Wang about the past and the future of humanity

3593 BC Ltd.
According to Vanga, the specified date — the beginning of a great, world-year. It will last 3600 years, LTD. This is approximately the same as the duration of the world, the quantity at which the ancient books Cassander (c. 355 — 298 BC), a philosopher, a Macedonian general, king of Macedonia from 306 BC
However, if in ancient Greek philosophy, ancient and medieval astrology world year — a period after which after the flood and conflagration all earthly events begin to repeat, then Wang gives a very different interpretation of the great year.
From the words of Vanga on Earth before there are large, highly organized civilization. Date of the beginning of the year the world — this is the beginning of our civilization, which had both periods of prosperity and periods of decline.
Intelligent life has extraterrestrial origin and entered the Earth from outside, from space — just the beginning of a great year.

The beginning of the great world of the year. Space with Christ and the Apostles. Engraving of the XVI century. The beginning of the great world of the year. Space with Christ and the Apostles. Engraving of the XVI century.
5612 BC
Visit the Earth representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations. Vamfim hypothetical planet, where the envoys arrived, is in the solar system.
4300 BC
Beginning of the era of Taurus. Originated and developed civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt and ancient India. Sign era calf
2200 BC
The end of the Taurus. Beginning of an era of Aries. Becoming Jewish civilization and prosperity of the Greek culture. Gain in people aggressive and destructive principles. The sign of Aries era
1612 BC
Regular visits by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations with a hypothetical planet of the solar system. Aliens leave Earth sarcophagi with the key to absolute knowledge. Sarcophagi disperse in secure vaults.

450-410 years. BC
In ancient Greek literature and art has developed the traditional way of the mythical singer Orpheus, son of the Thracian river god Egara (version of Apollo and the Muse Calliope). Thus the legendary singer has reached our days, and so treated by modern historians, writers and artists.
In 1983, Wang denied the traditional image of the legendary singer Orpheus, stating that it is not a gift from heaven, and the earth. Clairvoyant described in detail the nature of the portrait, and Orpheus, told how he was in real life.
150 BC
The end of Aries. Beginning of the era of Pisces. This era Wang connects with Jesus Christ and the spread of Christianity. Sign Piscean

15 October 985 AD
On this day, over a thousand years ago, according to Vanga, a strong eruption was in the valley of Rupite (Bulgaria). Lava flows filled large and wealthy town of Melnik. The fire killed thousands of citizens who valued highly enlightened and unique cultural values: the literary and artistic works.
Since then, at the burial site of the lava from the earth comes a powerful flow of positive energy. Now, in the village of Rupite, near the ancient ruins, there is a small cottage, where Wang led the reception of visitors. Stands next to the church of St. Petka Bulgarian, built with funds clairvoyant.
The positive energy emanating from the earth here, many years fueled the power and gift of clairvoyant Vanga. Helped rays and numerous migratory birds, a route which for centuries ran over a fertile valley Rupite.
Early XI. — The end of the XIV century.
Wang told in detail about the main events in the history of the so-called First Bulgarian Empire (1018-1187 gg.) Under Byzantine rule and Second Bulgarian Empire (1187-1396 gg.)
Talked about episodes of national liberation wars, vividly painted portraits of the heroes and lzhegeroev Bulgarian people. Many of the paintings (the facts), seen Vanga were previously unknown to modern historians and the leading experts on the era.

1915-1940 years.
The famous Russian painter (member of the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts from 1905), archaeologist, social activist Nicholas Roerich, who has resided in India since 1956
year, creates amazing canvases. Among them, the "Heavenly Battle" and "The Omen" (1915), "Guga Chohan" (1931), "Signs of the Gesar", "Tibet. Monastery "and others.
In 1980, Wang said that the paintings of Nicholas Roerich encrypted. They provide insights and predictions. Nicholas Roerich himself not only an artist but an inspired prophet. There will come a time, and Svetoslav Roerich (son of Nicholas Roerich) can reveal the hidden meaning of art. The world will know important information.


The famous Swedish diplomat Wallenberg disappeared in 1943. According to one version, he was seized by the GPU, and thrown into a concentration camp. By drugoi — disappeared after the war, he and lived for many years in one of the countries in Latin America under an assumed name. In August 1995, Wang identified the picture that Wallenberg was dead. Then he explained that the personal instruction of the Swedish diplomat Lawrence Beria was cast in one of Stalin's camps, where he was soon destroyed.
In December 1995, the Russian authorities have declassified private matter Swedish diplomat Wallenberg. Everything said Vanga confirmed.


August 28, 1943
Bulgarian King Boris III died on 28 August 1943. More than a year before the "black day" Tsar Boris came to Petrich. Then, on April 8, 1942, he had his first encounter with a clairvoyant Vanga. Vanga predicted the king that he would soon be able to "fit their possessions in a nut shell." And then gave advice: "Remember the date — August 28."


September 9, 1944
On this day, the palace of the former Bulgarian king Boris III hoisted the red flag.
This event Vanga predicted the February 2, 1943 during the second meeting with King Boris. She was categorical and laconic: "You will lose their state. I see a red flag over your palace. "
Later (after the death of Boris III) Wang visited worried relatives of the king. Came in September 1943. But the verdict was clairvoyant unchanged: it is still "seen" over royal residence flag red.
April 30, 1945
Adolf Hitler lost the war on the USSR. April 30, 1945 at 15 hours 30 minutes Hitler committed suicide in his bunker Chancellery.
Retribution overtook Hitler after 2 years and 2 months after Vanga predicted the inevitable defeat of Hitler in World War II.
Day oracular prophecy prophet Vanga in official documents was recorded accurately:
February 2, 1943.

The end of Pisces. The beginning of the Aquarian age.
Vanga predicted the exact date of the current era: November 1, 1950. Warned that the sign of the age of Aquarius will be the worst natural disaster — pouring a storm in the Rila Monastery (in the south-western Bulgaria, at the spur of the rock mass). After six hours, there really was played real element: a storm, tornadoes, rock falls. Violent torrents of water flooded and wiped out many of the houses in the surrounding villages.
According to Vanga, the Age of Aquarius will be a period of "intelligence." Inner spiritual nature of the people of this (current) era is amazing, but they are mostly slow to develop their spiritual potential. People are restless and weak, while each individual suddenly discover a spiritual force for the execution of his plan.
Age of Aquarius (a time frame it from 1950 BC to 4000 AD) as a whole will be lucky to cultural figures. However, the inevitable periods when the people working in the field of culture, will "hammer", as rye, emboss, as grains of wheat ears. But spirituality and culture still will reappear again and again.

March 5, 1953
Six months before the death of Joseph Stalin clairvoyant Vanga predicted his imminent death: March 1953. Then the fortune teller as casually remarked, the gate to the other world, which leaves Stalin will be open to other rulers of Russia. However, neither the names of the rulers of the future, nor the specific dates of their departure sybil in those days did not name.
Prediction of impending death of Stalin cost Vanga arrest and imprisonment in the Bulgarian prison.
However, all predicted Vanga on the tablets of history, happened in real life, when his hour has struck.
Generalissimo Stalin, son of a shoemaker, the "great leader of all time", died on March 5, 1953 at 9:00 pm 50 minutes at the suburban government dacha in Kuntsevo.
Many years later, February 9, 1984, due to the high, barbed-wired fence Kuntsevskiy complex left government motorcade. In one of the cars raced KGB Chairman Gen. Chebrikov. He hastened to inform the Kremlin elite secret: in Kuntsevo dying ruler of Russia, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, Yuri Andropov. Did not yet know, no member of the Politburo.
Vanga's predictions have come true completely. Since none of the rulers of the Kremlin did not use Kuntsevskiy set as one of his residences. Apparently, in the prophetic words of Vanga believe unconditionally the most senior people in Russia. Vanga predicted the death of Stalin
November 22, 1963
On this day (November 22, 1963) in Dallas, Texas was murdered the 35th U.S. president — John Fitzgerald Kennedy.
Tragedy preceded by three events. First — August 5, 1963 the Government of JFK with the governments of the USSR and Great Britain signed the Treaty of Moscow banning nuclear tests in three areas: the atmosphere, in outer space and under water. Second — sharp attacks on the political course of Kennedy by extreme reactionary circles in the USA. Third — in one of the days in August 1963. Vanga predicted the attack on the 35 th President of the United States. Four months later, this prediction came true Vanga. Vanga predicted the death of JF Kennedy
March 27, 1968
As written then all the newspapers and marked "Lightning" broadcast message to all the news agencies of the world, March 27, 1968 during a training flight in a jet near the village Novoselovo Kirzhachsky Vladimir region died first citizen of the universe, the cosmos, Columbus, son of the earth — Yuri Gagarin .
So wrote. That was the official version of the government commission.
But in 1979, Wang said the famous Russian actor Vyacheslav Tikhonov, the first in history Yuri Gagarin did not die, but "was taken!"
Some time later, in an interview with the magazine "Russians" Elena Andreeva Wang reiterated that Gagarin was not burned in the plane and did not die but was "taken." To further questions — who was taken? Why? where? — Answers Wang did not give.
Many still unclarified circumstances alleged "death" of Yuri Gagarin, reservations, and nedogovorki official government commission, investigative journalism, rest against a blank wall — all this only confirms what the fate of the prophet Vanga Gagarin.

August 1968
When not called Czechoslovak events of those days: first, "pravorevizionistskih insurgency and anti-socialist forces," "the machinations of the imperialist circles of the West", "provision of the socialist countries (USSR, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland) by the Czechoslovak people in the defense of socialism" "Enter the Soviet occupation of Czechoslovakia," then went assessment other — "the process of democratic renewal in Czechoslovakia ',' invasion of Czechoslovakia troops five states — members of the Warsaw Pact (Soviet Union, Bulgaria, Hungary, East Germany, Poland)", "attempt to suppress a revival identity of the Czech and Slovak peoples. "
At different times in different ways (in terms of objectivity, and the degree of ornate phrases) politicians and scholars commenting on the events in Czechoslovakia. All determined by the political situation.
But Wang in January 1968 (8 months before being enacted battles) predicted: "Remember the Prague … Spring … The dark clouds hanging over the city … War … ". Wang said a simple vernacular. And what is the "spring" was rising over Prague, and were coming from "black clouds" — and then, and then well aware of all sane people who listened to the prophetic words of the clairvoyant.

Fall 1968
This fall, 1968, the famous American Kennedy family tragedy struck again.
But the tragic fall of 1968 was preceded by a hot political events and prophetic predictions for July.
U.S. Attorney General Robert Francis Kennedy (brother of the murdered in November 1963, U.S. President JFK) announced his intention to seek nomination as a candidate for president of the Democratic Party. In the heat of the election debate, he criticized the aggressive foreign policy of the Lindy Johnson (36 th President of the United States). Somewhat earlier, the Minister of Justice, in his words, "practically put an end to gambling in the largest of its center — Newport, Kentucky."
Wang said many times that a lot of money and shorten the life of those who have and those who stand obstacle to cash flow. In this context, Vanga predicted the imminent attack on Robert Kennedy. Was it all in the same month of 1968. In the fall of 1968 during the election campaign in Los Angeles, Robert F. Kennedy was mortally wounded.

November 5, 1968
In the presidential race in the United States, who finished 5 November 1968, won a landslide victory of the Republican Party, Richard Milhouse Nixon. He became the 37th president of the United States.
But in September 1968, when the balance of the contenders for political Olympus in the U.S. has been unclear, and even a prominent American sociologist and political scientist Zbigniew Brzezinski wary make definite predictions, the prediction of Vanga was firm: "Let them say what you want, and the president of the U.S. will be the Republican nominee. And be sure — Richard Nixon. "

July 21, 1969
In July 1969, the crew of the spaceship "Apollo 11" as part of Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins to the launch site at Cape Canaveral launched to the moon — the nearest celestial body to Earth.
The flight program included planting crew "Apollo 11" on the lunar surface. And the first people whose "shoes" touched the lunar dust, were Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin.
Before the eyes of the American astronauts appeared rugged lunar surface rock formations and boulders, and on the horizon — ridges, canyons, craters, very similar to the ring with a central mound in the middle.
In respect of the flight spacecraft "Apollo-11" to the Moon and landing July 21, 1969 on the lunar surface of American astronauts Wang makes absolutely no predictions.
But when 8 years later special correspondent "Friendship" ("Russians") asked Wang to comment on this momentous event, which has a history, clairvoyant readily replied: "It is with great interest the astronauts from Earth when they landed on the moon. But they did not see there was even a thousandth part of what I saw … ".

Fall 1977
In the U.S. presidential election in 1977 won the Democratic candidate, James Earl Carter. He was elected the 39th president of the United States.
2 years before the election clairvoyant Vanga predicted Dzh.E.Kartera presidency. At the same time foretold that he would be elected for only one term.
Indeed, the 39th U.S. president Dzh.E.Karter the American political scene had exactly four years (1977-1981). The term of his presidency was to accurately measure the clairvoyant Vanga.

In a car crash gets very popular in Bulgaria and world renowned extraordinary woman — Ludmila Zhivkova, daughter of Bulgarian Communist leader, First Secretary of the BCP Todor Zhivkov.
6 months before the tragedy clairvoyant Vanga predicted the impending accident. She sees it as a great personal tragedy. After all, it so happened that at that time Wang was for Ludmila Zhivkova like a second mother (a mother Zhivkova died in childbirth).
But clairvoyant Vanga "sees" and that the car accident was imminent. However, she warns Ludmilla Zhivkov of dire predictions. Everything becomes known and powerful Todor Zhivkov. The Bulgarian Government takes unprecedented precautions. Alas, it does not change anything in the event-driven scenario of history and human destiny.
A car accident happens in the most unexpected moment and before our eyes accompanying retinue of well-instructed and numerous road service. At the very moment when a government motorcade Ludmila Zhivkova heading to the airport in Sofia for a meeting of the foreign delegation.
Ludmilla Zhivkov trying to save. Medical luminaries from the world-famous names make more complex operations. Fasten bones, torn on the skull. Make artificial disc. Effectively concealed the following operations. Ludmilla Zhivkov wear a hat in the form of a turban.
At first everything seems to be bypassed. Almost two years. But Wang's eye sees the impending death of Lyudmila Zhivkova. This vision comes two weeks before the tragic outcome.
Wang shouts, cries, calls Lyudmila, trying to save her … But death overtakes Ludmilla Zhivkov in July 1981. Mourns whole of Bulgaria. Mourning and Russia. In the Soviet press at the untimely death of Lyudmila Zhivkova even appear July 21, 1981 an official government condolences personally Todor Zhivkov and the whole Bulgarian people. But most of all she is going through and mourn Wang. After all, at the time contributed to the intercession of Lyudmila Zhivkova official recognition of the gift clairvoyant Vanga's communist authorities. Recognition — in spite of all the dogmas then ideology.

June 1979
Wang saw the eye of the person representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.
With heavenly messengers clairvoyant led a lengthy discussion. According to the prediction of Vanga talked to her Vamfim inhabitants of the planet — by the location of the third planet from the Earth. This planet moves in an inclined orbit and it is very difficult to detect. Only once in about 3600 years Vamfim favorably located in relation to the Earth.

In the Republic of Nicaragua in 1979, anti-people regime fell Somoza. The victory — the result of the heroic struggle of the Nicaraguan people, led by the Sandinista National Liberation Front.
The fall of the Somoza dictatorship Vanga predicted in 1978, but added: "There are many more blood will be shed. Rivers of blood will flow more! "
Last year of Somoza was particularly brutal and bloody.

In 1980, Indira Gandhi after a break again became prime minister of India. This was preceded by the following events.
In December 1965, Wang predicts a quick demise of Lal Bahadur Shastri — the head of the Government of India and the election for the post of Indira Gandhi (daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru). Indira Gandhi and the defining two terms to govern the country. Then he adds: "No! I see — three terms! "
Next went as predicted clairvoyant Vanga. Already in January 1966, followed by the death of Lal Shastri and Prime Minister Indira Gandhi took.
Beginning of 1971. Again early parliamentary elections. Indira Gandhi strengthens its position in the government.
However, in the parliamentary elections in March 1977, Indira Gandhi losing ground. India's new government headed by the leader of "Janata Party" Morarji Desai. Then it seemed that clairvoyant Vanga Vanga's prediction was wrong, and the third term of Indira Gandhi untenable. Nevertheless, time has proved the correctness of the clairvoyant Vanga. In 1980, Indira Gandhi is regaining the prime minister of India.
November 10, 1982
Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee, Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, as it was then necessary to add, true successor of the great cause of Lenin — died November 10, 1982 at 8:00. 30 minutes. morning.
Then some of the Russian and foreign media have been reporting that Vanga predicted the exact date of the death of Leonid Brezhnev soon. This is not entirely true. More precisely — not so.
In fact, Wang in December 1980 predicted that in 1981-1982. "Leave from post important leaders", "will come as new dictators," "many vymetut broom until the summer — autumn 1983," but "wait for change, big change for the better."
What is change? And when these changes will occur? These questions Wang did not give a direct answer. And the names of Leonid Brezhnev, Yuri Andropov and Konstantin Chernenko in the context of their series of suicide (November 10, 1982, February 9, 1984, March 10, 1985) in the predictions of Vanga did not pop up . LI Brezhnev
October 31, 1984
Long before this terrible for India in 1984 Vanga predicted the tragic fate of a family of Indira Gandhi.
Back in July 1969, Wang clearly "saw" in some detail the death of Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Clairvoyant exclaimed, "ruined her dress! I can see the smoke and fire orange-yellow dress! "
Here it is necessary to say the following. Describing the phenomenon of clairvoyance Vanga, we often use the word "prediction". But the "prediction" — it's just a word and concept of our linguistic items. In fact, Wang (and talked about it so many journalists and scientists) sees human life as if the eye of the "filmstrip". And this "motion picture", she is able to scroll to the past and to the future of every person, physically living on a given interval of time. The same applies to events in the life of society, the actors who are the same as real people.
Another question: what is the mechanism of the effect of the so-called "movies"? Who or what helps Vanga? This will be discussed ahead. On the pages of the "Big Encyclopedia of Vanga."
And now back to the words of a clairvoyant, when predicting the fate of Indira Gandhi, she repeated that "sees through the smoke and fire orange-yellow dress." Vanga predicted the death of Indira Gandhi
Omen come true … the morning of 31 October 1984. On this day, the Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had planned a meeting and breakfast with the famous English writer, playwright and actor Peter Ustinov. It was also expected that the meeting will be recorded half-hour television interview, Prime Minister of India and the famous writer Albion.
Indira Gandhi knew English literature and a meeting with the writer was preparing with great pleasure. After reviewing numerous bright oriental dress costumes and arms, she opted for the fateful dress saffron. According to the prime minister (and at this point it most said the woman), orange-yellow dress was spectacular look on the blue TV screen. True, a bulletproof vest, wearing a dress, a little more fully the Prime Minister.
After standing for a few seconds before the glass, hesitated, Indira Gandhi decisively removed the bulletproof vest. The body of the Prime Minister remained easily vulnerable.
Ten minutes later, when Indira Gandhi was accompanied by a retinue on groomed path leading from the Prime Minister's residence to her office, a burst of heavy fire.
Shot straight from one of the posts along the track. One of the killers (Beant Singh) fired three shots from a pistol at the Prime Minister. Second Assassin (Satvant Singh) flashed saffron dress, and with it the body of Indira Gandhi long machine gun.
Orange-yellow dress, like 15 years ago predicted the clairvoyant Vanga was a caustic smoke and flames.

March 10, 1985
That clairvoyant Vanga in 1979 predicted the beginning of perestroika in the Soviet Union and the coming collapse of the great powers, wrote in a very different time, many journalists and almost all the media. But in all of these publications are missed parts and lacked any specifics.
And yet, in that far by today's standards in 1979, when the winds are not blowing adjustment and did not even have signs correspondent of the magazine "Druzhba" talked to Wang.
Vanga predicted: "I see the garden … This is Russia … Range of snow … Lots of snow. I hear voices: male and female … No, not voice — from the depths of the earth juices nourish the trees … In Russia have an unusual spring … "
Then Wang talked about three powerful, but a dead tree … Of the large and small rings, trodden in the snowy garden. About the fact that it's getting dark, and strange people are stuck in the snow branches after a man and woman make a circle in the small ring. Then Wang and waved at all of the issues, saying what good to say about the garden, if the fruit trees still will not.
Then, in 1979, we do not publish all of these pieces in the magazine "Druzhba". What characteristics that could be seen in the change of seasons? A branch and so on — so it's more like a game of shadows or imagination. How are we wrong! How could miss journalistic sensation, giving us the fate of … But even more, we were shocked when a few years later, read the memoirs of Raisa Gorbachev, "I hope …". And, of course, released a book of Alexander Vasilyevich Korzhakov "Boris Yeltsin: From Dawn to Dusk".
It turns out that the first day of the upcoming restructuring, seen clairvoyant Vanga in 1979, then — in the real 1985 — looked like this … Read in R.Gorbachevoy:
"Sad … March 10, 1985 … Konstantin Chernenko died. At ten o'clock in the evening an emergency meeting of the Politburo. Mikhail returned home, and then we were at the cottage in the country, it's too late. Went into the garden. There was something oppressive in the remote, still virgin spring night. For three years — the third death. The death of the three general secretaries in a row. Mikhail was very tired. First silent. Then he says: "Tomorrow — plenum. May be the question of whether to head the party. "
We wandered through the garden, there was still snow. Her husband was silent again. Then, as if gradually began to wonder — out loud … "No — I heard. — It is impossible to go on living."
The picture drawn once Vanga has become increasingly clear from a fragment of the book A.V.Korzhakova:
"… Gorbachev its own special atmosphere in the family. At the government dacha, for example, there were two walking rings — small and large. Every evening, at one and the same time, roughly about seven in the evening, and Raisa Gorbachev went for a walk in the small ring. At this time he told her everything that happened during the day. She answered and said very quietly. For us, at first it was a surprise when Raisa suddenly asked: "How many laps we were?"
God forbid, if someone made a mistake and answered incorrectly. It turns out, she felt circles and checked the observation guard. If he strayed from the account, then that person was removed. Colleagues quickly learned their lesson and did so — stuck in the snow sticks. The terms were — stick stuck. When Raisa examine them, they counted the sticks … "
What can I say? Of course, the clairvoyant Vanga was broadcast images. It is also true that her words can be interpreted in different ways. But it is very similar to the predictions of Vanga and paintings, described later, and Raisa Gorbacheva A.V.Korzhakovym.
March 15, 1990
Third Extraordinary Congress of People's Deputies of the USSR, on 15 March 1990, for the first time in the Soviet Union introduces the institute of presidency. First and last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev becomes.
For this event in terms of its direct bearing on the prediction has clairvoyant Vanga.
Back in July 1989 (by the time Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union occupied all the top party and government posts: Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Communist Party — from March 1985, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR — from October 1988, the President of the Supreme Soviet — May 1989) Vanga predicted the journalists that Mikhail Gorbachev is even more exalted.
Then it made many surprise and doubt: the introduction of the structure of the government of the USSR more senior positions have not been out of the question. But the III Congress of People's Deputies, which took 9 months after the prediction of Vanga, put everything in its place. Vanga predicted Gorbachev "elevation"

May 21, 1991
Alas, the second prediction was fulfilled Vanga concerning the tragic fate of the family of Indira Gandhi. Came to pass, seven years after a terrible history with the "saffron dress."
By the time Rajiv Gandhi (son of Indira Gandhi) not only managed to succeed his mother as Prime Minister of India. For five years, beginning in 1984, he headed the government. In 1989, loses power. In 1991 he again actively involved in the campaign.
It was then, in the morning May 21, 1991, terrorist Dhana, wearing a belt packed with explosives, makes its way to Rajiv Gandhi through a crowd of townspeople who came to the rally. There was a deafening explosion. Clear leader race — Rajiv Gandhi is killed on the spot.
Rajiv Gandhi
January 19, 1992
The first free elections in Bulgaria January 19, 1992 President elect Dr. Zhelyu Zhelev, and vice-president of the Bulgarian poetess the Good Dimitrov.
But there was in February 1987 when a clairvoyant Vanga predicted that the time will come and Bulgaria coming new era. To power comes great scientist who disagrees (at the time in Communist Bulgaria it was unheard of!) With the teachings of Lenin himself. The name of this little-scientist yet familiar. A vice-president, on the contrary, will be well-known poet whose poems and novels already are an example of modern Bulgarian literature. History reiterated word Vanga. Bulgarian President in 1992 became Zhelyu Zhelev. In 1958, he graduated from the University of Sofia, specialty "Philosophy". Expressed their views in the thesis have been regarded as a criticism of Lenin's teaching on the matter. This caused a number of exceptions Zhelev graduate students and members of the BCP. And in 1966 it altogether removed from the work. Then followed the arrest, conviction and expulsion from Sofia. Zhelyu Zhelev
Return to science in Zhelyu Zhelev, followed in 1987, when he defended his doctoral thesis on "relational theory of personality." By that time, the prediction of the future presidency of Vanga Zhelev.
And the very Bulgarian poet, suddenly shagnuvshey for vice president, was known to all Blaga Dimitrova.
In 1987, predicting a sharp turn in the life of a "scientist" and "poet", Wang said, and more about that (this part of the prediction of long silent power and the press) that the new authorities will destroy the old, but will not be able to open a large way to the new, and also leave . Blaga Dimitrova
In the presidential election in the Republic of Bulgaria, November 3, 1996 the people preferred to Peter Stoyanov. New Bulgarian President officially takes office Jan. 22, 1997.
Petar Stoyanov

President of the Republic of Kalmykia (Khalmg Tangch) Kirsan Nikolayevich Ilyumzhinov from a conversation with a clairvoyant Vanga is known that in the region of Kalmykia Chernozemelskiy (near the Caspian Sea), there are large natural reserves of oil.
In the same year, as well as predictions of Vanga, Kalmyk oil open Chernozemelskiy oil field.

In April 1994, the publisher "Our Contemporary" goes monumental novel "Pyramid" patriarch of Russian literature Maksimovic Leonid Leonov. In the book in the light of Christianity is given reassessment of key socio-political ideas and the entire reality of the outgoing XX century.
Presentation of the novel "Pyramid" is held in May 1994. Roman appreciates literary critics and the public. It gets the world-famous.
Shortly after the presentation of the novel "The Pyramid" and the celebration of the 95th anniversary L.M.Leonova great writer died.
All of these events to the smallest details were predicted clairvoyant Vanga in 1974.

November 1995
In retirement unexpectedly gives the president of FIDE Florencio Campomanes (Philippines), the head of FIDE in 1982.
Traditionally, presidents elected FIDE very reputable and well-known players and even chess champions: Max Euwe, World Champion, the legendary destroyer Alekhine was the third president in the history of FIDE (1970-1978), Freed and Rick Olafson, Icelandic international grandmaster, became the fourth president FIDE (1978-1982). Yes, and the Florencio Campomanes — the first Filipino national master.
And in November 1995, the sensation that the world press says excitedly. Quite unexpectedly, the entire chess world, Russian Chess Federation (which, by the way, voted against), and even for the most unexpectedly, Kirsan Ilyumzhinov was his, the President of Kalmykia, was elected the sixth president in the entire history of the World Chess Federation (FIDE).
Then it turns out that all of these multi-way and ingenious intrigue only forecasting results clairvoyant Vanga.
This is not an anecdote and not a legend. Personally by the President of Kalmykia Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has officially and repeatedly confirmed in the press: in the summer of 1995 (5 months before the sensational events) Wang told him that "sees the two presidents Kirsanov».

July 3, 1996
In the Russian Federation, July 3, 1996 is the second round of the general elections. Despite the heat of the summer season, the Russians came to the polls to make a choice for the future of Russia. The majority voted for continuing the reform course of Russian President Boris Yeltsin. He became President of Russia in the second term.
The race was long and grueling. Political scientists, experts and commentators have given polar projections. The most accurate, as it turned out later, was a "forecast" clairvoyant Vanga.
It is known for: the beginning of March 1996, the campaign headquarters of the President of the Russian Federation Boris Yeltsin came to a private visit to a clairvoyant Vanga in Petrich. Vanga's prediction: "I see Boris …" During a rather long conversation Wang took a lively interest in everything that is happening in Russia. Staff assured the envoys: election, Boris Yeltsin certainly win.
Either before the election or after the election staff members Vanga predictions Boris Yeltsin did not use any ideological or propaganda purposes. From these arguments it was decided to abstain, because the result of the election was already predetermined.

August 11, 1996
In the government hospital in Sofia, August 11, 1996 at 10 hours 10 minutes in the morning of the Gospel dies Pandev (Guscherova) — the great clairvoyant Vanga.
According to a traditional healer Lyudmila Kim, told the magazine "Druzhba" ("Russians"), Elena Andreeva, and many others, clairvoyant Vanga in 1990 set a date for their next departure from life.

July 1998
The first volume of the "Great Encyclopedia prophet Vanga" is being released in July 1998 and immediately became a sensation.
In April-May 1998, the upcoming release of "Big Encyclopedia Vanga" informs virtually all of the regional (oblast, city and district) newspaper. Their total circulation of more than 6 million copies.
But the "Encyclopedia of Vanga" goes relatively small circulation and enters the number of elite books.
Another interesting fact is that in 1991, Vanga predicted the exact release date encyclopedia about her life and predictions. Then she asked Elena Andreeva pass the famous Russian poet, editor of "Druzhba" ("Russians"), Vladimir Firsov, that the "big book will be exactly seven years …".

2000 — 2020 years.
In our ordinary consciousness peaks of activity in the political life of Russia land on the 2,000 th, 2004 th, 2008 th, 2012 th, 2016 th and 2020 th years.
Who will prefer the Russians in the presidential election this year? Would it ever exist in Russia or the institution of the presidency, as some politicians and political scientists, as President of our country eventually abolish?
These and many other questions are addressed in a conversation with a clairvoyant Vanga, when in April and May 1996 in the town of Petrich frequent "delegation" campaign headquarters a number of candidates for the President of the Russian Federation. It is known for: the spring of the year 1996, the trustees visited Vanga Vladimir Zhirinovsky, GA Zyuganov, A. Lebedev, Grigory Yavlinsky, and Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov.
At first, none of the messengers policymakers talk to a clairvoyant is not obtained. Vanga answers were short and angry, "Why here?" "Go back to Russia!". However, after persuasion, numerous gifts and support from the accompanying translators still clairvoyant told visitors and delegations of the Russian President in 2000, and the subsequent presidency.
Since this confidential information is still known only to a very small group of people, we do (before the race in 2000) refrain from publishing it in "Vangelinom chronograph." For the analysis of life associated with the practice of clairvoyant Vanga, shows that a precise knowledge of future events and the adoption of appropriate measures by people in 6 cases out of 100 changes the initially predetermined course of events. In other words, a certain percentage of officially registered cases when a person is through these measures could still like to "outwit" fate.
Fragments of the conversation with the prophet Vanga the delegations of the presidential election years 2000-2020. Gained from our reporter directly from the soothsayer, will be published in a section of the site

Unspecified date
According to the prediction of Vanga, life-changing event is coming, "would be a tall man … Eighth comes — he will sign a final peace in the world. "
The name of this great politician and peacemaker Wang does not call and did not call. The date does not indicate exactly.
If you speculate, it all depends on the terms of reference and on which side of the representative in question.
Say clairvoyant Vanga meant Russia. Then we can assume that this eighth — eighth ruler of the country: Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev, Brezhnev, Andropov, Chernenko, M. Gorbachev and eighth — Boris Yeltsin. (?) But just as likely there could be a countdown: Eighth — is the eighth president of Russia or after Mikhail Gorbachev (he was still president of the USSR), or after Boris Yeltsin. Why reading is with them?
Vanga's prediction refers to January 1988. And there is the key phrase: "Two of the world's largest manager (apparently, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States in 1981-1989. And Mikhail Gorbachev. — Ed.) Shook hands in order to prove that we can and should take the first step to achieving peace in the world. " And then comes the phrase eight. To quote her again, but this time in full: "But it will take a lot of time, a lot of water will flow until the eighth to come — he will sign a final peace in the world."
But in doing so the Eighth is more likely to be forthcoming and a great American politician, if the reading in the future starting with Ronald Reagan (40th U.S. President).
Then hypothetical eighth — is the 48th president of the United States in general, the foreseeable future.

Mankind has to get rid of a terrible disease — cancer. Discover cure for cancer. It will contain a lot of iron, since it is not enough iron in the human food and drinking water.

Scientists discover a unique medicine needed to restore strength and health. The product will contain mostly hormones horses, dogs and turtles.

In Russia established an era of peace and prosperity, which will last exactly 1,000 years.

Scientists have made important discoveries in the field of the intangible. Spaceships will fly with the speed of light.

Hungarian scientists build equipment with which they catch the first signals from space from an extraterrestrial civilization.

Earth people would contact with brothers in mind from other worlds. (Most likely it is a representatives from the planet Vamfim)

4000 year
The end of the age of Aquarius.

7000, the
The end of the world year. But not the end of the world. End of the world, the Flood and the world will not fire.
As a result of the collision of Earth with a large comet (a celestial body) would cause a great disaster, natural disasters, earthquakes, environmental disasters, rapid climate change.
To this period of time is the next picture, the prediction of Vanga: "Here I see sometimes a picture: blackened and charred earth, and on it goes a handful of people, similar to the shade." The scale of the disaster on the Earth in a cosmic cataclysm Wang did not report anything.
By definition clairvoyant Vanga, there are three times, "big time" just "time" and "time."
The concept of "time" is the period of the world, and all Vanga predicted the events that we have joined the "Vangelin chronograph." Of course, the chronograph does not include all the predictions of Vanga: many of them as examples and illustrations are available in different volumes and parts of the encyclopedia.
The most amazing quality of the prophet Vanga — is it weird, or rather, a natural gift (because nothing mystical happens) it is easy to travel through time and space, both in the distant past, and in the thickness of layers of the times to come.
Move, of course, can not physical hypostasis Vanga, and its spiritual essence. And the explanation for this is quite scientific. This will be discussed further in the pages of our encyclopedia.

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