Wang Vamfim about aliens and a possible collision with Earth celestial body

But as very distant future (in particular 7000-year), here Vanga predictions about the end of the world or global catastrophe — not so optimistic. And in "Evangeline chronograph due to these states as follows:
"As a result of the collision of Earth with a large comet (a celestial body) would cause a great disaster, natural disasters, earthquakes, environmental disasters, rapid climate change.
To this period of time is the next picture, which saw a clairvoyant Vanga: "Here I sometimes see the following picture: blackened and scorched earth, and on it goes a handful of people who are like shadows .." (For more information see: 1, p. 41 — 42, 51).
However, I will specify: the scale of natural disasters on Earth in a cosmic cataclysm at the end of the world, the (7000 g), Wang did not report anything.
And it's all about the collision of Earth with a large celestial body in the very distant future. And here it is necessary to emphasize and to place all emphasis: calculations Cyril Butusov, Astrophysics of the Academy of civil aviation in St. Petersburg, a member of the International Association of Planetology, that very soon — in 2012! — The Earth will face the largest body ("Arguments and Facts", № 34, 19 — 25 August 2009) — entirely wrong! To the last point and the point!
And even more fundamentally wrong astrophysicist Cyril Butusov premise of the Earth in 2012, will face a "wandering planet" which "moves away from the Sun on the tens of billions of miles, and returning again in 3600 years, is between Mars and Jupiter."
Although astrophysicist Butusov operates seemingly objective data ("wandering planet Nibiru", "astronomers of ancient Babylon," "billions of miles," "period of 3,600 years," etc.) — it is not so! More precisely, not so! And from the category of children's horror stories Butusova this statement: "In 2012, even if the earth will avoid a frontal collision, the attraction flew a million miles giant could be so strong that the Earth is about my daughter picks like dandelion fluff."
And in fact, wandering the planet — is not Chaldean Nibiru, a well-known clairvoyant Vanga Vamfim! And the planet is our Earth Vamfim not universal destruction, and the universal absolute knowledge.
Yes, clairvoyant Vanga said many times on this wandering planet. And called her Vamfim. And call it here in this context: not due to a global catastrophe that threatens Earth, and sayings of the brief but vivid encounters with aliens.
"… They say that fly from planet Vamfim — third of the Earth, in any case, so I slyshiteya. Which to fly — I do not know. Sometimes one takes my hand and leads to their planet Vamfim. I follow him. walk on the ground (but this is not the land!), the star-studded. As if the mother in law. "
Those who drive me move very fast jumps. On their planet Vamfim all very nice, I just can not describe. Somehow I do not see anywhere dwellings. These creatures are very strict. When they speak, their voices are carried like an echo … "(Wang said in 1988, v. 2, p 178).
So Wang and aliens. In order not to be repeated, I refer readers to the "Big Encyclopedia prophet Vanga", where almost entire volumes and chapters of "aliens", "higher power", "old man dressed in a dazzling bright", "heavenly messenger," "extraterrestrial beings" and "Residents Vamfima" (see Vol I, p. 41, 141 — 146, Vol 2, p. 162-184, vol 5, p 9-142, etc.).
And here is very important — and for philosophical, and astronomical, astrophysical and for understanding the problems of the universe to understand the intersection of the following coordinates: aliens and specific dates.
There is a feature, "Wang very sparingly and cautiously predicted world events" (v. 5, p. 146). And it especially to-it was always about the meetings with extraterrestrial beings and universal chronograph, specific dates like and did not call. Bee-And did those dates are calculated and evaluated on the basis of calculations of Vanga predictions and comparing them with the facts of cultural studies and astrology. Albeit sometimes GRO-eredstvenno. Let me explain with examples.
Say, "Evangeline chronograph" it says: "2179. People of Earth would contact with brothers in mind from other worlds …" (V. 1, p. 41). But that's so right: "… in 2179 …" — Wang naturally did not speak. Then where transformed this same "2179"?
And logic and calculations here were as follows. That record made in May 1979 with the words most strongly clairvoyant Vanga: "After 200 years, people will get in touch with brothers in mind from other worlds … (Vol. I, p. 154). And it is here the sum of the future unknown date contact Earthlings with aliens Vamfim: 2179 year — 1979 plus 200 years.
This example is very simple: the purely arithmetic. But more often have to resort to the "star algebra": combine arithmetic astronomy.
And again in "Evangeline chronograph" So vselenoko-terrestrial date: "1612 BC. Regular visits by representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations with a hypothetical planet of the solar system …" (Vol. I, p. 20). And here's how to count that date on the basis of utterances prophet Vanga and analysis of publications Bulgarian press.
You can not see, but now the sky is full of strange flying machines. I see in each of three "man" (of course, the word "man" in quotes.) I hear the words, "Will a great event!" That aliens are preparing for the event I can not explain … "(Wang said in 1988, v. 2, p. 177).
"I see them for about a year. They are transparent. They look like reflection of a person in the water. Their hair as soft as duck down and form around your head something like a halo. Behind see something like wings … They work , clear and organized way, they say, that for seven thousand years there were few people, through which they have had direct communication with the Earth … " (Wang said in 1988, v. 2, p 178).
"One of them said to me:" 'Get up and listen, and we will tell you something about the future. Do not be afraid, because in front of your door is the keeper. That's: The world expects a lot of changes, it will be reborn and again destroyed. Balance will come when we start to talk to people! .. "(Wang said in 1988, v. 2, p. 176).
All these sayings of prophet Vanga 'Representatives planet Vamfim were strictly documentary recorded correspondents Soviet-Bulgarian magazine "Druzhba" directly in Petrich and Rupite in the same 1988.
Next, precise and punctual analysis of the press, calculations, calculations, comparisons — and much clearer.
But if very briefly … Bulgarian youth newspaper "People's mladezh" (August 2, 1988) published an article about a woman from Plovdiv, which has the ability to "hear their own hands" and has been visited by "extraterrestrial beings." And while hypnotized her and doing something with her brain.
Close behind. The renowned Bulgarian newspaper "Rabotnichesko work" (23 September 1988) under the heading "Where Planet X?" publishes an article by its Moscow correspondent. More you can read this publication ("Great Encyclopedia Vanga" (vol. 2, p.181 -182). Here for astronomical calculations we are only interested by the fact that according to well-known Turkmen scientist Odek Odekova: "… about once in 3600 years, our Earth is favorable to the planet "X". Toy unknown tenth planet in the solar system that rotates at very elongated inclined
orbit, away from the sun and the earth for tens of billions of kilometers. And it is from this planet "extraterrestrial beings" fly to the Earth every 3,600 years.
And when we read the publication of the Vanga Bulgarian newspapers, clairvoyant spake … In the first case, "What is there to wonder Yes, they (inoplanetyane. — AB) already walking among us." And the second: "All true … They Vamfim planet … and I drove there by the hand …".
And hence transformed desired vselenoko-terrestrial date: aliens visit Earth — 1612 BC: it is 1988 minus 3600 years.
And there is one more objective way of dating the execution and implementation of the predictions of Vanga. The method is not purely arithmetic, but rather associative. Figuratively speaking: Star trigonometry.
For example, in "Evangeline chronograph" (Vol. I, p. 19-20) contains information that according to Vanga, "… intelligent extraterrestrial life has been on the earth, and from the outside, from the space — just in
But when? And the concept of a "great year" brought under the scope of the universal and the particular earth time? It was clear that a "great year" Wang means "world year." However it is not the "year of the world," that on the interpretation of ancient Greek, ancient and medieval astrology linked to the end of the world. With the Ecumenical Earth-period, after which, after the Flood and the conflagration all earthly events begin to happen again.
Framework of the "great year" — it was very important to calculate and here's why. That is the date of the beginning of the "world of the year" as if Wang is matched with the beginning of our civilization, which also had periods of prosperity and periods of decline.
From the ancient philosophical texts we naturally knew: the duration, the astrological world: Heraclitus -18,000 years, Orpheus — 120,000 years, Antiochus — 1,753,005 years, Berossa — 2.16 million years old, Cassandra — 3.6 million years old, the Stoic Diogenes — 6480000 years. And we are in conversation with Vanga these knowledge advantage.
And patiently listened to all our long and abstruse calculations, Wang briefly as always, strong and categorical spake in Bulgarian: "… the truth is Kassandrushka close … 0 high luminous Godin is correct to say …". And while everything is clear and without translation, duplicates in Russian language: "… Kassandrushka closer to the truth … 0 year of the world's great … well said."
That's it! Keywords! A desired date: 3593000 BC — beginning of the world, and the universal milestone extraterrestrial intelligent life on Earth. And 3593000 BC — 3600000 years is the duration of the world, at the Cassandra (philosopher and king of Macedonia) minus the 7000th year, that is the end of the great period of the year.

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