Who is the 30th anniversary of the bands formation day or special purpose Vympel KGB.

Today marks 30 years since the formation of special purpose "Vympel" KGB. It's at this point between Russia and NATO established partnership business. And then, in 1981, between the Warsaw Pact, which came our country, and NATO going global confrontation. Army 2-blocks only showed each other strength. Intelligence agencies also sometimes had to use it. These criteria ultimate control of our country decided to develop a group of KGB Special purpose to perform reconnaissance and sabotage tasks abroad. She received the title of "Vympel".

The officers of this department knew several foreign languages perfectly possessed all kinds of cool guns and firearms, martial arts techniques. Battle experience they received in Afghanistan, Central and Latin America, Southeast Asia, Africa …

The new tests "pennant" tossed turbulent period mid-1980s. SWAT officers were doing combat tasks in "hot spots" of the country — Georgia, Azerbaijan, North Ossetia, Karabakh. They took part in the liberation of the hostages in the mineral waters, Budennovsk Pervomay …

The successor of the "pennant" in our days of management is 'B' Center Special purpose FSB. Since 1999, it is engaged in combat operations in the North Caucasus against illegal armed groups.

In the annals of heroic Affairs Office "B" of the house are two special operations in recent years: 26 October 2002 for the release of hostages in the building of the Dubrovka theater in Moscow, September 3, 2004 for the release of hostages in a school number 1 in Beslan town. In the course of these and other operations have been saved hundreds of people and monsters-terrorists neutralized.

The staff of the 'B' Center Special purpose FSB carefully kept fighting traditions of the unit, continue to improve their skills and are always ready to fulfill their tasks.

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