Vladimir Grankovskaya — the genius of the new generation

Vladimir Grankovskaya — genius inventor and skilled man who dreams of becoming immortal. It would seem pathetic, naive, and maybe even arrogant … But this 21 year old guy has made a lot of his own talent and labor. Maybe, we have a new genius in the field of science? In particular, he created a device that allows you to control the car's tiny manned by thought.

And this helps him not telekinesis, and a special computer program that picks up electrical impulses of his thoughts and machine moves in a given direction.

"The program laid my customized settings for the other person will have to reconfigure the computer" — Now go straight, then left — commanded Volodya small plastic typewriter on batteries.

Bright mini model willingly submits and moves in the right direction, blinking lights.

— I concentrate on the direction of motion, using different colors, for example, if you want to send the car ahead, I imagine moving away from the subject on a red background — explains Vladimir Grankovskaya. — Left — blue color, and so on. As our thoughts emit electrical pulses, the sensors (at the time of the experiment test wears a special helmet. — Ed.) Measure the strength of the current and the voltage is transmitted to the computer. The computer measures the frequency spectrum of the voltage at different points of the head. Then compares these values with those that I previously wrote in the program. If the parameters are the same, then the computer tells the model-driven, and it is moving in the direction in which I sent her mind.

Not believing his eyes, please let me join this "programmed telekinesis." But the inventor stops me. It turns out that this is the gift of clairvoyance — not everyone!

— In the program laid my individual parameters for the other person will have to reconfigure the computer — says a young scientist.

Sometimes the inventor himself takes time to set up all this complicated scheme under its "current" line of thought. After all, the same man brain activity is higher, then lower. And another man, really — "another program", even the same color we see differently.

To the unique design of Vladimir took two years and about five thousand hryvnia: some chips he orders abroad. Does this "system" is just near the computer, which is not really very portable. I must say that Volodya Grankovskaya — not the first programmer who established a link between the human brain and the computer. The pioneers in this area were the Americans.

— But in the post-Volodya just the first one to bring this development that combines several technologies to running the sample — not without pride Anoprienko said Alexander, dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Technology, Donetsk National Technical University. — This means that these devices can start to produce and for the masses: in fact the prototype is assembled Grankovskaya at home, with his own hands, from the available components and for a very affordable means. I think we are on the threshold of what computers will have not only on the tables and in the pockets, but all around the soon to be based on computer technology.

"Pocket cardiograph able to warn people about the heart attack, and even cause" fast "- Yes, I know that such developments are already quite active use in the United States. For example, using a computer program alive and engaged in science-known American scientist Stephen Hawking, — says Vladimir Grankovskaya.

World-renowned physicist long lost mobility and even lost the ability to speak. Hawking communicates through a voice synthesizer, and runs his wheelchair by thought: In front of mimic muscles of his cheeks — the only muscles retained mobility, fixed sensor with which Hawking and sends commands to the computer, to move his wheelchair.

Vladimir believes that humanity has closely approached to ensure that by the introduction of computer programs in all spheres of life to protect yourself from the elements and disease. Even … people will die only on their own!

— I want to be … immortal. And along the way to make all of humanity immortal — says 21-year-old student. — For this plan to join a group of software developers, which is developing the technological capabilities of the human immortality. Such developments are carried out in the United States. Alas, here in Ukraine have been slow to invest in innovative technologies. And they need money. That's needed for my research EEG (a device for fixing the electric potentials of the brain. — Ed.). After seeing the price of this device in the store medical equipment, I realized that I would have to do without it …

Volodya now working on a portable cardiograph, which will cost around $ 50.

— It will be a device that allows a person to evaluate cardiac function in a normal life, but I plan to connect it to a sim-card phone the patient — the inventor says. — My "thinking" pocket cardiogram cardiograph will record a person for a certain period (week, month). After analyzing the data, it will be able to "predict" the future deterioration of the heart and the call to the mobile phone to warn people about the threat of heart attack or cause "fast", but still … answer the call physician who dictated to him the patient's ECG readings.

Alas, Volodya on personal experience convinced that not all useful inventions find their consumers. For example, no one has shown interest in the student developed an electronic prompter. This device, targeted feeding sound to a person in such a way that in a large room (such as on the stage) "hint" hears only one to whom it is intended.

But "Whisper" Grankovskaya immediately interested potential customers. Priborchik perfect for the "salvation" of students in the exam. With wireless magnet in the ear one can hear pre-recorded audio crib. The device is somewhat similar to the one that we have all seen in the "Adventures of Shurika", only to have a much more modern — discover this "prompter" is almost impossible, and it crashes it does not — the author guarantees.

"Volodya on the first course offered in the Dean's office ion engine, which took off …"
— I believe that to learn all unreal. As Einstein said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." But the teachers I have this device is fundamentally not selling — they need to know, — says Vladimir, who is himself still a graduate student at the same time and teaches at the high school computer science, programming and photography.

In his spare time Grankovskaya creates photo galleries, and oil paints. And his disciples he is trying to attract to science: there are already a number of joint projects. In the past year, with the development of "Analysis of authorship" (statistical comparison of the frequency of use of different letters of the poet) Grankovskaya took second place at the prestigious annual international competition of school and student projects lnfomatrix-2011, held in Romania. In May of this year at the same competition for his project management mini-car's power of thought was awarded a gold medal. This brought the young inventor and a small cash prize. By the way, Vladimir, son of entrepreneurs, from childhood was planning to make a living just science.

— I was trying to teach his grandson to work the land, — says Vladimir grandmother Zoya V.. — When Vova was nine years old, I took it with me to the garden to weed carrots. He pulls out the grass and throws up after themselves. I was indignant: "Why are you doing that?" And he told me: "So you did not make me." I said to him: "But how can you live it will be?" Grandson answered, "I will be a scientist!" And now I see that the scientist really get out of it.

— Volodya met our expectations: he is the only student who has achieved self-training in the company «Yandex» and successfully passed it. I think we will offer him to stay in graduate school, if he does not leave abroad — the chance he also has — says Professor Anoprienko.

Alexander Ya spoke about his friend not ordinary student, Alexander Kanev, who during his studies often found itself on the brink of charge — for 'selective' attendance.

— At the end of the 90s, two programmers from the Donbass Alexander Kanev and Leonid Kanter created the Black Cat Linux — completely Russified version of the famous operating system, — says Alexander Ph.D. Anoprienko. — Linux for most owners of personal computers became affordable alternative to commercial operating system of Microsoft Windows. In 2004, Alexander went to work in the Finnish company Nokia. We do a lot of talented students. Volodya Grankovskaya announced himself on the first course, when brought to the office of the dean ion engine that … took off.


I do not know, genius or not, but I am rather afraid of these people. They're strange, closed, and often do not have friends. I wish Vladimir success!


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