Ukraine under the water: in Odessa because of the rains flooded the subway and woman died

Heavy rainfall led to a number of emergency on Ukraine. On the eve of a storm with heavy rain and hail was held in Kharkov and its environs. As a result, the element has flooded several streets and metro stations. Woman died, reports

In the last week in Ukraine raging cyclone. In Kiev by heavy rains flooded homes, subways, routes, and "Memorial to Victims of Holodomor", near the building of the Verkhovna Rada failed ground. Podtopilo transfer to the metro station "Poznyaki" lobby and underground "Heroes of Dnepr", and flooded homes. According to the public utilities, the average was about 40-50 calls in connection with the flow of the roofs.

Dozens of trees, which struck down by the wind, fell into the street of Kharkov, breaking power lines and paralyzing traffic. Some time in the city on some routes not trams and trolleybuses.

The worst-affected southern part of the city. So, on Moskovsky Prospect — the key, the longest line of Kharkov — the water level reached the license plate.

Rain flooded endpoints Saltovo Kharkiv subway line. Video, which was captured in the underground flood, residents posted on the Internet at "Kharkiv. Comments."

Meanwhile, in the Kharkov region during a severe thunderstorm and squalls rolled a stone wall of a woman. The tragedy occurred in the village of Bezlyudovka Kharkov region, Ukrainian news agency UNIAN reported Assistant Chief of the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine in Kharkiv region Igor Lupandin.

According to him, the woman sought refuge from the elements in the kindergarten and hid behind a stone wall. At this time, filled up with a flurry of tree. It fell on the wall and rolled the woman who died on the spot.

In Vinnitsa region hospitalized with hypothermia resident. Voevodchintsy Mogilev-Podolsky district. Man found July 2 in the forest belt. He was hospitalized in the intensive care unit of the district hospital with a diagnosis of "general hypothermia." The casualty heavy. Causes of the accident are found out, the press service UMCHS in Vinnitsa region.

Meanwhile in Odessa after a strong wind fell over 500 trees. According to witnesses, at least in the two trees fell on streetcar wires, causing the movement of trams was blocked, reported at least five cases of overlapping traffic tree that fell on the roadway. In addition, as a result of falling tree killed an elderly woman.

The difficult situation in Cherkassy. There the water does not have time to blend in drains in parts of the city paralyzed vehicular traffic. In the municipality may decide to declare an emergency in Cherkassy. We also learned that the State traffic police in Cherkasy region June 29 limited traffic on the bridge across the Dnieper River in Cherkasy because the dam partially washed away rainwater.

In Lugansk, heavy rains and strong winds knocked down trees, flooded streets, caused disruption to the light and communication. On June 29 Luhansk during a football match lightning killed a football player, another seven were injured.

Previously, it was also reported that due to rain and high winds in nine regions of the country were de-energized 154 settlements.

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