Victor Kostrykin — an internationally recognized with a UFO contactee

Victor Kostrykin — extraterrestrial UFO encounters is considered the most reliable of all. His encounters with unidentified flying objects confirm the best ufologists around the world. He was a member and speaker of conferences in the U.S. and Germany, dedicated contacts with extraterrestrial intelligence. Unfortunately, he's gone, but the stories were …

Prior to 1962, I had little faith in the existence of unidentified flying objects, until he saw one summer August night. It happened in the village of Blagoveschenka Prokhladnensky region of Kabardino-Balkaria, in about 22 hours. Observing satellites, suddenly saw a very bright glowing high point of the first magnitude. Rhythmically changing brilliance, but without blinking, she moved across the sky in a north-easterly direction from the Greater Caucasus mountain range at a very strange zig-zag path. The object was fast. Did not fit into our concept of physics change direction strictly perpendicular. Any earthly object with such speed and cornering collapse. Consequently, there is no inertia? If no inertia it should not be mass. But if there is no mass, no time! Strangely it all … Struck unusual mystery, watching for 5-7 minutes.

I was only 33. From that moment began research, analyzes, new observations, which, united with my other work and observations, and subsequently with the most incredible events, as I believe, led to a series of separate clues and new mysteries.

Then in Blagoveschenka recalled his childhood and grandmother, who told me that before the revolution saw over Nalchik flying fireballs.

So, has become more and more often to look at the starry sky. He began to count their forecasts UFO visits. At first, I predict they saw dozens of people, then hundreds, thousands, even tens of thousands of people. Often the observation organized outings to the mountains. But a group of observers, especially not prepared, there is a company out of the clutches of the bosom of nature. It was definitely fun, but most were sitting around the campfire or fishing rods and watched the floats, rather than looked at the sky. So he began to walk.

Can not say that, having started in the odyssey is not felt fear. However, the interests of the overwhelming thought of danger. So it was the night of 6 to 7 July 1968.

Got to the mountain village of Hushtosyrt that Chegem gorge. Hushtosyrt translated from Balkar means Hushtova hill — the ridge. From the village up to the alpine meadows of Chegemskaya waterfalls. Why choose this area? Yes, because it is in this part of the sky is often seen a UFO. Later in the afternoon located on the haystack. Streamed pleasant smell of fresh hay. On the haystack after all safer, more convenient, you can lie on your back and survey the whole sky. And the stars are amazing! Any contact, of course, not even dreamed of. Just looking absently into the depths of the universe. Expected, of course, to see the visual span, unless you are lucky to once again prove the validity of the forecast. (Even then, I began applying UFO routes to the map of the republic, and began to show interesting patterns).

It was about three o'clock in the morning. Suddenly I saw steeply falling meteorite is unusually bright. Then the brightness of the lost and the further decline lasted almost next, followed by a smoky "vilyushkami." Caught unawares, I got up, dazed sight, and then sat on the haystack, somehow waiting to burst. Silence … Vigilance mobilized. And then, quite near there, where there was a grove, I felt the dreadful sight. Looked. 100-150 meters in seeing how it seemed to me, burning man, but standing still. I quickly slipped off the top of my observation post, took to their heels. I thought that it looks hot almasty that, Kabardian means forest people (snow). Somehow feverishly concluded that from our technology when it caught fire accident almasty dormant, and now I'm over it all will have to answer. Haste he forgot stockpiled firecrackers, Stuck in the mountains for protection.

But I was stopped. Agility left me. Nor move his feet or raise their hands. Absolutely not hurt, there is no "chills." Own hair on the head and the whole body up, as if electrified. On the face of a cold sweat, pounding heart, a clear conscience. Soon the state stiffness and oppressive fear passed. In place of the confusion came the extraordinary lightness throughout the body and mobility. I heard that my name and I went to the call. Behind the hillock at the site was a huge amount of disk device, of course, the metal and extraterrestrial origin, bright colors. Along the perimeter of glowing portholes.

Near, considered that it was not windows, just open round exits pipes. Windows that exist in our terms, there is absolutely no. According to the radius of the pipe went into the machine, and it is warmer outside a peculiar light milky. Pipes left to the center like spokes from the rim to the wheel hub. Strange light in places skirted body, as if obeying the magnetic field. The impression that the metal device is as if in a cocoon of light.

I met a creature to which we are similar, with some exceptions. In his silvery overalls still ran a flame of fire flare, and then they died out. The creature had hands with five fingers, legs, and so on. Growth, like me, or a little higher. (Later, they explained that a person, being in such conditions, perceives the world in a distorted way that their real growth — 6 meters! They can even compress space, or vice versa — to expand it). Clothing light, and from the head and hands emanated a glow, especially noticeable outside the ship. Figure slim, thin, normal proportions, the power of motion, slow, you can say, majestic. Do not like when they were talking loudly and waving his hands. I stopped by repeatedly saying, "Keep your voice down. Do not wave your hands. " Gesture, I was invited to enter.

I crossed the threshold, where does any earthly power, and perhaps even our three-dimensional measurement. In the compartments was warmer than at this time in the alpine meadows. My feet were stepping muffled. The light inside the unit is soft, does not look like any electrical or our day. Harsh shadows in the room no. Lights are closer to natural daylight, such as milk, falling from above, sources have not seen or do not remember. In the back of the wall panels were, blinking color signals. Furniture or other objects come and go under the floor or wall. On the wall is quite unknown blinds or shutters, but the wall can break up and there is a screen, I saw it.

Here noticed a few more figures, there have been five. They are all dressed the same and similar to each other as twin brothers. Earlier and hence the name of their capital letters. To achieve them they are worthy. My jubilation sought to pour out at the sight of the surrounding, so unimaginable. The head is large, in the face elongated oval. Individuals seemed to me some cute and special. Immediately had the impression that they look at you and not even know what you're thinking. No hostility or curiosity on their part. The biggest feature is the eyes. They are large and are spaced at an angle. It seems that they see the same and in full face and in profile. Such a wide overview of scares. Maybe he needs at super speeds. Perhaps our vision less than perfect. No conclusions do not. There is something in his eyes, it seemed to me the bird.

His head is crowned with the product, I thought, made of gold and stones in front of a skull-cap, and the side — as a forage cap. This mozgofon to transmit spoken thoughts at bay. Soon, to his surprise, found that no jewelry on clothing, no scars, lines, does not even have buttons or seams, zippers or buckles. There is a kind of folds on the ends of the sleeves, pants, neck and waist. Clothing white with glitter. Soles saw thick, like our micropores. Other dresses do not have to watch me. The hair is short, but for some reason seem to be gray, but the person does not have quite wrinkles and look very young.

He introduced himself. Said I Cheldon Caucasian (the person with the Don), a resident of the indigenous. This minute was told that in the Caucasus only four indigenous nationalities that other people had to or mixed. Listed them. They have their own names or ancient, and only reminded me of the word Svans though Svans call themselves Khevsuri. Even pointed out the location of each group, but I do not remember.

At me and made a strong impression unusual appearance, and the degree of the move, some firmness, appropriateness, full of confidence. In conversation with the man used an unusual bond when heard inside the head. I tried to close the palms, fingers plugging both ears, making turns and tilts his head. You can hear all the same. But the direction of the sound source is stable and not affected by the change of head positions. Questions to ask your tongue. Restraint and moderation. The answers follow the crisp, clear, without further ado. On a purely modern Russian language. In order to verify, with his "bell tower", I asked, is it possible to speak Kabardian or German. Dialogue took place:

— And you better know these languages?
— No.
— Then speak in Russian. For us, there is no language problem.

THEY do not apply to "you" and "you", but very politely and correctly. Voices of young and vary in tone and direction. The emotional state felt. Respect witty, healthy humor. When they talked to me, not even to unclench his lips. Acted as if hidden translator, but different tones and intonation. Consequently, there was a direct linguistic thought, strictly oriented correspondent. So it's not a fantasy of modern science fiction, but a reality. Communicate with one another at some unknown language. Remember the word "Tile-Laila."

I was asked to sit in a very comfortable chair and have already said in Russian: "Now our way to the mountain" — and pointed to the one where the Elbrus. (In 1970, the fifth of August in treatment in a bilateral context, they again used the word "Tile-Laila." Later on the map accidentally discovered near the town of Mestia and Elbrus mountain Laila — 4010 meters above sea level. Do not know what they had in mind, maybe they called me, but perhaps this mountain).

But back to the events of that extraordinary night. While in the chair, turned his attention back to the original rectangular panel above the entrance to the other compartment. A sign appeared in gold and colored stones on it. Figure meant something.

Then I was approached by two creatures like as twins. In the hands of a single on the most elbows were wearing black gloves. Here, I drew attention to the hands. They were abundant. The fingers are elongated, thin. Hand even beautiful. Gloves as if made to order. There are no wrinkles, folds. Material hit their quality. Surprising properties of the gloves were absolutely no gloss or glare. Absolutely black.

I looked at had come up, not without fear and suspicion. I think that is they are still plotting? Now suddenly start to gut? In the meantime, they took my left hand, palm turned edge, took the thumb and to the point between the thumb and forefinger of his gloved hand brought the brilliant device. Moment, and he found himself on the instrument a piece of my skin. And in his hand was a red triangle 6 × 6 mm. Pain and there was no blood at all. Immediately in front of the wound was delayed.

Then, encourage them, I said, "I know what kind of gloves and what they are" — as accepted their appointment, as well as our health. In response, I did not say a word. Suddenly, a black-gloved hand, all five fingers, began to sink into my chest. With wide eyes I beheld a bizarre spectacle. For a gloved hand, there was neither a skeleton nor the muscles for it was not an obstacle and my shirt that was on me. I totally did not feel any pain and other sensations. When the glove is deepened and touched my heart, then I cried out in pain. Hand in glove quickly popped back. At the point of entry or no traces of blood. The mind boggles! Until that moment, my heart to play tricks. They immediately found a defect eliminated. They can do abdominal surgery without blood.

How to explain such transformations, I'm afraid to find out, but asked why it took them skin. Responded that there is written a great source of information. It appears, from this you can grow some shred of human bodies. They told me that the people themselves have become seriously harm its shell, its body. In some remote shell our generation — the body will not meet the requirements conferred and not be able to fully perform vital functions. The annual increase of background effects, radioactive, chemical, vibration, informative — not very noticeable now, quite disastrous for the future. Term of the future in their control. The fatal dose is increasing rapidly. On every continent, not only in humans but also in animals regularly taken samples — samples. Thus constantly updated or supplemented huge gene pool.

At all visits, THEY refer to everything very carefully. Despite the fact that they often try to fire. But there are visitors, unfortunately, the opposite type. The two opposites collide with each other. But here is a question of good visits.

They often visit the parks: the Caucasus, Astrakhan, Askaniya Nova and others. Hence, the frequency of observations in places such record.

They said that the radioactive elements uranium and plutonium, while in the oxidized state, as it were, bound hand "and legs. We are now engaged and so stubbornly that we remove these shackles. And then the substances begin to "dance" — and legs and arms, that is, to show radioactivity. These metaphors provide a vivid representation. But this is not enough. "Dancing" Soviet uranium, plutonium, etc., sent his greetings to the U.S., and so on. "Radioaktivisty" is not only "dance", but long arms and hold each other, the more so for that we are "radioactive" hands untied. And the worst is yet to come, because it turns out, there is a critical mass of large weight, which can lead to the greatest explosion and destruction of the planet. Communicates all radioactive, wherever it resides: in the bomb in the reactor, in stock, etc. We, humans, are already close to this large critical mass, and it is in their control. As with all strategic locations. Since we are in a position to do harm not only to themselves but also to others on Earth and in space.

I continued to sit in the same chair, and is like a dream I remember, as to my eyes brought the black oblong rectangle. Surely a device. Of the orbits of my eyes was the crawl, swim out a smooth, bluish glow. Turn the eyeball, you could see even light.

Then they examined my big birthmark on his right leg calf. I found a spot on his forehead, just above the bridge of the nose. Prior to that, he was not paying attention to him. The aim of such studies has remained unsolved for me.

Told them that they seem, have been living somewhere in the neighborhood — the answer was something like this: "Not only the neighborhood, but further and very far away."

Immediately aliens given piece of information about yourself.

They live in a large stellar habitable country, close to the Milky Way. There are between our galaxy and their country a corridor through which they make flights. Fuel for spaceships — ordinary water, which can burn slowly, thereby causing movement of huge ships, structurally similar to crystals.

The aliens in the country in comparison with us very long lived. If you take a cycle average earthling, his life is about one minute of alien life in our understanding of time.

All earthly civilization susceptible catastrophic damage associated with large cycles and rhythms of the cosmic character. Their development is not overshadowed by the likes of civilization factors and maintained by virtue of knowledge. However, the newcomers are surprised that humans are not waiting for the big cycles themselves are trying to destroy and eliminate all life on the planet. Is their concern and attracts attention, makes unremitting exercise control over the processes that occur on Earth.

I, having learned the information, said:

— Now I see your favor and do not doubt it, but why on earth is the place to evil?
— In many ways, the people themselves are guilty. And besides, there is another world, but hidden from your eyes.
— Can you see it?
— You'll see firsthand.

I was invited to come out of the machine. Landscape was different than at the meeting. Valley or gorge also surrounded by majestic, pristine mountains. Was the middle of the night, the stars twinkled and were large and bright. I pointed to the side of the rock on which I sat, and SAMI left. Ten meters, right in front of me, all of a sudden there was a huge figure, which seemed to consist of the very darkness. She looked like a human, but it was a hairy creature, or so I thought. Figuratively speaking, it was like a bag of legs, head and hands. As it appeared, I had not noticed. He turned in the direction of the device, which simply disappeared, and when I did not either. Black creature on two legs moved towards me, stretching his arms out terrible. I froze. The body is numb. Flashed the thought, "They hid, fled, leaving me at the mercy of this monster." His arms and legs were paralyzed. Sought the help of the Orthodox Church, then in Arabic to Islam and back to Orthodoxy.

Since I am a baptized Christian, during the Great Patriotic grandmother and mother taught me the prayers. The war is over, thank God we are alive. And prayers were forgotten. So this time, I immediately thought of them: "Our Father, who art in heaven …" Next is completely forgotten. This monster has stopped. Frantically I think, "Yeah, here it is afraid." But after standing, a black hulk surged forward again. Then lightning thought that maybe, in this situation it is better Muslim prayers. At the time, I was lucky for a good old-mentors. And I said, "Bessmelyagi Rahman Rahim" — it's like, "Lord, save me." Being stopped. But as I paused it again awkwardly moved in my direction.

I did not have to make breaks in your prayers, and I did not know then. Did not realize that the treatment is with belief — the all-powerful tool. And said: "The Lail Laha silt Allah, Muhammad Rasul Institute yl-Lah" — "There is no God but Allah, and Mohammed his prophet." The monster again became as dead. I paused again, and it persistently moved on me, raising in my direction hairy arms. Then I said again: "Our Father, who art in heaven." Recalled further: "Hallowed be Thy Name."

Suddenly to the left, above the ground, there was a bright point of light. She quickly began to grow upwards and outwards, and, reaching the size of an orange, suddenly turned and formed a new shape, too creature. Growth slightly higher than a man, elegant, all consisting of a smooth, ever-burning light. The graceful contours there is a clear, details merged. Except head, all as humans. Head in the attitude of "head up" — just like the equatorial part of the month. Bright creature resembled ptitsecheloveka. When it is fully unfolded, the black creature silently crashed down on the ground, as if defending himself.

Before me stood a perfection of the world. Being a nice gesture from the Light offered up. As soon as the "bag" got up immediately from the Light Being adopted posture of readiness and, looking up from the surface, and ran along the arc to black. In this case, it stretches out, as if lost form. Instantly became describe spiral circle. It took over the head black, turning his neck and legs simultaneously. Ringed him, twisting the light spiral, which would dismember as black, squeezing and pulling in the cycle. This was followed by an incredible rotation rustle, rustle reminiscent of matter, or, more precisely, a flag flapping in the wind. The grand spectacle of the fight resembled a fantastic galactic picture.

It all rushed at me with a whisper swept right over my head and disappeared into the rock, which was behind me. She left this belochernaya spiral, as if a knife through butter.

Recovering himself, jumped up and clapped her hands along the stone wall. Reflex is triggered automatically, apparently with a view to determining the strength of the wall. And one more important detail. When the unimaginable "whirlwind" swept over me, then a sweeping animal fear made dart away from the scene. But, as with the first meeting in Hushtosyrte, feet and hands are not obeyed. The body was bound by an amazing astonishment. The hair stood up on end, and the cold sweat was pouring stream.

I called again. As if nothing had happened, the device was in place. And inside I then explained that the black creature long ago lost their bright clothes and from time immemorial, is not capable of doing good. That it is also indestructible and can be compressed, implemented and do harm to all living creatures, that he does not have access to the aircraft. Explained that the light points and balls accompany people. There is an increasing patrols even for astronauts in flight. Under the strict control are all strategic objects.

… I woke up early the morning of July 7. Sitting on straw, or rather, back to the stacks of straw, soaking wet, apparently, from the dew. Far below, right in front of him, saw the long ribbon freeway and running cars. The place was familiar, but it's not been Hushtosyrta meadows, where they met, and Kurkuzhinskoe plateau. On Kabardian Kurkuzhinskoe (Kulkuzhinskoe) plateau means plateau Zorev ghosts. At first could not understand in what way he found himself here. It was a strange feeling of danger and experienced depression, or as if from a great lack of sleep. His memory, I remember that night went to Hushtosyrt was high in the mountains, with craggy mountains, and ended up here. Passing the Baksan district, hit the Zolskij.

Did not lose the sense of reality, night or in the morning. Even if we assume a state of unconsciousness, delirium, he could not be independently cross high mountains, wild rivers and get here. In memory surfaced pictures, dialogues, meetings and images of such unusual essences. Everything was just as matter of fact, no hallucinations, no illusion. On the eve of that day, and in general at the time was completely sober. With me was the only mineral water. Fascinated by experienced, tried to cover the wealth of experiences. Gathering and headed for the freeway, and was soon at home. Here, only to realize that I just planted closer to the highway, from where you can get home faster and easier.

After some time, one friend brought me to read one of the books Kazantsev. Leafed through the pages at the beginning, considering the illustration. And suddenly saw a familiar figure. The book contains some of the drawings on stone, very old, and recently discovered a Frenchman in the Sahara desert. They were carved in ancient times. Image of a group called the "Four of the goddess." If I did not know their properties and what they are made of light, probably, I was rock painting would not produce much of an impression. So the ancients knew about these Beings of Light! I would immediately tell people about everything. I did not shake the memory of the strength and importance beyond the known and the unknown. But great was the lack of understanding reality. Well, who would have taken seriously my return? What would be confirmed?

Tried to metaphorically describe some familiar moments. Who is perceived as. Thus grew the wall of incomprehension. I began to realize that he had become a stranger to some people, even though they are still loved and respected. For some reason I began to think that a lot of people a lot of time and effort spent is not good. I felt sorry for the people, and himself with his thoughts. I wanted privacy for thought.

I began to hear people's thoughts. And therefore could not use public transport. Went on foot to work early, and home later. Avoided people. Kept to himself and loved solitude.

Soon after the fall of the ordinary for a massive trip to harvest tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Here, all together, and what did not hear: that's something to get, obtain, possess, somewhere to pull off. Envy, unflattering reviews of some people to each other, although in general it is not that bad people. The natural order of time was the "round table" on the grass for a common meal with the obligatory drink. What is heating up after the alcohol! So was removed, I was sorry fellow, I worried and was rooting for them at heart. Jokers me mockingly shouted: "Hey, Father! Come to us, we pour you a glass of wine … "

Very, very complicated relations developed among relatives and friends. Almost all seen someone else's, and it's scary. I wanted to scream to everyone: "People who come to your senses, stop! Respect each other! Help each other! "

At the time, I absolutely did not know that a person has centers (chakras), from which much depends, and their disclosure can be opened superpowers. And that to me was an incredible place, what they were not warned when in contact. When exposed to strong energy chakras opened. And with me are miracles happen, a lot of whom were witnesses. I began to hear what people say to each other on a large distance away from me. Began to hear through concrete walls and floors. Periodically read, or rather hear people's thoughts. Could find the forgotten or hidden away items. Card game quite like, but then always won. I was plagued by curiosity, but did not play more than three times. Opened the locks, if have seized key. Views and thoughts stopped working internal combustion engine, or not allowed to start the engine. In Dash was able to release a series of bullets in the top ten and the next, of course, taking aim. All show up randomly and repeated many times. Sometimes it felt delicate fragrance of unknown flowers, and sometimes, on the contrary, bad smells are unbearable.

I have to submit to the animals and birds. I have not even touched the evil watchdog, which, on the contrary, caressed and licked my hand. Always gently talk to the animals and birds, and I think that sometimes they understand the word. I became a kind of translator. These experiments were repeated by popular demand. Birds and now I do not fear, if I'm the one to trust. Sit on your hands, shoulders and head.

Remove the head or toothache manipulation of hands I was not difficult, and patients always have been. Several times a non-contact method stops the bleeding. Began to raise and restore the health of seriously ill, abandoned by doctors.

Immediately after the contact I was disgusted to eat meat. Or rather, I could not. Especially not stand the smell of fried. Meat and fish do not eat and felt good. The chakras (centers) randomly opened and closed also. I do not know how to fix, let alone develop superpowers.

There were also negative effects of Contact. Began to decay the teeth one by one. About the leaching of calcium did not have a clue. Also, any idea of concentration and meditation then I was not. However, in a dream, on the astral plane, traveling between the past and the future.

Currently preserved something. Remove damage from the evil eye, can be treated. I continue to see the birds and animals. Using the mental scale, show of hands, the radioactivity in mikrorentgenah per hour, or the activity of the Sun in the Wolf numbers. There were times when the predicted major events in the country, and there are witnesses.

Ill misunderstanding

Thus, I had to be a witness and participant in the most incredible events. In me lit up almost irresistible desire: to immediately share with people. At the same time holding back all unusual seen, heard and experienced. Who would believe?

My contact and communication with unusual creatures somehow accelerated the development of one, he considered similar to the radiation of a UFO with a subtle nature of radiation. I decided that all this is simply criminal to remain silent.

In the spring of 1969 the first results obtained in practice. There was already a correspondence with scientists, including from Dubna. To speed up the decision on the spot, going for about ten days in Moscow at their own expense. There would meet with Felix Jurevichem Siegel, with whom he was in correspondence. Thought it necessary to tell you about my contact with the eye for an eye, so do not look black sheep and avoid sensationalism, as events and facts that struck me, coming out of the ordinary. I thought I'd find advice, recommendations. But … was in Moscow in a psychiatric hospital, where for no good reason I was held for 50 days! Of course, nothing antisocial did not commit. At that time, even the word UFO was banned, was preparing its replacement by AAP … Hard to remember. But my whole life has changed. And the blows of fate did not stop.

With Siegel never met. He and his family went on vacation. On the other scientists also not met. In the first 10 years of "froze" the description of events. Described the self-published only in 1979. Years of stagnation continued for another ten years, but they do not dulled creativity.

Face to the invisible

Much water has flowed under the bridge until the rest succumbed and took the pain of such a terrible shock stagnation. Slowly, resumed his interest was in trouble. Received the letter, I called the people at the meeting encouraged, advised not to give up hobbies, and to show commitment and perseverance. According to my calculations, the expected regular visit from July 31 to August 3, 1970. Again pulled into the mountains magnetic force. Again, I went through the old route to his refuge at the village Hushtosyrt.

July 31, 1970 in the evening was in place. He got a mop of back and passionately cherished hopes for a meeting, and although there was not much confidence. But around 22.00 repeated everything exactly as in the summer of 1968. At this time, did not run away, but the surprise was scared. Thought, if I do not take away this time and not taken away to somewhere far, far away?

Stupor was not. Clearly heard Arabic speech addressed to me. Knowledge of Arabic I negligible. In fact, it was precisely the Arabic language, was persuaded by some of the words, such as "Marhaba" — "hello." And also because it followed the present, beautiful, viscous muezzin singing with all the intervals. The singing continued while slowly approaching the new next test.

It was like two years ago, and the same "vilyushki" in the sky. At one disk device. No one seemed to have never met. But they began to call me by name, Kostrykin. Pilots could not see inside. Heard muffled, captivating music.

The disk device was sitting on the "belly", and enter into it was not difficult. Left inside the entrance, his gear, walked into the ship. No one. Immediately noticed the entrance to the neighboring and the same light section. Went there with a purpose and hope to see the drivers — "twins". But once appeared at the door, he heard a voice: "There's nobody there." The voice, of course, belonged to a woman. However, the time to look into the other compartment. It was the same in mind: spacious, with no piles, nothing more. And there really is no one there.

THEY do not leave the machine for a long time-to-ship and almost excommunicated from it. Hoped so, when was waiting.

I was not myself. Unwittingly, in an earthly, for some reason thought of the trap. Be an inhabitant in a perfect device, including stealth, over which time has no power, I was horrible. He turned back. I saw an open book. She was lying on the table, drawing the attention. Signs were columns and reminded about our verbatim. No flipping through the pages and do not know the material of manufacture. Compared the images with objects known to me, animals. There is a reception to remember.

It was impossible to remember everything. Later in the figures I have given 12 characters, memorable because of their simplicity. What do the other of the two Figures, asking it and remember, others were transcribed and corrected later.

Nearby lay a strange detailed maps of the sky. Can not remember all the details. Some moments are preserved in the memory more clearly than others. Extremely clearly felt that for me watching, watching, but saw no one. Constantly heard muffled, charming, smooth unobtrusive music. Somehow, their originality rushed to sign the memory, called me "pouch". I asked, pointing his finger:

— What does this sign?
— Inhabited area of the universe — the reply was.

In the text there are crosses, and they were the difference in the tracings.

Further drew attention to the sign, called me "crocodile".

— That's the sign looks like a crocodile, but it's something cool like an unpleasant.
— It is a symbol of life, and is connected by two galaxies.

— Please forgive my lack of understanding. But I think if you combine the two galaxies, then it will be a symbol of death, but not the symbol of life.

— True, but not quite. Galaxies tend to converge, and a very large intervals are close to each other. Connected in pairs, there is death, but not in your understanding. Redeployment, destruction, creation, exchange, and then they are deleted. This is the great Mother Nature … So it was, and is, and so will many times.

As they explained, the man — a complex creature, its shell — a mortal body, but in essence it is not istrebimaya by time or other factors. In line with the time, place and circumstances of each individual unfolds, showing the possibilities inherent in his blond Being, the initial "I". In addition, they talked about some age-old Convention.

— So, people will still remember his life, even when it is buried?
— Bury shell. And the essence alive.
— Can I get some kind of proof?
— Now you will hear the dead and know their feelings.

Invisibly in front of me began to pass those who recently lost his life. There were a few. Here are a few. I repeat, I have not seen, but heard cries and experiences. The first was a young woman with a voice that is eerie wail, and the name of your favorite called "Nick, you loved me, Nick, you have killed me." Apparently, she was the victim of some cruel and absurd tragic accident. After it was followed by men and women who, after the death acted cheerful and fun. On some the impression that in their lifetime they were sentenced to death, or serious illness shackled. Bereft of life in the body, and at the same time fear or illness, and now they have fun singing and dancing, and spared no enthusiasm. Even making plans.

It turns out that the souls of dead people are different. There are those who fully experienced laid century. There are those who suffer, who died under some circumstances. There are restless. There are fallen to the bottom. It is the bottom, there is, and I was given the opportunity to hear the voices of those who live there. I hesitate to write about them.

I counted several categories. Worse than those who did not pass the way of life, and has appeared as if the station without a ticket, and his "train" will not be soon. Even worse suicide.

On the question of Christ followed by a powerful choir singing without musical accompaniment, the choir of male and female voices. They sang a hymn to Mary. Play it can not be indifferent — go crawl and tears from her eyes. It's a powerful experience! It looks like the Orthodox church singing.

As explained to me, the man is free in his acts, but there are certain limits. Explained that, for example, are not going anywhere any murderer or his victim, that in the end everyone will get on their cases. As for the truth, it is the same for everyone, whether you are a believer or an atheist, a representative of any nationality.

This truth — a measure of good and evil society goes through the enhancement of the individual actions.

At that time, and in fact, even when he wrote in 1979, I did not know any of occult literature, so the information was a revelation for me.

I do not presume to judge depth, but as far as understood in some ways resembles the life of a hockey game, broadcast in the record. A very rough comparison. We can know the final score of the game, but the details of the situation and in the course of the struggle may be different. However, apparently, can not be said and on a complete fatalism. Nature does not like the stereotypical strict reps. And because life is still something like a different combination of chess, versions of which depend on the figures themselves and from the environment, the location of the other figures. The real life of an individual, to some extent determined by his own earlier, but she directs and follow. Life — a movie, a man — an actor. With each new film, depending on the time, place and circumstances of skill to perform the role grows accordingly talent and role. Therefore, there can not be a dull monotony.

I was asked for my wish. Under the influence of the waterfall experiences befallen me, I just blurted out:

— Is there one light?
— Yes, there is.
— Then where and who lives there?

That the dead live, see, think, remember, I already knew. Saw the creature, consisting of Light. But again, it was not all clear.

— The same people in the same cities.
— If there is a city, can we see at least one street?
— The street you'll see.

No matter how much digging around in memory, the process of the flight can not remember. Really found himself a stranger in the street of the city. And come to life on the go. Apparently, the feeling associated with the transition from a different dimension. Next was a pretty strange young woman. Her blond hair fell over her shoulders, the line figures are correct, blue-green eyes. She was cheerful, cheerful and confident. It seemed to her 30-35 years. He was in itself an unpleasant sensation that quickly passed.

I was extremely easy, as if behind sprouted wings. I wanted to sing and jump. Everything was like a dream. I wore my sandals, trousers and shirt. A female guide said, "This is the street that you asked for." Heard, as usual, with our ears, that is the conversation was not by telepathy.

She was talking purely in Russian. Lots of smiling. After a long time analyzing everything. Even thought about that, maybe they have some kind of unknown to us the illusion, when you can feel a direct participant in the events.

We walked slowly down the sidewalk. Street as the street, but exceptionally clean, as if washed. Breathe more easily. The weather was warm and sunny. But I do not know, the sun is shining or another star. By our standards, to "terra incognita" was ten hours. Only then will suffice that the clock on the hand is not. I looked at the woman-guide. In response, she smiled. I wanted to smoke, but in a pocket of cigarettes and matches to be found. Found a handkerchief. Became gazing at passers-based ask anyone to smoke. No smoking, the more inebriated man he met. People were like humans. Men and women. Dressed like us. Sad people did not see. Some were passing towards others. Some were carrying small bags of different styles or appointments. They walked in pairs and alone. The sidewalk is wide, six or seven meters. Covered sidewalk and roadway composition similar to our asphalt.

The people were few. Even we in Nalchik more crowded. I felt a certain foolish rapture. I wanted to treat passersby to touch the green trunks of trees that grew at the curb. Woman guide noticed my impulses, took my left hand and, smiling, said:

— Look here do not tell me you're from another world.

She raised her left hand and his eyes pointed to a gold ring with a red stone is worn on the middle finger of his left hand. With the ring I introduced earlier, and I knew what it was. Signet is able to replace an entire army! In the small mode is able to "switch off" the person or force it to execute commands. Asked to donate. But they have not given, having said that, not being able to handle, you can inadvertently cause people a lot of harm.

Reassured, he continued review of the street. Houses, buildings, like ours, is not seen above 5-7 floors. City somehow reminded of St. Petersburg, of course, to the desolation, that is when our historic city was clean and beautiful. Distinguished two styles of architecture. More simplified development, but not to the same extent as we have now (the box), and more complex, with so-called "excesses", columns, arches, stucco, towers.

The roadway wide. But, strangely, I have not seen a single vehicle. It caught my eye right away, as we practice it is difficult without a shudder cross any street. Not seen on the street with a single column stretched wires. Never met the children or very old man. Do not see any military or police officers, or other uniforms. Not caught the eye of any dog or other animal.

Woman guide took me by the arm. I was younger then, and lived alone. Here I impulsively:

— That would be turned out of steam.
— What are you, I'm old …
— Wow! Yes, no more than thirty-five.
— No, I'm 12,000 years.

Gave aware with whom I work, and was ready to see and believe in the same sverhsnogsshibatelnoe. Yet somehow involuntarily raised his right hand and finger touched the hand of a companion above the elbow. The body was exceptionally resilient young. Everything was above our understanding.

I also found some kind of service or production. There's something seriously busy.

Now I'm sure I saw people taken from Earth is alive. And because a female guide strictly warned not to let it slip from where I otherwise would have followed the issues because, apparently, in the world were relatives, friends and acquaintances. And talk would make a disharmony.

I woke up again at Kurkuzhinskom plateau, the plateau Zorev ghosts. It was on August 2, he learned when he reached home. It took thirty hours of time from the date of the meeting. Watch my stand, and arrows showing 10 hours, or rather 22 hours. They are out of order. Just like two years ago, the memories began, and there was all easier than ever. And again, the clothes are very wet. I thought it was the dew.

It took … three days. At work, things were moving tight. The condition was painful. I did not want to see anyone. In conversations between people on everyday topics was catching his own criticism, thinking, yes really it's only human and care about? This is nonsense! Every now and then I caught myself on the fact that my mind refuses to employment in the service and begins to wander over the sharp points of days gone by. Tried to compare the events that make the analysis. Incompleteness felt some incredible events.

In the afternoon of the fifth August 1970 took out his flask, and laid on the table sandwiches. Everything these days is not like, especially repelled by the smell of meat and fried. The day was in his workroom one department was located in the center of our city. Just about to start the meal, he heard the muezzin calls. Even forgot about the beginning of the second meeting four days ago when it all started with the singing of the muezzin. And maybe it was not Arabic, and even more ancient? I do not know. Initially thought that the youth has recorded music for film and pampered. But the sound did not come from the yard. And only then remembered Hushtosyrt and found the source of the sound, closing his ears. It came from the top.

It struck me that I was "found" on the job. After a short interval came the great music in modern rhythms, a melody heard on their ship. The young man's voice began to sing a song in Russian. Until I realized that the letter addressed to me, and I realized who it came from, the start was already done, and the singing was going on. At that moment, I was at the next table, grabbed a blank piece of paper and began to write the text. He began to write not from the beginning, and from the place where the hands and the handle was a piece. I do not have time to write, and then said, "Excuse me, please repeat." Instantly nonstop music, was made the jump to the place where I was staying. And so it was repeated three times. The entire event lasted for 10-15 minutes. The message was addressed to me. It was intended, apparently, to lift the spirit.

Your moment will not be steep.
You will be an everlasting zhityu burn.
You will be eternal and infinite,
But only life you have to sing:

Tyla-Laila, Laila, Tyla,
Tyla-Laila, la-la-la!
Tyla-Laila, Laila, Tyla,
Tyla-Laila, la-la-la!

You're going to the right people at all times.
You will be eternal zhityu live.
But you have to be persistent.
Your truth you will be carried easily.
You will be eternal, everlasting,
Eternal fire forever.

Faced … face to face with the unknown again. Having a bitter experience, I did not tell anyone about what happened to me. Silent until the mid-80s.

Mr. Levitsky, V. Kostrykin Contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. Murmansk, MIPP "North", 1993.


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