 (2011), helicopters bombed the alliance army checkpoint Pakistan, that was located in the town of Salalah. As a result of this incident, killing 24 fighters and injured 14 people.

After that incident Islamabad has decided to to, "A full-scale review all joint operations, programs and agreements on mutual cooperation with NATO, the U.S. and the international coalition in Afghanistan, located at the political, diplomatic, and military level, and in the area of intelligence. "

In addition, Islamabad bezotstupno claimed to leave within 15 days, base, located in Shamsi, which was used by South American services for deployment of unmanned aerial vehicles. Also convoys supplying NATO troops in Pakistan's provinces have been stopped. It is interesting that over 70% of deliveries supplying international coalition troops, who are waging a war on the ground in Afghanistan, transit through the Islamic republic.

More tensions of early U.S. and Pakistan, appeared in May 2011, when the South American special forces without informing Islamabad, carried out the operation, as a result of which killed Osama bin Laden, who is a favorite of organizations (terrorist) "Al-Qaeda".

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