Vysotskys song of Tau Ceti was prophetic

"The Tau Kite live in beauty, live, by the way, in many ways, our comrades in Mind", — says Vladimir Vysotsky, a few decades ago. The other day his "prophecy" is essentially confirmed. An international team of astronomers from the UK, Chile, Australia and the United States announced that around this same Tau Ceti spinning planet capable of supporting life. That is, it is in the so-called habitable zone. As our Earth. In other words, the local sun — the star Tau Ceti — create on this planet quite comfortable. In particular, and in order that the water there was in liquid form. And do not evaporate, as on Venus. Or not frozen, as in Europe — Jupiter.

Contrary to Vladimir Vysotsky, a planet near the star Tau Ceti has atmosphere
Photo: University of Hertfordshire

Tau Ceti — one of the nearest stars. Located in the constellation Cetus. Prior to her 12 light-years. Planet suspected of habitability, is among the five found here. It is the fourth of its sun. Tau Ceti is labeled e. The mass of the Earth is 4 times. Year for her last 168 Earth days.
Tau Ceti star like our Sun — one with his stellar class G. But about 55 percent less powerful. However, the heat and light from it is enough fourth planet — the "e", because that is pretty close — about, in the place of our Venus.

Zveda Tau Ceti (right) is slightly smaller than our Sun (left). Its capacity — 45 percent solar.
Photo: Astronomy

The similarity of the two stars astronomers have long worried about — especially those looking for the brothers on reason. For example, in the 60 years of the last century, Tau Ceti is the first in the direction of which was sent to radio telescope in the hope to catch signals from extraterrestrial civilizations. The legendary Frank Drake suggested. Found out about Vladimir Vysotsky and withdrawn by the song.
Discovery of potentially habitable planet was preceded by about 6000 observations from ground-based and space-based instruments. Astronomers have used optical telescopes — for Tau Ceti is perfectly visible to the naked eye. Used NASA's Kepler orbiting telescope (Kepler) and the so-called "high-precision planet finder» HARPS (High Accuracy Radial Velocity Planet Searcher).
Kepler looks for the so-called exoplanets by the transit method. That is watching to see if the brightness of a star at times. And it changes when the disk stars are planets. According to bounce astronomers detect the presence of planets.
HARPS spectrograph installed at the European Southern Observatory (European Southern Observatory), Chile. He is looking for the planet, identifying anomalies in the movement of the stars. If a star has a satellite, then, turning around, they affect it — cause to fluctuate. Star changes the speed. These fluctuations accurately captures seeker.

Look for the constellation of Cetus in the night sky
Photo: Astronomy

Tau Ceti, close to where the brothers live in mind. To them only 12 light years away
Photo: University of Hertfordshire

Astronomers say that the Tau Ceti system twice as old as the solar. Therefore, the local civilization — "taukitayskaya brethren" if it exists there is much older ours. Perhaps, and more technically advanced. Mastered the art of interstellar travel. Therefore, its representatives could easily visit us in the distant, and even the very distant past. When people are something else on Earth was not. Or have been, but very prmitivnye. Arrived, saw that no one with whom to talk. And flew home. Or much further. After 12 light years — is not far from insane distance. We even after 100 years of commercials might try to get to.

Best choir

The prophetic song of Vladimir Vysotsky

In the distant constellation of Tau Ceti
Everything became clear to us.
The signal is sent: "You are what is that?"
And we are sending back.
On Tau Kite live in beauty,
Live, by the way, in many ways,
Our fellow human beings.
That is, moving the light beam,
Without the aid, but through the medium,
I am at this very Tau Ceti flying,
So to fix it in place.
On Tau Ceti
Something is wrong
There taukitayskaya brethren
Crazy, according to our ideas.
For the time being, I'm lying in suspended animation,
Those taukityane BUYANOV
I am less and less in touch with them go,
Very much they hooligans!
In taukitov
In the words of the alphabet
Bit, and the bourgeois order.
And the humor in them ugly.
I put the ship as his own ass
Slightly crooked mirror.
I shouted in taukitayski: "Viva!"
What does it mean in their language, "Good morning."
In taukityan
The entire exterior — fraud
Here you can not compete with them-
That yavyatsya, then dissolved.
I taukityanin — you Papuan.
I briefly hinted about them.
I shouted: "Galaxy ashamed of you!"
In response to something they blinked.
Keith on Tau
Conditions are not the ones
There is no atmosphere here is stuffy,
But taukityane welcome.
In the heat of the moment I said: "Your mother, they say!"
But my guide cybernetic
So I literally translated,
That I was ashamed of myself.
But taukity
These brutes
Probably had to type:
That yavyatsya, then dissolved.
We — brothers on the floor — scream — men!
But here my voice broke.
I grabbed her breasts taukityanku:
Come on — say — confess!
She told me: — go away, says
Like, we're ahead, says
I want to become is not anything to do with men,
And we now bud.
I do not remember how I raised my spaceship
Flying in the mood tavern.
Land left after three hundred years ahead,
According to Einstein's theory, the vile.
What if there
As for Tau Ceti
Terrible increase knowledge?
What if there — Budding?

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