Why the PBX?

No telephone communication is impossible to imagine modern life in general and business activity in particular. It allows you to how to interact with each other as partners, and maintain direct relationships with customers. Reliable telephone, without exaggeration — that collateral security business. Along with its expansion there is a need to expand and telecommunication facilities as well as in the success of the company is constantly growing staff and customers with which we interact is becoming more and more. How can that be, if the opportunity to receive calls in the office has reached its limit? Not because acquires new numbers and not to miles of new wire?

In this situation, there is no better way than to get a PBX. The main feature of the PBX is that they allow a large number of personnel connected to the telephone line. Thus, selecting one powerful PBX Panasonic, you will be able to provide access to telephone up to two hundred people, and you do not have to spend any additional equipment (except, perhaps, an expansion card). Also, by installing a PBX you can avoid the confusion that necessarily arise if instead of a single multi-channel phone number, your firm will be their lot.

Of course, the idea of all the many benefits of this wonderful device you have a reasonable question, where you can buy a PBX. In fact, today, the answer is very easy to give. Companies that sell similar equipment a lot. But the meaning is, of course, contact the professionals. It was as a professional distributors PBX company is "Solaris." Moreover, "Solaris" has been certified by the Russian representative Panasonic, which confirms its status as a regional technical center-premium. This means not only the ability to buy PBX directly, without any intermediaries and for the best price, but also the fact that consumers are always available service of the highest class. For skilled employees "Solaris" following representatives Panasonic, which means the obligation to pass the first annual specialized testing skills.

The advantages of working with "Solaris" Today consumers can appreciate in the Moscow region, Samara and Samara region, as well as the main city of the Urals — Ekaterinburg and the Sverdlovsk region. In all these regions are representatives of the company.

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