Yak-130 will buy the U.S. Air Force

Yak-130 will buy South American Air Force

Commanders of the Air Force Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina are interested in a new trainer aircraft Yak-130 and expressed their willingness to enter into negotiations to purchase these machines. On it informs RIA "Novosti".

As the Vice President said, "Irkut" Vladimir Sautov, Negotiations have been conducted at the level of the Commander in Chief of the Air Forces of Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. It was the desire of these states "to intensify the negotiation process" on supplies. Possible customers is essential that the new aircraft is already in service in the Russian Air Force. This is Sautov said at the air show «FIDAE-2012", held in Chile.

As a representative of the company said, the Commander in Chief of the four states to motivate technological capabilities and the level of Russian production base. Until they decide national military-technical Commission shall submit its findings. And yet, said Sautov, "Everybody on that plane to fly."

He noted that "Irkut" in the third time participating in the meetings of the aviaforuma Latin America (the first part — in 2008). The Company believes that the Latin American market is very promising for the supply of military aircraft.

According Sautova, the region has defined the terms of wanting to get a new training and combat aircraft. Sautov considers that, in some countries Yak-130 holds promise as a light combat aircraft — due to economic and political judgments, while in other countries it can be used for training military pilots.

Recall combat training aircraft Yak-130, which was developed in OKB. Yakovlev, was previously elected as a basic pilot training aircraft for the Army Air Forces. Tests Yak-130 successfully completed in December 2009 and February 2010 with airplanes began to arrive at the armament Russian Air Force also operated training centers.

In December last year, the Ministry of Defence and the company "Irkut" signed a contract for the purchase of 55 aircraft Yak-130 — 2015 state armaments program for 2011-2020. provides for the purchase of sixty-five such machines.

In 2011, "Irkut" started supplying Yak-130 for export. At the moment, negotiations are underway with representatives of several states. By the way, the capacity of the market "Yak"Is estimated at 250 cars — in the medium term.

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