Yellow containers rescued from Ekaterinburg mercury

The city has established 13 special receivers to use energy-saving lamps, thermometers and batteries.

Containers are provided with a special valve through which the waste can be safely omitted.

Yellow bins are located mainly in the center of the city. Two container located in the village Svetlorechensky and Central Park of Culture and Rest named after V. Mayakovsky.  

Also, mercury lamps, thermometers and batteries take MUP "complete solution of problems of industrial waste" and "Center of the safety of industrial waste."

Until recently, the lack of a centralized network of collection and processing of energy-saving lamps townspeople threw them together with household waste. Thus each such light source in the form of vapor contains 5.3 milligrams of mercury, which is dangerous for the environment and human health.

In the future, yellow containers will be equipped with all the yards Yekaterinburg, as well as rooms and offices. It is planned to involve the control of the company.

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