Warning of solar activity on the Space Center in Cape Town Weather

Cape Town — Space Weather Center warned that the sun is going through some volatility, which could have consequences for the Earth.
"There is a very active area in the sun, turned on an invisible sun disk. This active area has the potential for large outbreaks in the next five or six days, "said forecaster Kobus Olckers of the Space Weather Warning Centre in Hermanus Magnetic Observatory

He said that electronic communication can break down.

"The Internet can be a bit slower on the next week, and especially long-distance relationship."

Polar routes

Scientists recognize three main categories of solar flares. X-class missiles are large and major events that can trigger radio off the planet. M-class missiles of medium size, and they can call off the radio, that affect Earth's polar regions. The S-Class are huge with noticeable consequences here on Earth.

Website Space Weather says that small and medium-sized (C — and M-class), solar flares can occur in the next few days.

"Flashes M-Class have been detected and the C-Class. Burning is conducted with the D-layer coating in the region, he said the scientist May 30 2011.

D-layer is the inner layer of the ionosphere, about 60 km to 90 km above the Earth. There is also the prediction of a coronal mass ejection (CME) toward Earth.

"The new active area, with the ability to burn on the solar disk is growing rapidly. Outbreaks are inevitable. There is also the possibility of CME activities which may lead to further huge problems in the world.

Olckers said aircraft on polar routes, can be redirected as these aircraft will be affected. Scientists watching the sun in the short term, in order to determine whether there is any danger in the coming days.

Precautionary measures

"The active area is not in a position to GEO efficiency at the moment. This will happen in five or six days from now, "said Olckers.

"We will keep you posted and see how it develops. Rapid development is at the moment and can be disastrous to the Earth in the next few days, "he added.

He said that people do not have to take any special precautions.

"The level of X-rays is not enough to really affect the biological system."

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