Why not take place, «Apocalypse 2012»?

The Gospel of Matthew, chapter 24:

36 But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, but my Father only

In the film industry, there has long been a category of films as "horror". Consequently, there is a reason, and that is why this genre demand audience. The retreat of the person from the Holy God has led him to such a perverted state where he finds pleasure in watching the various scenes of violence of some people over others, scenes of various transformations of the body and the scene of mass destruction in invented accidents. The very same pleasure, apparently stems from man's awareness of the fact that the terrible scenes happen on the other side of the screen with someone there, and somewhere out there, while the man himself is in good conditions, drinking carbonated or alcoholic drink and snack.

You may ask, what does the above have to do with an event called "Apocalypse 2012"? As it turns out — the most direct. Advertised in the media operates under the name "Apocalypse 2012" — this is another made-up people, "horror", to the eve of the day designated to tickle your nerves, which is comparable to watching the same already mentioned horror films. Due to the fact that many horror films do not cause the desired effect adrenaline (because of addiction), "Apocalypse 2012" for some time could be a good alternative. The key words here — "on time." Well, then the search for new thrills in a transient life on earth, from which, in what many believe to get the most pleasure. As all of us have become fairly well known in razreklamiruemy day nothing though a little apocalyptic does not, to the dismay of many people on the planet. Fasten zaushi "terrible" act was over, just as the end of some left on screens anticipated horror film.

All that is happening around the expected event for several years preceding it, now may be summarized as follows: the next attempt of people to predict the exact date of the end of the world was shamelessly failed. Fallen away from their Creator stubborn man, he is not willing to learn from their past mistakes and, contrary to God again and again to establish the date of the end of civilization, intruding into the sphere, which is not subject to him. I think that this latest attempt at sounding title "Apocalypse 2012", surpassed his arrogance and pomposity of all past the failed prediction. Still — even the most authoritative media, usually carefully filter the flow of information, this time for some reason, have not ignored the next coming "apocalypse" and periodically added fuel to the fire. The flow of information on this subject was that at times it seemed that everything that happens — it's not just beneficial in terms of raising the ratings of a hot topic, and sanctioned from above operation, pursuing well-defined, very beneficial to someone objective.

The bottom line is that today there are two opposing understanding what is there is an apocalypse. One of them — a false coming from the personal outlook of the people themselves and the "Apocalypse 2012" and its final result is a case in point. Different understanding — true, coming from God and contained in the Bible as the book of Revelation. And today, there is every reason to believe that certain forces were profitable through false apocalypse discredit in the eyes of the people the true biblical Apocalypse, which, by the way, started a long time ago and proceeds step by step. There was so much hype around the "Apocalypse 2012"! Finally, the predicted day, when it was expected anything out of the ordinary — an absolute zilch, single shot, if you will. Many of those who believed, and indeed had heard about this event, now, once again, he heard about a coming apocalypse, will just ignore it all. What do you think, will the real to them than the biblical Apocalypse? Have to doubt this.

From the point of view of the Bible, we are living in recent years. Here we have in mind that before the courts of God on this sinful world, there is very little time. Biblical Apocalypse or Revelation on this subject shows that the time is near. Naturally, there are dark forces opposed to God, pursuing the goal of any means to mislead the largest possible number of people. Thus, in the second letter to the Thessalonians, the second chapter is written:

7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work …

Today the true Apocalypse replace unworkable false apocalypse. Why is he so strongly disadvantageous to someone that it every way, sometimes very cleverly and subtly want to discredit? It's simple — it contains, as well as the entire Bible, God's call to the people to repent of their sins and receive salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ for eternal life. The enemy of God, the Devil and his earthly governors of the people who sold him their souls, of course, be many ways to prevent this to a certain time, making you and I will periodically become witnesses of various misleading false apocalypse. We can not exclude the fact that "Apocalypse 2012" drew a culmination of this devilish resistance because of the very early start of the terrible ship of God, when all will be for real, what is easy to see by reading the biblical Apocalypse.

Hopefully, this short article you can get an answer to the question, why did not take place, "Apocalypse 2012"? The Bible, being a genuine word of God before us, once again proved to be correct, as evidenced by the first word on the fact that only God knows when the end. In many other places the Bible indicates that all begins when we are not going to expect. Predict that today trying to predict — impossible!

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