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Gordon Michael Scallion — talented visionary gift which is now comparable with the gift Edgar Cayce. The fact that his vision is not classified as extraordinary, is because of the usual principle that the visionaries are not evaluated in life as much as after a while. By Casey, Nostradamus and other great visionaries in the days of their lives treated with disdain as big as he was, and enthusiasm, and they purchased the existing value is only after some time. Humanity's quest to take their prophets as gods, praising them to the same height, if the ability of first recognized and then angrily reject them if they consistently accurate. Like children, always striving for the parents who will not leave or do not disappoint them, they demand excellence, while they themselves are not perfect.

Scullion, like Casey, gets his vision as a result of the fact that he sent the Call, and it is considered worthy of a conduit for the message to humankind. Some prophets are true information from the aliens just as it reflects their contribution to the work of some people forming the channel. As happens with every person receives the information when it is interpreted — that hears Scullion, also painted, passing through the prism of his own views, and as a result of its filing.

All people have preconceived notions as to shades of meaning, which they hear and decide to pass on to others, and displayed a great attitude. In human society, is a game similar to the one where everyone stands in a circle and pass a whisper to one another in a circle for a statement as long as the statement does not return to the originator, who can barely get it, as it was when away with his mouth (playing broken telephone. — Ed.).

All people have a limited capacity to comprehend the whole of what they learn. The child, who had heard an explanation of why the plane can fly — the lift, arising under the wings, could hardly pass this information to others, or will do so by making misconceptions. Understood concept that someone is passed, it is not the original concept.

When suddenly given a lot of information, all people reach saturation. Complex concepts often require the consideration of many factors at once, so people listen to all the factors that can grasp the meaning of the final results, but does not remember all the factors. Therefore, the transfer of this complex concept to other important factors are omitted, so that the other party does not produce in his mind the same end result.

All people, when they listen to the prophet, picky is that they decide to hear. If the message is disturbing, they select only the parts of the messages that are comfortable for them. Just as witnesses to an accident often report very different interpretations of what happened and the audience remembers the prophet surprisingly different conclusions from what has been said.

New prophet drawing card of the future

We will turn into a lunar community!

Gordon Michael Scallion — modern futurist, writer, healer, teacher and prophet. He is the author charts the future of the Earth and the book "Message from Space". He is trying to convey to all earthlings knowledge of the future, revealed in prophetic dreams and visions.

Clairvoyant came to him in 1979. One day during a business presentation (he was an engineer in electronics and majored in communications), standing on a podium in front of a large audience, Scallion suddenly stopped. "The vocal cords like peremknulo — he recalls — seemed to me that they just cut out. But any pain and discomfort I experienced." Try as he might, he could not say a word.

Half an hour later in the emergency room of a local hospital he underwent X-rays and preliminary analysis. No pathology doctors discovered, but left it for another day for further examination.

There's the fun began. That evening, when he in a hospital room watching TV, the room suddenly filled with glowing rainbow mist. From it began to appear strange, like hieroglyphics symbols, geometric shapes, some formulas and holographic scene-painting. They are huge areas of land moved, went under the water, while others rose from the depths.

Scullion only had time to think that it was a hallucination, in the air an image of a elderly woman and change the background. Now it was the scene of disasters, confusion and disorder in American cities: collapsed buildings, the sky flashed a comet, the strange aircraft. Woman spoke: "Now you are traveling in the flow of time. You'll see pictures of the past and possible future."

Then it was gone, gone, and all the rest, and returned to the Scallion voice. He was discharged, but he was very frightened event and went to the doctors for a long time, in consultation, including psychiatrists. But they were no abnormalities were found. Vision continued, and Scallion once remarked that he had seen in the dream event happened a few days actually. Panic, it is almost two years isolated himself from everyone, trying to figure out what was going on. "It took a long time for me to come to terms with their fears and realize that my ability — does not mean a mid-life crisis, not a disease or mental disorder, as something natural," — he said.

In 1982, he learned to fall into a deep trance and perfected their skills, "I realized that I could help people, heal, go missing."

He later lost this ability, now in his vision as a patient appeared living planet Earth. Returned paintings global planetary cataclysms, each of which falls into three slightly differing versions of the same event. Scullion gradually realized that the most crisp, clear picture and are the most likely close to the present, and the grayish blurred versions (overlapping) — only potentially possible in the distant future. He began sketching from memory cards.

His visions were the volcanic activity in the Philippines, the earthquake in Japan (Kobe), Hurricane Andrew. A few years ago, his prediction of an earthquake in Los Angeles exactly coincided with the actual events. Last year saw a very detailed Scullion vivid dream of an eruption of Mount Etna, and realized that it will happen very soon. And so it happened.

That Scallion predicted that the current hurricane season in the U.S. will be unprecedented in its cruelty. In the near future, he sees an earthquake in San Francisco, which should mark the beginning of the global tectonic upheavals.

And between 1998 and 2012, Gordon calls the "tribulation period." At this time, the magnetic poles will shift, causing shifts of the crust. As a result, the magnetic field of the Earth will occur the following events:

On the ground, a wave of outbreaks of unknown diseases, as disturbed electromagnetic balance of the human body.

The planet will begin active tectonic activity.

This movement of crustal plates cause low-frequency infrasonic radiation that will affect the mental sphere of man and will cause many severe depression and even mental illness.

The orbit of the moon closer to the Earth, which causes human society to develop as a "lunar", that is dominated by women began, intuition, spirituality and peace.

No less important finds Gordon and his prophetic dreams of the spiritual future of civilization. He believes that human activity: technology, it uses religion which he professes — all spiritual and material closely associated with the life of the world: "We live in a kind of symbiosis, the Earth responds to our thoughts and actions. Sometimes it's quite insignificant amount of energy to break the harmony. "

Ominous prophecies of disaster in the stories are interspersed with Scallion predictions about changes in the life of the human community. Many of them are painted in bright colors. For example, in the first half of the twenty-first century, he saw the updated population of people in the United States. These small towns seemed Scullion completely autonomous: with internal heating systems and energy supply. There was not any cars, motors and mechanisms, people looked at peace and happy, the children laughed. They were well aware of animal communication with them was particularly good for children. Around unusual flowers bloomed, grew unfamiliar trees, of which people have learned to do all the necessary medicines. Gone are many of the diseases of the twentieth century, including AIDS, and other horrors of the "tribulation period." In medicine, the dominant color and sound therapy, many diseases are treated by doctors of the future vibration. Life expectancy has increased to 150 years. According to Scallion, it will be blissful and happy time.

In 1996, the Scallion released "Maps of the future of the world", which incorporated all of his vision of changes in the world for 17 years.

Atlantis swim out myself!

When the world changes, Siberia will become the breadbasket of Europe

So what did happen? How to change the map of the world? According to Gordon Michael Scallion, the changes will be global. In Antarctica blossom gardens, and from the depths of the ocean to rise sunken Atlantis …


Map of the African continent is divided into three unequal parts by a huge blue letter "Y" with a base in Cape Town. It will be a giant sea route, which form new sea. One of its branches will run from the Mediterranean Sea to the very Gabon, the other will cut Africa from north to south. Red Sea razolyutsya on Sudan. The bed of the Nile will be much wider than the modern. Great Giza Plateau will go under the water along with the pyramids and the Sphinx. Spill Red Sea will disappear, and Cairo. Water will cover a large part of Madagascar, and from the depths of the Arabian Sea will rise new islands.

To the north and west of Cape Town will form new mountains. Lake Victoria, merged with Lake Nyasa, will become part of the Indian Ocean, the waters that flooded the central part of the eastern coast of Africa.

North America

Hudson Bay and Fox formed a huge pool inland sea. Centers of survival and migration of Alaska and British Columbia will become Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

Global changes in the U.S. will begin to fracture and separation of the parts of the North American platform, which will turn 150 California islands. Pacific waters will flood breaks and form a new coastline: West coast will move to the east. All the Great Lakes will merge together and unite with the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Mississippi spilled linking them with the Gulf of Mexico. Sea level rise will push for miles inland entire east coast from Maine to Florida.

Will be flooded vast areas in the Pacific Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. California peninsula an island, and the Yucatan Peninsula will disappear under water.

In the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of the former U.S. West Coast, a new land. It will find the remains of the ancient city of Mu (Golden City), which was the capital of the vast continent of Lemuria and disappeared 54,000 years ago during the last shift of the poles. Will be found a number of documents of the ancient civilization, but will only be able to read them in a few generations, as adults "kids blue ray." Once they understand the holographic thought forms, which are contained in the writings of the ancient Lemurians.

Central America

From Central America will only area above 500 meters above sea level — they will become the islands. Through Honduras and Ecuador will run the new waterway. The Panama Canal will become impassable to ships.

South America

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, crustal movements will cause great changes in South America. As if someone shake the continent as a light blanket.

Vast areas of Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil will become submerged. Amazon turned into an inland sea. Completely flooded Peru, Bolivia, El Salvador, Uruguay and part of the Falklands. Disappear in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. A huge inland sea to claim the majority of central Argentina.

Part of the land will rise and, united with the modern territory of Chile, will be another shore of an inland sea.


The Antarctic ice sheet and fold, resurrecting again become fertile continent. It will find the city's temples and buildings of ancient civilization. From the Antarctic Peninsula to Tierra del Fuego, on the east to the island of South Georgia will rise a new landmass.


Asia cut through "ring of fire", which matured form areas of high seismic activity. The continent will host the most violent upheavals. Pacific plate is shifted by about nine degrees. Because of this will disappear under water wide coastal areas of the Bering Sea to the Philippines, including Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and Japan, where it remains on several smaller islands. Sink Taiwan and most of Korea. The coastline of China will move hundreds of miles inland.

At the site of modern Indonesia will rise from the depths of new islands, the old will be almost completely flooded. In place of the Philippines zapleschut Pacific Ocean.

Asia lost a huge land area, but the formation of new continues.

Australia and New Zealand

From Australia will remain no more than 75% of the territory. A large inland sea stretching from Adelaide in the north to Lake Eyre. The deserts will become fertile, they will house the village commune, built on the spiritual community. New islands rise out of the water along the coast of the continent.

New Zealand will increase in size and again, as in ancient times, to join his mother of Australia — thanks to the volcanic activity between them will isthmus.


During the global tectonic upheavals in the Atlantic Ocean will rise from the depths of ancient Atlantis, which, according to some estimates, about 200,000 years.

It is believed that Atlantis was located between the east coast of North America, the west coast of the African continent and the British Isles. Advanced civilization of Atlantis killed more than 12 thousand years ago. Atlantis residents violated the laws of the spiritual and physical world, and paid the price. Their country one day plunged into the sea when a few degrees shifted huge tectonic plates, on which the continent.

During global disaster and active tectonic activity, the predictions of Gordon-Michael Scallion, remnants of Atlantis would be found in the Azores, the Bahamas and in the Sargasso Sea. Then unravel the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. Earth scientists find giant Atlantean ancient mechanisms that operate on solar power and is still active at certain times of the year. Revival of Atlantis revolutionize modern science, and humanity will open up new sources of energy and methods of communication.


Change the map of Europe will hardly not the most rapid and profound. After the failure of the tectonic plates go under water the entire north of the continent. In place in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark will be only a handful of islands. Most of the UK from Scotland to the Channel also sink, and the kingdom of the remnants of London and Birmingham will be located on small islands resembling modern Scottish. Disappear almost all of Ireland.

Almost the whole of Central Europe from the Mediterranean to the Baltic will go under water. From all over France will remain a small island in the center of Paris. Between it and Switzerland will run new waterway from Geneva to Zurich. Perish from the earth one third of Spain, western and southern parts of Portugal.

Go under the water and three-quarters of Italy: sinking Venice, Naples, Rome and Genoa, but the Vatican could save — the city will take on the elevated areas of land. From Sicily to Sardinia will be new ground.

Black Sea flood Bulgaria and Romania. On the territory of Poland to Turkey, Great Holy War breaks out, which will retain the ashes of the few survivors of land. Part of western Turkey disappear under water: the new coastline stretching from Cyprus to Istanbul.


The former Soviet Union from Europe will separate the great sea — the result of the merger of the Caspian, the Black Sea, the Kara Sea and the Baltic. It will sink in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania (except for the southern part). Divided almost in the middle of the island, a ridge of the Ural Mountains, it will cover the whole of the European territory of Russia and Siberia up to the Yenisei. Under the water column will be: Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan (except one-third in the southeast), Uzbekistan (except the south-eastern quarter), Western Kazakhstan (leaving only the islands of the northern and eastern part of the territory). From Belarus will remain a small eastern section, and the Ukraine — part of the north-eastern tip.

Lake Balkhash grow to the size of Colorado, and Lake Baikal — to the size of the UK. Almost untouched remains east of Russia, but there will be a huge body of water — spilled inland Laptev Sea, the water will go away and large areas of the north coast.

All this sounds scary, but Gordon Michael Scallion promises that the climate in the remaining areas will become more moderate, and it will allow Russia to become the breadbasket of Europe. Although much of her stay, the Europe …

Blue Star will change our world

Need to strive for a new vibration. One of the first signs were present in a series of visions of Gordon Michael Scallion of global change on Earth, was the appearance in the sky of stars unknown to him blue. In August 1995, Scullion published an article "Blue Star", explaining how important this star is to our future.

"My vision was repeated many times since 1979. I watched as our solar system revolves around the other orange stars, and because the sun appears a small blue star. This is similar to a binary solar system with two stars with a complex path of revolution. But Blue Star — doubles star Sirius, and not the Sun. It is visible on the horizon of the Earth 1800 years in a row, then blue star out, disappearing behind the sun — a new cycle begins. "

Scullion learned that there is something similar in the epic Hopi Indians. Their prophecy says: "When the sky appears blue dancing star, born the era of the Fifth World. Its inception will be the last great war — a conflict between the spiritual and the physical beginning. This material, physical beginning will be overthrown by those left alive. They will at the origins of the new one world with one common power, authority Creator. "

Silver-blue light of a new star in the morning sky will be ten times brighter than all the stars and planets in the sky, and at night it looks like the moon. At night, it will be seen as a bright spot in the Milky Way. Its powerful glow color change terrestrial spectrum, and the skin of the peoples of the Earth — of all races — will get a bluish tint. New Star will have a decisive influence on the spirituality of man. The soul will be improved through physical reincarnation and intangible feelings. Blue Star will change the vibrational field of the Sun and the Earth, and can survive only by those whose high spirit can match the new vibrations.

Similar predictions have the Maya and other ancient cultures. A new star wrote and Nostradamus, and the German mystic Hildegard, who predicted that "a great nation" survive earthquakes, hurricanes and floods caused huge comet. As Hildegard Scullion believes that after these cataclysms an era of peace and harmony.

Inundation maps

  • Central Russia (312 Kb)
  • Stavropol region and the Caucasus (219 Kb)
  • North-Western and Northern Russia (264 Kb)
  • Russia, the European part (1) (88 Kb)
  • Russia, the European part (2) (94,6 Kb)
  • Russia, the Volga and the Caucasus (94,4 Kb)
  • Russia, South Ural (68,4 Kb)
  • Russia, Western Siberia (1) (119 Kb)
  • Russia, Western Siberia (2) (95,1 Kb)
  • Russia, North (1) (63,1 Kb)
  • Russia, North (2) (61,5 Kb)
  • Russia, North (3) (102 Kb)
  • Russia, the Far East (1) (101 Kb)
  • Russia, the Far East (2) (112 Kb)
  • Russia, the Far East (3) (85,9 Kb)
  • Russia, Lake Baikal (105 Kb)
  • Russia, Sakhalin (86,4 Kb)
  • Moldova (14,2 Kb)
  • Ukraine (65,9 Kb)
  • Belarus (32,7 Kb)
  • Kazakhstan (79,8 Kb)
  • Turkmenistan (31,6 Kb)
  • Azerbaijan (29,6 Kb)
  • Georgia (21,4 Kb)
  • Finland (53,3 Kb)
  • Estonia (24,5 Kb)
  • Latvia (26,3 Kb)
  • Lithuania (20,6 Kb)
  • Poland (51,9 Kb)
  • Romania (59,9 Kb)
  • China (191 Kb)
  • Israel (17,4 Kb)
  • USA (413 Kb)

The area marked in blue — is the height of 200 meters above sea level. Other colors — correspondingly higher

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