Vampires. Fiction or reality from the past?

Vampires. Tales of them exist in almost all nations. In fact — this zombie, blood lust that appears immediately after the resurrection. Do they exist in reality and what's the story?

He — The Prince of Darkness, the resurrected dead, who returned to this world for revenge and terror, he — Dracula. Many have tried to destroy it, but the result remained the same. He always revived again. Perhaps the most famous character from the world in which are valued gold, or money, and human blood.

Many of us take the image of this man as a screen. This is not surprising, because the film adaptation with this hero always had full houses. Was reality he or simply fiction — not known. But if you believe the legend, undead kind roamed the houses quite often. Perhaps it is for this reason that one of the Romanian families dug a deceased relative and removed his heart …

The Catholic Church believes that such creatures actually live among us, and the main question is how to deal with them? In the world today, there is a modern vampire, who is forced to drink human blood. It may shed light on the physiological need undead in this kind of recharge your energy?

Understand this question will help us to film from the National Gegraphic.

Just a rather interesting question is the topic: vampires in Russia. It is believed that the origins of these nocturnal their creation take it out of our country, since the first mention of vampiropodobnyh creatures found in ancient Slavic manuscripts "Commentary on the book of the prophets," written in the XI century.

Reality or Fiction: Vampires. Online


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