Victory of the Russian squadron FF Ushakov at Cape Tendra

Today is a day of military glory of Russia — Victory of the Russian squadron under the command of FF Ushakov over the Turkish fleet off Cape Tendra. 

The battle took place during the Russian-Turkish War (1787-91 gg.). Osmanskoya empire, with the support of Britain and Prussia, she demanded the return of the Crimea, the recognition of Turkish vassal possessions and imposing significant restrictions regime of passage Russian merchant vessels through the Straits.

…At dawn on August 28 (according to the article. Cent.) 1790 — Russian fleet Ushakov suddenly appeared in the parking area near the Turkish fleet Tendra. In 15 hours, going the distance canister shot, the Russian ships opened fire. The main attack their main force was sent to the Turkish avant-garde, where the Turkish flagship. The flagship Ushakov "Christmas" was fighting with up to three ships, forcing them to get out of line.

After two hours of fierce duel other Turkish ships, unable to withstand the fire began to turn away from the wind and confusion out of the fight. But while turning them hit a series of powerful bursts, leading to greater damage. Particularly affected two flagship Turkish ships that were against the "Nativity" and "Transfiguration of the Lord." Confusion Turks grew. Ushakov continued pursuit of the young leader of the ship. Russian ships to follow the example of their leader. 3 Turkish ships were cut off from the main force, but the coming of night saved the Turkish fleet. Ushakov's squadron ships dropped anchor for the repair of damage.

Seeing the sunrise on August 29 standing far off the Turkish fleet, Ushakov ordered an immediate raise anchor and attack him. The Turks, not having had time to recover from the recent battle, decided to flee. Pursue them, and forced the Russian squadron to pass 66-gun ship "Melech Bahri" and the 74-gun ship of the younger Turkish flagship "Kapudanie", which at the time of delivery of burned and exploded shortly. Survived and were taken prisoner by a total of 20 people, including Admiral Seid Bay. On the way to the Bosphorus because of the damage sank another 74-gun ship and several smaller vessels. In addition, the enemy lost two small ship and a stranded floating battery.

In the reports of the flagships of the Turkish sultan wrote that the number of dead and wounded, "stretches" to 5500 people. Russian lost in killed and wounded 46 people.

The victory of the Black Sea Fleet in Tendra was complete, has made a significant contribution to the outcome of the war, allowed to clear the north-western part of the Black Sea against enemy ships and opened free access Liman flotilla of ships at sea. As a result of the assistance went down to the Danube Russian fleet Russian troops took the fortress of Kealia, Tulcea, Isaccea and, finally, Ishmael.

Tendra inscribed in the history of the world of naval warfare. Admiral Ushakov became one of the first Russian champions recognized by Europe and innovator of maneuver tactics of naval warfare, which proved itself in battle, led to the destruction of the rule of Turkey in the Black Sea and Russia adopted a position on its banks.

Illustration: "The Battle of the island Tendra 28-29 August 1790" Blinkov Alexander

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