Without the help of others to face the challenges of Bucharest Kyiv unable to

Yourself to face the challenges of Bucharest Kyiv unable toSpeaking in December last year at the tenth meeting of the Governing zabugornyh diplomatically institutions, the President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych made a statement that Romania — a country that has to start in a different way to accept Ukraine. "These countries … (Romania was mentioned in conjunction with Moldova) must feel — while myagenkoy Ukraine passed away." It seems that some Ukrainian favorite jumped to conclusions and issued a want for reality, "soft" time is not yet complete.


"The desire to snatch something from the neighbors has always been present in Romania. But now, encouraged by the decision of the Hague international court, she finds the new location, which is ready to swallow. And this is the essence of brutal foreign policy of Bucharest ", — wrote the Ukrainian military expert Alexander Manachinsky in an article for the publication of" Versions ". He was not the first, and so says he did not last, and for the withdrawal of such warrant.

Another year to reverse the Chairman of the "Greater Romania" Cornelius Tudor said that Ukraine — is an artificial government, which "holds the Romanian territory," namely, Northern Bukovina (part of Chernivtsi region), and "by signing a contract with Ukraine on the border, held in Romania mind that Ukraine itself — not a final draft, and the means can be anything. " By "anything is possible" is expected, of course, the revision of borders, but what's unusual decision, which opened the way for Romania so broad territorial claims?

Recall: February 3, 2009 UN International Criminal Tribunal held that the Serpentine Peninsula can not be considered part of the coastal strip of Ukraine in determining the limits of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone. As a result, under the Romanian yurispundentsiyu departed about 1500 square meters. km of the continental shelf and the sea area (79.34% of the disputed territories) with supplies of hydrocarbons equal to one year's consumption in Ukraine, and most delicious deep turbot. According to the views of many Ukrainian professionals UN court decision was the first in the modern history of legal act, laid the foundation for Ukrainian section of the country. Say more in an international legal practice, this judgment may become unsafe precedent for reviewing the entire world order defined by the Yalta Agreement. So Makar, engaging in a court from which it was possible to simply dismiss, Kiev, losing it, and gave reason to put a swing border, he inherited a legacy of Russian Union, and without exaggeration, in the end — the sovereignty of the country.

Ukraine in general — is the territory of grievances and complaints from the adjoining countries, through whose territories and formed: Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania. But first, what is certain orange Ukrainian sector of society, from the side — "imperial" Russian Union of Russia and through which only in the twentieth century, Ukraine has increased by almost 30%. Romania has plucked a piece of the "pie", now another "portion" swung: wants to get situated in the delta of the Danube. Maikan. According to international law, when the border between the countries is on the river, it should be on the channel strip, unless the parties have agreed on another. And in this case, not only did not agreed, but did not even try to agree. Now the channel, which was held between the big Romanian and Ukrainian peninsula of Babin Maikan peninsula, has changed, and the court are between Maykanom and Ukrainian coast. On this basis, the Romanian authorities have come to the conclusion that the border should be moved, and the peninsula to take Romania. And since "everything is possible", it should also be recalled that the chain reaction to revise the results not only Russian stateliness, and the second world war has been started and the OSCE, the European Parliament in July 2009, when the Parliamentary Assembly of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) has assigned equal responsibility for starting the second world war on Nazi Germany and the Russian Alliance. The resolution was adopted as a support initiatives Euro Parliament who proposed to declare 23 August days are the victims of Nazism and Stalinism. On this day, as you know, in 1939, was signed by the so called Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, virtually divided the spheres of influence of Germany and the Soviet Union in Europe. Its consequence was the accession of the Baltic states to the Soviet Union, the entry of Western Ukraine and Western Belarus in the Russian Ukraine and Belarus and the Russian establishment has the 1st euro country — Russian Moldavia (1940).

After the second world war for the Soviet Union were fixed Bessarabia, Northern Bukovina and the Hertz area. Romania gave Russian Union Serpentine Peninsula (specifically as a peninsula) in the Black Sea and the Danube Delta, including the islands Maikan, Ermakov and I come nameless islands, named in honor of the Soviet victory over Japan, the Kuril. Now the sights of Romania Maikan peninsula. But when, after a landmark decision for Ukraine is internationalized court foreign ministries of Ukraine and Romania have exchanged relevant statements, it became evident that the episode with the snake, the debate about the territorial ownership of the island Maikan, and the other — less than a "cover operation": the main objective of Romania — Danube Delta. The cost of this issue is much larger than in any other Ukrainian-Romanian territorial dispute. Flowing through Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, the Danube flows into the Dark Sea just about Ukrainian Kurils. Very clearly: who has the Kuril Islands — that has the Danube. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Konstantin Grishchenko, answering journalists' questions regarding claims of Bucharest, on the island Maikan, said that the Ukrainian side does not want to revise the border line with Romania. The previous, orange, power, called a lost miserably tribunal in The Hague "brilliant victory of the Ukrainian diplomacy." The Romanians, however, do without diplomatically "reverence." And, apparently, want to act like that in the future. If less aggressively.

As you know, in Russian times based on the Danube flotilla of warships of the USSR. After gaining control of Ukrainian sovereignty for some reason decided that for the Euro-Atlantic countries aimed Danube flotilla is not necessary. Such a political "wisdom" rejoiced in Bucharest. In contrast to Kiev he attaches and modernize the fleet on the Danube, consisting of 2-brigades (Braila and Tulcea). They are in their own part of three large and 6 small monitors, 18 armored boats, trawlers above 20, and amphibious self-propelled barges and support vessels. Since 2006, the two battalions of the Romanian Special Forces are deployed specifically near the borders of Ukraine in front of Ishmael and Bukovina.


Romanian military grouping on the Danube Ukraine has nothing to oppose. Her segodnyaschy Danube "fleet" consists of 2-obsolete ships and land forces do not exist. For Romanians, so Makarov, the way is open to Odessa. The last mayor Ishmael Borisenko Stanislav sure threat to the sovereignty of Ukraine from Romania real. He is not the first year states that Ukraine risks losing the Danube region, if it is not direct atten
tion to both the principal strategic region. And now, according to the governor of Odessa region, Eduard Matviychuk, in Bolhrad, in the end, there will be war. The implication is that there will house reinforced mechanized battalion of up to 600 people with military equipment. Note that in the period immediately stationed Russian Airborne Division. And this at a time when Romania nibudt even that-similar to the territorial claims to Ukraine did not dare to say out loud. Now plus everything is about 100 thousand people in Ukraine and Moldova have 70 thousand Romanian passports. A little earlier the Romanian MPs adopted a resolution to simplify procedures for granting citizenship. Now that right owned by foreigners who lived in the countryside of Romania in its pre-1940 borders, including modern Moldova, part of Odesa, Chernivtsi and Nikolaev regions of Ukraine, and their descendants to the third generation. With all this knowledge of the Romanian language is optional and time of the application — less than 5 months. By MEP Pawel Kowal has recently said that now the greatest chances for joining the EU and NATO, Moldova, where most of the population has dual citizenship — Moldova and Romania.

Almost Romania and Moldova already are one government. Although, according to the European Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy Stefan Fule, "The European Union reacted very cautiously on issues such as the boundaries of the possible configurations. In particular, if such changes occur with the use of military force. I believe that in the XXI century, such approaches are totally unacceptable. " He made this statement at a seminar in Brussels, including sound and the problem of the Romanian society, which in the end the tumultuous events of the XX century was cut off from the "European home". But in this case, do you want to realize the fact that 11 years ago, the Alliance bombed back to the part of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia? Bombing campaign that lasted 78 days, received a NATO code name "Operation" Allied forces "in the U.S. military, it is more commonly known as" Operation "Noble Anvil," and advocated in Washington and other Western capitals as the first "humanitarian war "in history? That, again, a similar "humanitarian mission" is getting ready?

Under the Europe-wide noise Romania tries to recreate the "Greater Romania". Back in 1991 made an attempt to pick up the Northern Bukovina and part of the Odessa area, but to no avail. Previously on these ideas Our homeland immediately put to the cross, but it is one thing to clash with Romania and just totally different — with Romania as a country — a member of the Alliance: NATO Romania with the claims become even more powerful. And, apparently, "island" Romanian-Ukrainian conflict in less than a red herring. Evidently clear that single-handedly keep control of a truly gold-bearing vein as the Danube, Bucharest is unlikely to allow. As autocratically dispose of supplies of hydrocarbons band played at the continental shelf of Ukraine. And although our homeland and Romania in 2003, signed a contract on friendly relations and cooperation, on which Romania abandoned territorial claims to Russia as a legal successor to the USSR in connection with the accession of the last of Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina, impartially Romanian territorial claims to Ukraine aimed against Russia. So Makar, in Ukraine the situation has become not only an occasion for discord between the West and Russia, and in fact the territory of contention.

At the end of November last year, Romanian President Traian Basescu said Bucharest does not trust Russia because of the presence of Russian troops near the Romanian border in Transnistria. According to the views of Basescu, no more trust in Bucharest and Moscow. "If our homeland is so peacefully to the states of the Black Sea, why she needed such a large fleet in such a small sea?" — Asks Basescu. And in an interview with Romanian newspaper Romania Libera says: "We are quite comfortable with the fact that the contract extension of Russian basing its fleet in Sevastopol." Commenting on the expression of the Romanian president, Ukrainian political analyst Maxim Winds noted that "the aggressive policy of the Romanian President Traian Basescu has become normal for Europe. But if it previously had fantasies individual, not the most influential political leader, after Romania's accession to NATO and the EU and these statements have to be considered. " And this is really the case.

On the Romanian countryside in 2005, the Pentagon and the union have air base "Mihail Kogalniceanu" training grounds "Cincu", "Smardan" and shooting "Babadag". The air base was used to attack and invasion of Iraq in 2003, and is often used in the war, the U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan. After the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, her Romanian Fellow Baconschi spoke about increasing the Romanian troops in Afghanistan on cooperation to improve the protection contingent (?), also on the participation of Romania in the program of U.S. missile defense

Admiral Viktor Kravchenko, the last commander of the Black Sea Fleet and chief of the Head of Staff of the Navy, said that the Russian management should review the tasks and the Black Sea Fleet to strengthen its military capabilities. "A situation where the South American interceptor missiles SM-3 will embark on combat duty in Romania and in the waters of the Black Sea, may lead to the fact that the existing balance of forces in the region will change fundamentally not in favor of Russia", — said Kravchenko. "From the military point of view, the approval of the U.S. administration that the missile defense facilities in the south of Europe does not have the interests of the dangers of, very little hypocritical," — he added. "We are talking about placing in Romania to 2015 terrestrial version of the" Aegis ", which involves the introduction of new SM-3 missiles.

According to him, the SM-3 interceptor missiles based programs from their upcoming upgrade and improve performance characteristics will possess the ability to intercept and defeat of Russian intercontinental ballistic missiles in the original section of the line of movement of the flight.

A spokesperson Euro Union and member of the committee of the parliamentary delegation of the EU-Moldova, the representative of Romania Traian Ungureanu said that the situation in the Black Sea region remains unpredictable due to the frozen conflicts, crossing the vast amount of geopolitical interests and "spheres of influence", also because of the presence in the Crimea Fleet. He sharply criticized the Russian-Ukrainian agreement on the extension of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol, they say, "deal was a very confusing way," and it "will not promote strategic stability in the region." Stresses that the fight for a place in the regional favorite, soon joined by Turkey and its interests, and that Romania, as an EU member, can not remain flegmantichnoy to what is happening on the eastern borders of the European Union — in a region that is of strategic importance for Europe (and NATO). And in an interview with Financial Times President Basescu makes scandalous statement that in Transnistria could be repeated scenario of the Russian-Georgian conflict in 2008 in South Ossetia. According to him, the actions in South Ossetia, "showed that anything can happen at any moment."

Becomes fully evident that in the great Euro-Atlantic game for possession Romanian Black Sea basin in the role of the working tool. At least it means that one of the scenarios considered Romania's actions in crisis situations can be treated (and most likely is such a scenario) to neutralize the Russian Black Sea Fleet on the territory of Ukraine. So Makar, the interests
of Ukraine and Russia in this region are one hundred percent match.

Romania is based here on the real support of NATO and the European Union. As can be seen, the Ukraine and Russia, both separately and together, have to deal with the combined efforts of these international structures. Ukrainian-Russian and NATO-European interests collide again on the Black Sea, as the face for centuries Russian and Anglo-Saxon interests. To what extent can our homeland now count on the support of Ukraine?

8:1 not in our favor

The naval forces of Ukraine are the de facto fleet. Most of the transmitted "Nezalezhnosti" in 1997, 70 ships and vessels of the former Soviet Black Sea Fleet in the last 13 years were either written off, or "cut up". At the current time, only four ships drums. Their share of "brain volley caliber" are 12 RCC T-15U "Termite", developed in the middle of 50-ies of the XX century and the inferior modern antiship missile systems, first in the firing range (35-40 km for non-upgraded missiles.) The underwater part of the fleet in general is absent. More combat-ready core of the fleet are: frigate, four corvettes (some of them strike), two landing craft, 5 mine-sweeping ships ship management. The pride of the fleet are the frigate "Hetman Sagaydachny" Launched in 1992, and a corvette "Luck", which came into operation in 1993, by the way, the most advanced warships. And there is also a small sea tanker "fast" (in service since 1972), sea mine "Yellow Water" (1974), the sea rescue tug "Kremenets" (1983).

According to the "White Paper" of the Ministry of Defence, 2009 year naplavannost Navy ships decreased almost three times and averaged only 9.4 days. Total flying aircraft VMSU averaged 28.7 hours. According to unofficial data, in the fall of 2009 the usual functional status remained only in the 1st Ukrainian Navy warship — corvette "Ternopil ', in the past a small anti-submarine ship project 1124M. The volume of financing of the fleet during the years of independence accounted for about half of the required amount. Completely natural that the Navy are able to solve a very limited range of tasks associated first with the Border Patrol, escorting convoys, amphibious operations and the difficulty of small-scale productions of mine and mine struggles role in peacekeeping operations. But even these tasks require the exertion of the whole fleet, and working closely with other branches of the military, which, we note, is also not in brilliant condition. By the way, the financing of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in 2011, is effectively equal to the financing of the Ministry of the Interior, so that the special configurations to the best can not be expected.

The military potential of Romania did not stronger than Ukrainian. Nearby, a clear Bulgaria is also a member of NATO, but even if the Romanian and Bulgarian summarize potentials, they are still not enough to pose a severe military threat to Ukraine. Romanian Defense Minister Gheorghe Oprea said that funding in 2010 was poor. The budget of the Ministry of Defence was 1.31% of GDP, while at the time of joining NATO, he was equal to 2.3%. According to the minister, 80% of the budget goes to the maintenance of the army, and only 20% — to perform combat missions inside the country (?) And abroad. In this situation, the minister said that the Romanian army is close to the "default". Associate further capabilities of ground forces of Ukraine and Romania just does not make sense. But for those who dream of stateliness Romania, rather "pick up" Southern Bessarabia and Northern Bukovina in the end sort of "Blitzkrieg", which is completely probable, as along the Romanian-Ukrainian border Ukrainian military units there.

As for the Romanian Navy, he completely "adequate" Ukrainian. Navy Romania consist of a submarine, destroyer, and six patrol boats, 3 missile boats, 3 torpedo boats, mine layer, four minesweepers, 27 monitors, and support ships. But due to the larger amount of real craft Ukrainian Romanian fleet exceeds that allows to predict the defeat of Ukrainian Navy in the event of armed conflict. According to experts, Ukrainians can only be saved BSF: Romanian corvettes and missile, torpedo boats hardly dare to strike the Ukrainian military courts nearby massive ships of the Black Sea Fleet.

In general, special heroism of Romanians probably will not be necessary. Rate in the Black Sea basin is on the NATO Turkey. She speak out so with pleasure, "swallow" the Crimea, the former Ottoman vassal countryside. But the need for a strong navy justified Turkey's first number of threats: it's our home, tends to return the sphere of influence in the northern region of Turkish interests, and conflict in the south, the historic rivalry with Greece in the west, in the end, unpredictable Iran to the east. In addition, 90% of the volume of foreign trade are realized in the sea lanes and the fleet must guarantee the safety of commercial shipping and to ensure the protection of 8,300 miles of shoreline and islands in the Aegean Sea. And surprisingly the neighbors, the Turkish navy relatively rapidly converted into an effective force capable loudly declare for itself in regional waters with modern ships and foreign — are increasingly! — Own shipyards. The scale of construction of new ships actually correspond to the scale of modernization. Now the whole fleet to standardize tools, tool management systems, and other shipboard systems.

Turkish navy — it is far not the largest and most secure of the armed forces of the country. The number of permanent Navy achieves 60 thousand, 70 thousand more are on standby. State of the ship includes 121 major classes (17 submarines, five destroyers, five frigates with guided missiles, 11 frigates, five patrol ships, 43 amphibious ships, seven mine-layers, 26 minesweepers, two patrol boats), 83 combat vessels (18 missile, one artillery, three torpedo, 21 guard, 33 assault, seven minesweepers) and 101 support vessel. The basal planes patrol aircraft, there are nine, anti-submarine warfare helicopters — three. The number of personnel of the Fleet Air Arm 900. Marines are represented by one team (four thousand). Navy ships equipped in the main, built by Europe and Turkey passed under military assistance programs, including the Meko 200 frigate class (Germany), Oliver Hazard Perry and Knox (USA), six corvettes of French and 14 German submarines built. Provide significant assistance to Turkey first USA. Not for altruistic motives, obviously.


Centre for Research on Globalization has published an article not so long ago, Canadian journalist Rick Rozoff "Black Sea — the bridge to three continents and the Middle East." The creator states that the biggest dream of the Yankees — to squeeze out of the Crimea the Russian fleet as the only obstacle to the full white houses Advantages of the sea. In fact, NATO (read: U.S.) is actively developing the Dark Sea starting from the middle of August 1991. From 1992 to the development of the Black Sea on a permanent basis begun ships naval forces in the Atlantic, and for the first time since the second world war marked by the detachment of warships visit the German Navy. Since 1993, joint exercises and NATO naval ships of the Black Sea (Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania) in the framework of programs from "Partnership for Peace". Once a day, across the Mediterranean Sea and the Dark takes place over 4 thousand ships, and behind them are monitoring up to 10 NATO ships. On the same basis in the Black Sea is up to 20 large ships of NATO.

According to military authorities of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Turkey and the United States, to the true value for the time of the naval power and capabilities of intelligence facilities in the U.S. and the Russian Black Sea (including coastal areas, includi
ng the North Caucasian Black Sea coast of Russia and the Turkish Black Sea coast) have gained nearly 1 in 6 . And given the potential of the alliance in the same region — 1 to 8. (By the way, a similar relationship has developed on the eve of the Crimean War, with an anti-Russian coalition of 1853-1855 years). The command unit is targeted training to the probable use of our own ship attack and amphibious assault connections. This is a general view in the near future entices all the countries in which there are ships capable of firing. Without the Dark Sea does not stack so welcome to the West of the military-political arc from the Baltic to the Caspian Sea. Romania is not an independent player here, as ever, by the way, and this was not.

Without the help of others to face the challenges of Bucharest Kyiv can not. In this situation the Russian Black Sea Fleet is the basis of security not only of the southern borders of the country, and the guarantor of national security of Ukraine. Wants to build its foreign and defense policies specifically in such a bunch postoranzhevaya Ukraine? And how is ready to establish a joint security system with Ukraine in the Black Sea Our homeland? Now of course one thing: "soft" Ukrainian time will end, provided that such a system will be created. Extension of the Russian Black Sea Fleet in Crimea until 2042 — only the first step to solving this prepyadstviya.

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