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We cheer them on, experience. Here Nicholas retired from the village of Don grown in the garden zucchini weighing 20 pounds! But the student of the glorious Pyatigorsk broke the bank in the game show "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" Such examples are lacking. But we are in the framework of our immortal column as always talk about love. Only this time, the "television" the love that is born on the show "Let's get married!"

Meet Karina is a girl in our town known in certain circles. Kareena now lives in Moscow, and she came. In the survey day record multiple programs. Of course, this transfer — no organization called "The Singles." This, above all, the show, hence the special laws are inherent in entertainment television. Therefore, the characters of such a program are extraordinary people. Prior to the broadcast of their check not only the telegenic, but also on the ability to present yourself in the frame, the adequacy, the ability to improvise — tells our heroine. Just note that the entire team of this program works very professionally. I am a trained journalist, and I always wanted to be in Ostankino. To get on the program proved to be simple: we went to the site "Let's get married!" Complete the form and waited.

We got a call, and we arrived. Makeup and hair for the characters of the program take on the first channel of the stylists. Editors at the preliminary casting hero asked to bring a few things to choose what is more suitable for air. Warn that you can not wear white, black, striped. The studio itself, where the shooting, a small, much smaller than it looks on TV. Trinity — Larissa, Rose, Basil — look also live differently. On the screen they appear fuller and older. By the way, the editors of the program warned us that television screen adds 10 pounds and 10 years of age, so that's a treacherous visualization. Vasilisa quite petite lady, she just about size 40-42, Larissa, I think, is the 48th, and Rose may 46th.

— How to apply the film crew members?

— With us there is just a speck of dust blown off, to the point that wanted, for example, to eat — brought, wanted brandy — pliz. Tea, coffee — no problem.

— And how you to the survey prepared?

— The program was Christmas, film set thematically stylized under Gogol's "The Night Before Christmas." Before shooting, we all explained in detail: what to say, where to look, how to behave. And even if the groom with empty hands to the bride came to woo, he is given a gift for her. Our "lads" were given slippers to Nena program "Let's get married!" As his friend Swati. Zasvatat it did not work, but Kareena has got a new program on a pretty familiar. That's what we talked about behind the scenes of our compatriot popular project:

— We arrived at Ostankino morning. Before telecentre crowded crowded. Who are these people understand. Perhaps this crowd are people who are hired to take part in various shows. Pay them 500 to 1,000 rubles per shot. All foreign participants' Let's get married! "- Matchmakers, grooms, brides, but you see, the" size "did not fit — the couple did not work out. Behind the scenes of the show, all participants meet, exchange phone numbers. Meet me "groom" from the previous three participants. Now meet and communicate.

— What are the leading participants themselves, sometimes they seem evil aunts?

— It is not. Larissa Guzeeva — intelligent, educated, and I liked it very much. It "reads" the information from the people as good astrologer. In Roses, apparently part grumpy aunt, she is such a provocateur. Its task is to create a conflict that was interesting to watch the program. With Vasilisa even managed to talk a little bit after the program. But its forecasts leave "behind the scenes". It's personal. About "Let's get married!" Saying different things. Many consider it the usual staging cheap. In fact, both Podkolesin, and Agafea Tikhonovna there real, confirms our interlocutor. Few people know that the program was on the verge of collapse, the male profiles in the beginning it was 25 times smaller than the female. Director of the project could not understand what's so discourages men and am desperate. One of the staff after a light beneath the celebration, went to her and said, "It hurts a frightening name for a guy. Diametrically change the situation, for example, the name of "Let's love!"

Author of the article:

Igolkina Marina

Source — the online magazine

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