Whirlpool in the yard!


Hello again to all. Caught the eye of the article, though no longer article and photo that struck me. This is a whirlpool that was created artificially, and he acts within the bulb of a transparent acrylic resin. In general, read, watch photos and videos.

In striking "eddy" sculpture by William Pye named Charybdis the circular movement of water in a transparent acrylic cylinder forms an air vortex in the center.

Stage built around the cylinder, so you can look inside and see the miracle from above. Cylinder manufactured in Grand Junction, Colorado, USA. At the time of its completion, "Charybdis" was the largest sculpture by William Pye and the second, in which he used a transparent acrylic resin.

This material allowed Paju expand the "language" of his sculptures and explore all possible ways in which you can test the water element. The high level of filtering water in the cylinder is a must to maintain transparency and expression of all potential power of the vortex. This sculpture finished in 2000, especially for a hotel in County Durham (UK).

Watch Whirlpool yard



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