With suspected infection of E.coli in France hospitalized two more children

In the French city of Lille hospital with symptoms suggestive of infection with intestinal bacterium E.coli, — renal failure, diarrhea and neurological disorders — was hospitalized two young Frenchmen. At the moment they are in the pediatric intensive care unit, their serious condition.

Communication with parents of affected children has enabled physicians to establish a direct link between the disease and the use of frozen meat Steak Country, purchased in the supermarket chain LIDL, which became the source of spread of bacteria in France, said in a statement, the Regional Health Agency (ARS).

The vast majority of infected intestinal bacterium E.coli French people — children aged from 7 months to 8 years, according to UKRINFORM. Among infected children only June 14 year-old boy is still hospitalized and is in intensive care, his condition is serious, and although the kidneys began to resume his work, a neurological condition is a concern, said during a press conference physician Stephen Letertr.

ARS continues to keep the situation under control. Now in French hospitals hospitalized five children, two in critical condition, two wires dialysis, and another one ready to be discharged from the inpatient unit. July 2 at the hospital died Bordeaux 78-year-old woman infected with E.coli.

As reported, in neighboring Germany from different strains of E.coli 50 people died. Infectious agent in Germany became enterohemorrhagic strain of the bacteria E.coli type O104: H4. The main symptoms are nausea, severe stomach pains, diarrhea and kidney failure. The source of the epidemic were shoots of plants grown on a farm in Lower Saxony in Binenbyutel. Eating them is still prohibited. According to the WHO, cases of infection recorded in at least 14 countries in Europe, the USA and Canada. All patients in these countries became newly infected, while in Germany.

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