Wild rabbits captured the fifth continent

Australia has recorded the most massive in the last 16 years the invasion of wild rabbits. This stems from the increased immunity eared rodents and lack of professional shooters involved in their extermination.

According to the Chairman of the Fund "in Australia, free of rabbits" Nichols Newland, the annual damage brought by these extremely prolific animals, is $ 200 million. "Wild rabbits becomes every year more and more — said Newland. — They occupied almost the entire continent and has already sent to suburban areas. Unsuccessful methods of rodent control lead to environmental problems."

In turn, a professional shooter Phil Mercer from Peterborough said that every weekend shoots about 300 rabbits, a carcass which is then sold by the owners of butchers.

The fifth continent suffers from a huge population of rabbits, and a famous Australian company "Akubra", which specializes in the manufacture of leather hats, rabbit skins to import from Europe. This was announced by the company secretary Roy Wilkinson. "Imports of raw materials account for about 50 per cent — said Wilkinson — from which then annually produces about 150 thousand leather hats." "We get so many skins in Australia as possible — said the" Akubry. "- Unfortunately, basically, it is the skins of domestic rabbits. And for more quality products are ideal wild animals."

Meanwhile, the executive director of the chocolate factory Haighs Alistair Hay said that over the past five years, his company helps support fund "Australia is free of rabbits." "We specialize in the manufacture of chocolate rabbits for Easter — added Hay. — Part of the profit from the sale, we list in the control of rodents. Therefore want our customers to know that by buying little creatures made of chocolate, they help to resist the invasion of rodents."

According to recent studies, the number of wild rabbits on the continent in the last twenty years has increased from 10 to 100 thousand. Ever hungry animals literally destroy the roots all the grass and bushes, is a haven for native animals and birds, thereby destroying the ecosystem of the continent.

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