Wreath Memory: Janka Sipakov

March 10 after a long illness Janka Sipakov. Poet, novelist, translator, winner of the State Prize of the Byelorussian SSR for a book of poetry, "The Ballad of Slavic Veche" left this world on the 76-year life.

Janka Sipakov Born in the village Zubrevichi Orsha district. He graduated from the Philology Department of Journalism of BSU. Times are brought together his study with the writers, who are usually called the sixties. Says the poet and social activist Gennady Buraukin:

"Veche Slavic ballad" — it was a phenomenon, a bright phenomenon, and not just in the Belarusian poetry, not just in the Belarusian literature, and, so to speak, in the Slavic poetry. It was both talented and smart, and deeply. And he was a wonderful writer. And "The wing of silence," and other things as accurately convey the atmosphere of the time, the reality of our Belarusian village, the realities of peasant life. And it worked very well recent years, as if he really was in a hurry to do what he was destined by fate, and feared that no time. Janka nowhere left to others to someone on another land, another union writers, to another company. He was a representative of our poetry. "

For a long time Janka Sipakov worked for the magazine "Youth". Recalls the former editor Henry Dalidovich:

"In addition to the works, which he could read with him and it was nice to talk to. He was experienced. He was in no hurry sometimes thought his voice, but he loved to listen, to think, well, if you must, of course, to argue. His daily job interview, which he did, talking, when he encouraged young — this was his contribution. The fact that he even wrote in their native language, and wrote on it perfectly, it shows that the contribution to the language policy and language culture, he also did. "

A long-standing friendship connected with Iancu Sipakova Vladimir Domashevicha. About his friend and colleague at the magazine "Youth" recalls Mr. Domashevich light and touching.

"On it you can say only good things. Janka Sipakov was and the man and the writer interesting. Sometimes we perazvonvalisya, rarely met. Very, very sorry … May he rest in peace earth. And the memory of it let it be. In my heart it will be live as long as I live. would be my most pleasant memories of him. "

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