Vladimir Konan: Finally defeat the prophets

Michas Scoble: "Yura, a year ago, Vladimir Konan was the guest of my program, and I said (referring to his interest as a researcher for various periods), and where, in what time do you, Vladimir, more comfortable? And he said — in Middle Ages. How do you think so than Conan drew Scorina era? "

Yuri Garbinsky

Yuri Garbinsky: "I think that it is associated with the era Scorina that he was a man-universalam. In the sense that he was able to look at different perspectives on the phenomenon in the literature, history, culture, folklore. Moreover, looking at the phenomenon and wrote about them deeply, with experience. Why he was uncomfortable in our time? I think he answered that question in an article by quoting Jesus: "No prophet is accepted in his own country." But Conan also added its reflection in these words: "But in the end win the prophets." I think this is the answer to the question you posed. in our difficult times there is a prophet in his own country. But the scientific activity of Professor Conan — evidence that the prophets win , win even when away to another world. "

Scoble: "I do not think I was struck by one house of Conan — normal, I would say — an ascetic, one-bedroom apartment in Minsk Serebryanka. No TV, no computer … As he watched the new trends in the world of philosophy, aesthetics, literary criticism? "

Garbinsky: "We once joked with Professor Vladimir Ogievicha that Conan how to Diogenes enough barrels to see it with the whole world. Knowing Dr. Vladimir Conon for 20 years, I can say that he read a lot. He read of Russian literature — all that was connected with the literature, culture and philosophy. He was a scribe. best evidence of this is that unusual collection of books, which is located in his apartment on the street Malinin. There's no random publications. There's just something with What worked for Vladimir Konan all these years. "

Scoble: "Vladimir Konan — deep national philosopher, is designed to think about eternal values. But I had to see it, and on opposition rallies, and urgent meetings, where he sometimes acted quite radically. Remember at one meeting in a conference room kolitshnyaga House of Writers Conan called Bolshevism, one of the first forms of fascism. Or not prevent him from such statements in a scientific career? Let's say it never became an academician. "

Garbinsky: "Professor Conan never caught up in ranks and posts. This

Conan one of the first Belarusian scientists put an equal sign between Bolshevism and fascism, and showed the roots of the phenomenon which we call the Holocaust …

manifested the essence of his soul. It is no coincidence he once wrote, "so many talented people without jobs and titles." Conan has always had an opinion. What's interesting is this idea he expressed so that it is clearly understood. I would not say that he was a radical. Most likely, he was trying to be logical, evidence-based, easy to show and prove to present their arguments and their point of view. We must never forget the fact that Professor Conan one of the first Belarusian scientists put an equal sign between Bolshevism and fascism, and showed the roots of the phenomenon which we call the Holocaust. "

Scoble: "The Belarusian Academy of Sciences is never easy working scientists of extraordinary looks. How is Conan lasted so long?"

Garbinsky: "This is the phenomenon, a kind of mystery professor of Conan, who was able, even in the difficult situation of Soviet reality preserve and defend its position. Vladimir was really reasonable, prudent and gentle man, but he never took a lie, hypocrisy and subservience. Recall here one fact. Dr. Conan about the first time revealed the truth about how the negative academic and official Kondrat Nettles looked at litabyadnanne "hill" and Adam Folk male. Nettles And, by the way, was the leader of his PhD thesis. Nevertheless, even in such a Conan situation has kept his point vzvyshentsav vision. Conan showed the other side of Bayqara Kondrat Nettles, is unsightly, showed the officer who diligently served the Soviet system. Vladimir Konan one of the first to speak not only to the victims of repression, but also called by the names of those who were involved to the tragedy of Gorki, People's men's and others. Conan did not hesitate to mention the name of Basil Borisenko, who was the cause of the persecution of Maxim Gorki. Borisenko for his "services" with a senior scientist suddenly became director of the Institute of Literature. He blamed his articles classic Belarusian prose Maxim Gorki of nationalism, and in the end the writer shot … I think it's time to ensure that in Belarus and the countries of the post-Soviet bloc came out not only the lists of victims, but also lists the executioners of those who destroyed the flower of the nation. "

Scoble: "Vladimir Konan repeatedly wrote the foreword and afterword to your books. He agreed at once, had to persuade?"

Garbinsky"I am thankful to God that he brought us together one day, and our friendship has lasted for two decades. Vladimir greatly helped me in the preparation of the encyclopedia" Belarusian religious figures of the twentieth century, "wrote the afterword to her. Our relationship was no place to persuasion, not was sycophancy was something natural, that united us. I think that Vladimir Konan was a Christian in spirit. And the idea of a martyralegiyu Belarusian seized his priesthood, because for the first time in the history of the Belarusian names sounded "forgotten and dead," as he later wrote in his afterword. "

Scoble: "I remember how it ended with an epilogue:" Let us shout in the rhetorical style of Simeon of Polotsk — pen and computer Jura Garbinsky! "

Garbinsky: "Vladimir was one of the few Belarusian scientists who know how to enjoy the success of others. He left behind a whole school of philosophers, historians, literary critics. This is a well-known names today, I will not remember them. Each in his own way was in Conan, and will continue to continue the tradition of his teacher. "

Scoble: "Last year, the first volume of the fundamental research trohtomavaga Vladimir Conon" The history of aesthetic thought of Belarus. "The researcher considered it his life's work. Either he had to write the second and third volumes?"

Garbinsky: "If a month ago, we met with Vladimir Mikhailovich in his apartment on the street Malinin, he showed me the manuscript of the second volume of this work. Literally manuscript, as Conan did not use the computer for his cake was the most important tool, and it was in this sense a traditionalist . do not know where today is the manuscript. know I'm ready, and the third volume. Anyway, let's hope that is not printed legacy of Vladimir Conon get a good hand and not get lost in the archives of time. "

Scoble: "What kind of research can be Conan's already considered" konanichnymi "not subject to revision?"

Garbinsky: "I think that all 11 books of Professor Konanaka will enter the annals of eternity. Attention of many generations have provided. Not" zasaromeetstsa descendant ", picking up the book Conan" Belarusian Popular Culture: Christian and mythological archetypes ", which is still unreleased. Or, for example, Historical research typalyagichnae "Belarusian artistic culture in the context of the Christian civilization."

Vladimir Konan was, is and will be for those Belarusians who were, are and will be for us Vasil Bykov and Ales Adamovich …

This is an extremely interesting and fundamental work. Vladimir Konan was a scholar and a man of high temper, titanium spirit. But he could also liked to joke. Shortly before his departure, he asked me: "Yuri, I look for a good stick, but a swirling, light, like the Pope, so that you can hang on the hand and did not lose it." I went to Warsaw, and there found a stick, which was the dream Vladimir. Unfortunately, I could not give him a gift, it is made by Professor Vladimir Ogievich. At our last meeting in lechkomissii Vladimir Kononov, thanking for the stick, said: "Now with this stick I can safely go in the WAC and drive various psevdanavukovtsav and officials there who unfairly take place" … Everything in this life passes. The era of the earthly life of Dr. Conan begins his era as a scientist. Vladimir Konan was, is and will be for those Belarusians who were, are and will be for us Vasil Bykov and Ales Adamovich. "

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