Waiting for the planets tectonic disaster?

Since the planet is something going on. Once at the beginning of March 2011 massive earthquake and the ensuing tsunami monstrous turn many of Japan in ruins, the crust is still unable to return to balance. Japan, and not only her, continues to shake. If after the main shock is usually celebrated a few dozen less intense avtershokov, now it is almost the hundreds of aftershocks c magnitude 6 or even 7.

In order to better assess the situation, is to say that the terrible destruction in Haiti in 2010 that killed hundreds of thousands of lives have been caused by an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.

Severe earthquakes now are also found in Thailand, Chile, Kamchatka, and even in our Primorye. In other words, there is a dramatic increase in tectonic activity. So much so, that the network has horror stories, foreshadowing the devastating earthquake almost in Moscow.

"And he made a great earthquake …"

And what about such cataclysms prophets speak of the past? If they have any predictions on this? How to be, for example, with the famous words of the Apocalypse: "The seventh angel sounded … and to make a great earthquake, such as was not since the people on the ground. Such an earthquake., So great."

And what's true — begin? Moreover, the "strong earthquake" referred not only to the Apocalypse. There are similar predictions and Nostradamus:

Sun in twenty degrees of Taurus, so much earth tremble.
Great theater crowded collapses
Air, the sky, the earth and darken turn cloudy
Then wrong turns to God and his saints.
Centuria 9, Quatrain 83

Similar prophecies can be found in the sacred book of the Maya "Chilam Balam". Thus, in one of the Mayan predictions said that at the end of the era "Will roar from the collision of the Heavens and the Earth … That year — the universal earthquake throughout the county …".

And the Aztecs, whose religion is very similar to the Mayan religion, there is a belief that our era must complete the greatest earthquake.

However, despite this abundance frightening prophecies, we would not advise to refer them to the current situation. Best of all it can illustrate the verses of the Quran. Sura 99, which has the name of "Earthquake" as well as "Apocalypse" John, connects the end of the world with the great earthquake: "When in the throes of the earth becomes clogged, and a heavy burden on the surface of their ejaculate, and voice of the people in despair," What happens to it? "…"

But it is from this Sura shows that it it is not a prediction of the tectonic disaster. Earthquake — a way of some global shocks and unexpected changes.

Similarly, Jesus of the Gospels in one compares the "end times" with the birth pangs, but that does not mean that his words should be interpreted in the gynecological sense.

The same can be said about the predictions of the Maya. In his books, so they used figurative language, accompanying him so many metaphors and allusions that take their texts literally can only unfamiliar with the culture of their people. For example, under the "earthquake," they might mean nothing more than the name of the calendar cycle. The fact that our own era began more than 5,000 years ago in the cycle, which in the Mayan calendar is called Earthquake. And to end it, by the rules of their calendar must also under the same sign. So perhaps it in their prophecies is not a disaster, but only on a calendar plate.

In other words, in the ancient prophecies can, of course, to find predictions of tectonic cataclysms, but most likely it is nothing more than a figurative comparison. All these predictions it is … No, not the end of the world, and the unexpected and sudden change of eras. About tremendous changes, shocking and basis of society. Therefore, the comparison with the earthquake, as well as with the birth pangs, in this context, more than understandable.

And what science says?

Funny happens, but in the case of earthquake prediction scientists look much more pessimistic than the words of the Apocalypse.

Indeed, according to seismologists in recent centuries a steady strengthening of tectonic processes. Especially this trend has accelerated in recent decades. In particular, according to the geology of the past 30 years, the rate of migration of the magnetic poles increased 4 times, which directly indicates the acceleration of energetic processes in the depths of our planet. Ahead of the same, according to these observations, the peace we should be expected. On the contrary, we must prepare for the tectonic disruptions.

Even worse than the earthquakes is the case with volcanoes. Unlike earthquakes, the devastating effects of which are marked, usually within a few hundred kilometers from the epicenter, the effects of volcanic explosions can be far more global.

For example, in the famous eruption of Krakatoa in Indonesia in 1883, the explosion power of tens of times larger than the explosion of a hydrogen bomb.

Not less terrible was the eruption and another Indonesian volcano Tambora in 1815. Then, because of the huge amounts of ash emitted into the atmosphere, and closed the sun, the following year was called "the year without summer" in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperature dropped so much that in Europe in the summer even snowing.

But it turns out, this is not the limit. Geologists have found the remains of the Earth absolutely fantastic supervolcanoes in size by an order of the superior of the most powerful known today. Supervolcanoes are found in Kamchatka, on the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, in California, as well as near Naples. Now these supervolcanoes sleep, but what happens if the trend to increased tectonic activity continues? Even according to preliminary estimates it is clear that the explosion of one of the volcano not only destroy everything in a radius of hundreds of kilometers, but also dramatically change the climate on the planet.

Incidentally, among the frightening predictions of Nostradamus there is: "Fire, escaped from the center of the earth will shake the neighborhood of the great new city" (Century 1, Quatrain 87).
If we consider that Naples literally means "new city", and in the vicinity there sleeping supervolcano getting a bit uncomfortable.

What? Where? When?

It is fair to say that the scientific predictions of eruptions and earthquakes today have about the same accuracy as the predictions of astrologers. Well there is still theory, allows the more reliable and long-term forecasts. The maximum that can be as long as seismologists — it was a trend to increased tectonic activity.

However, there are things that can be predicted and is unique. Thus, any seismologist clear that even in the worst "apocalyptic" scenario tectonic disaster affected the entire planet is not in equal measure. The most severe effects will be observed in the currently existing areas of high tectonic activity. In particular this applies to both coasts of the Pacific Ocean, Indonesia, the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Tibet.

As far as the central part of Russia, at least in our country is lucky: Eastern European platform that for the majority of Russian cities, is one of the most stable in terms of tectonic regions. So that if anything is, where to hide from the violence of the elements.

Author: Hope Winter

Source: www.1001goroskop.ru

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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