Unified system for professional radio executive authorities of St. Petersburg

The group of companies "Tetrasvyaz" federal services of a professional radio operator, made a presentation at the IV International Forum "Professional Mobile Radio." The event was held in Moscow with the support of the International Association of TETRA.
In the session "PMR systems for law enforcement and public safety," a company representative spoke about the experience of planning, deployment and operation of mobile radio communication systems for the executive authorities of St. Petersburg. Network TETRA, detailed "Tetrasvyaz" in St. Petersburg and its suburbs, is the technical platform of the Unified System of operational trunked radio (ESOTR), representing more than 3,000 subscribers. The purpose of the ESOTR — the organization of effective interaction of administration of the Federation, and various city services (Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Situations, police, traffic police, ambulance) and large industrial enterprises of St. Petersburg.
ESOTR available to subscribers hour, non-stop, independent of the public network radio, and all the features of digital standard TETRA: customizable prioritization of calls, individual and group mode, authentication, call recording and logging of network activity, as well as satellite monitoring of mobile objects using TETRA solutions / GLONASS. Working in a single radio communication system increases the efficiency of decision-making and speed of response of emergency services.
Further development ESOTR ensure implementation of intersystem interactions in implementing solutions based on IP-protocol, as well as the development of specialized subscriber equipment for remote databases, payment cards, bar code reader.
GC "Tetrasvyaz" is the largest operator in the North-West region of the network of professional radio standard TETRA, which includes St. Petersburg and the surrounding areas of the North-West region, covering nearly 50,000 square kilometers Subscribers to the network in addition to the authorities and emergency services are the security of banks and institutions, commercial enterprises and industrial complexes that provide a wide range of communications services, including monitoring of mobile objects on the basis of domestic satellite system GLONASS.
Forum "Professional Mobile Radio" — the largest trade platform bringing together the leading system integrators, operators and users of PMR communications, as well as representatives of relevant ministries. The forum — PMR market development, promotion of new technologies, developments and services, development of technological equipment of strategic sectors of the economy and the security forces.

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