Will the world end in 2012?

Recently, we all too often hear predictions about the coming end of the world. The question on everyone: whether the end of the world in 2012 to the year?. How do we treat these forecasts? Is there an ancient Mayan prophecy? Terrible tragedy in Japan: earthquake or beginning of the end of the world?

There is a lot of bad prophecies that point to the beginning of the 21st century. About pending disasters warn us: the famous Wang, Nostradamus, the Mayan calendar, and many other sources. Their predictions are treated or concrete — as nuclear war, epidemics, natural disasters, or more mysteriously, giving food for the imagination — as the "end of the world" or "the beginning of a new era."

Predictions are often vague and ambiguous. So when Wang, at the time, predicted year Kursk sinking, is based on the geographical position of the town, it sounded very strange. All opened in the last moment, when it was flooded submarine "Kursk".

In 2012, along with the bicentenary of the Battle of Borodino, the opening of the Summer Olympic Games in London, and many other important events, it is expected parade of planets. Associated with it, many doomsday soothsayers. During the parade of planets several celestial bodies are arranged in a single line.


This phenomenon is rare and impressive, and many consider it a harbinger of dramatic events, especially since the December 21, 2012 line up not only the closest planet to Earth, but the entire solar system rotates under some unusual angles to the galactic axis.

However, these days do not have to be particularly clairvoyant to see the threat of catastrophe looming over mankind. We can do without space interventions can handle on their own. Ecology of the planet is almost destroyed, energy is low, the financial system is on the line, and the full arsenal of nuclear weapons. New era is obvious enough, but to enter into it in different ways.

Continuing existence today its line of development, we have a terrible time in history. On the one hand, it can be a financial mess, stupor economy, hunger and unemployment, and on the other hand, the final destruction of the environment, increased natural disasters and epidemics.

Inevitable in this case, the riots will lead to the establishment of stringent government and Nazi totalitarian orientation, and such regimes can easily unleash a new world war. A small part of mankind, survived after that, start a new stage of its development on the ruins of the old civilization.

Such a scenario, in the spirit of most of the famous prophecy, does not involve our conscious participation in the development of events. It is sufficient to change nothing in his attitude to life and act according to the usual motives to this scenario continues to unfold in a predetermined direction, and offer all the apocalyptic predictions.

All predictions describe the end result of a process which, in principle, it is possible and to calculate. We just do not know all the forces at work in society and nature, we do not know the laws of their development and interaction. After all, we ourselves are part of this picture, and never see it objectively. Predictor same without payment, in some way unknown to us, he knows at once the final result. But this is true only in the case of the natural course of events.

Naturally people as proper and animal lives, in obedience to his desires. But if the animal must be only necessary for life, a person needs a lot more. Constantly growing — qualitatively and quantitatively — desires and isolated it from the rest of nature.

In an effort to achieve more than he has now, man has created a culture and material civilization, but remained in the same vector of its natural development. Among men, as in nature, survival of the fittest, and in our case — clever or tricky. And not even to survive, and to improve or maintain their status in the society, we wring our best from nature and from other people and thus one step closer to the predicted end.

Not surprisingly, the leaders of society: politicians and financiers can not find in the circumstances no effective solutions. The collapse of the banking system and public scares them as far as they can lose: property, influence, self-esteem. And to keep it all, they are willing to look for me, and to help, but just do not know how.

The thought does not turn in the right direction, because their real desire is not to help, but to keep his own. And one can not blame — it is the natural state of all of us. But in order to direct the course of events in a more positive direction, we shall probably have to do something unnatural.

Our natural state — is inward focus of interest, that is, the constant search for their own satisfaction. If other people's suffering hurt me, that is knock out from the rest, then I is necessary, in my opinion, help, but only to return again to the satisfaction of. That is why our help, both in interpersonal and international relations as ineffective.

Unnatural state would be away from you out. Imagine that each of us certain that all, without exception, others genuinely concerned about his welfare. We could then, dropping the constant care of themselves, to build a new system of government, industrial and international relations based on agreement and mutual support. And if someone seems a utopia, I will ask him: What is the alternative?

Undoubtedly, these changes will require a radical revolution in our perception of ourselves and the world around us. We have to seriously rethink their fundamental values of life and to rebuild the social system of education.

This will require great effort and will take some time, but simple solutions with immediate positive results in our situation does not exist. Each of us has to understand that the world depends on him personally, and to take responsibility for the condition of all mankind.

That said, will there be in 2012 end of the world? A year earlier, or a year later, he, of course, comes either as an environmental, political and financial disaster, or as a fundamental change in our approach to life and, as a consequence, a new beginning, a new stage of development of human civilization.

Michael Arshavsky

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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