Zecharia Sitchin and the aliens from Nibiru

The last two or three years, the media strongly hysteria about the end of the world in 2012. Armageddon scenario that emerged from a bizarre symbiosis last date the Mayan calendar and the myth of the planet Nibiru, Marduk. In the reshuffle of arguments and counter-arguments seem to have forgotten that man, through which the myth of Nibiru was modern sounding — who died in October 2010, the American scholar Zecharia Sitchin — called a different date closer to our planet and Marduk, as follows: 2085.

Zecharia Sitchin and the aliens from Nibiru

Zecharia Sitchin knew many ancient languages

Ancient mythology as journalism

Zecharia Sitchin was born July 11, 1920 in Baku — the capital of the young Soviet Azerbaijan. He grew up in Palestine, where his parents had moved. Zacharias was there knowledge of modern and ancient Hebrew, other Semitic and European languages, as well as the Old Testament and the history and archeology of the Middle East. Later he graduated from the London School of Economics and the University of London. But the main interest in life Sitchin has an ancient history, which he gave a very peculiar interpretation. Having spent many years as a journalist and editor in Israel, further Zechariah lived and worked in New York.

Few could compare with this person in the knowledge of the ancient languages. As one of the few linguists able to read the Sumerian cuneiform texts, he is also a recognized authority in the field of Hebrew and Egyptian hieroglyphics. That's just an unusual method to Sitchin's interpretation of ancient texts still raises numerous objections men of science. Regardless of whether it is biblical, Sumerian, Egyptian and other texts, Zacharias insisted they should not be seen allegorically as myths, and just as modern journalism. "If someone says that a group of 50 people landed in the Gulf led by Enki — he argued — and wade to reach the shore, built a settlement, so why do I have to say that it never happened, it is a metaphor , myth, imagination, someone just came up is. "

Created humans

From the book "The Twelfth Planet, published in 1976. Zecharia Sitchin has developed its own unique interpretation of ancient texts. In the end, it has developed into a vast and fascinating history, which could well serve as the subject is not one fantastic film. But, according to the writer, that these events took place, and in fact, at the dawn of humanity. Sitchin argues that the solar system is a planet, it is extremely remote from the sun and moving on an elongated elliptical orbit — Nibiru, or, otherwise, Marduk. The period of its rotation around the sun is about 3600-3760 years. From there, in ancient times came to Earth paleoastronavty — Biblical giants, or Anunnaki, which the Sumerians described as humanlike creatures growing three and a half — five meters with a life expectancy of up to 360 thousand years.

That beings from Nibiru artificially created modern humanity, are genetically engineered to combine their genes with the genes of Homo erectus — Homo erectus, or more simply, Pithecanthropus. Sitchin has developed this hypothesis in a series of books: "Stairway to Heaven", "War of the Gods and Men", "Lost Worlds" and "When time began." Texts series received the general name of "Chronicles of the Earth" and have been supplemented by another job — "being revised." Researcher found confirmation of his ideas in the materials of the International Sequencing Consortium (transcript) of the human genome, are found in the genome of this very unique 223 genes, which seemed at first, do not have predecessors in evolution. But the further work of the consortium was, the more plausible explanation in the biological sense given the identified paradoxes. In particular, it appears that about 40 of the aforesaid mysterious human genes inherited from the so-called prokaryotes — single-celled organisms that do not have formalized cell nucleus, that is bacteria. After all, these tiny creatures completely dominated the planet 3,6-1,6 billion years ago.

Fragments of Tiamat

Sumerian representations of the origin of the universe lay in the fact that, according to them, then there was only water and terrible chaos reigned. From it were born the first gods. Over time, some of the gods wished to establish order in the universe. This angered the god and his wife Abzu Tiamat — the goddess of chaos, the mother of all dragons. But supporters of the order together under the wise leadership of the god Ea and killed Abzu. Tiamat decided to take revenge for the death of a spouse. Then the rebels, led by Marduk struck down in a bloody battle goddess of chaos, and its huge body was cut into two parts, one of which was part of the land, and the other — the sky. Blood is Abzu mixed with clay, and from this mix came the first man.

In Sitchin's interpretation of Tiamat is a big planet, formed after the formation of the solar system and was moving in the orbit of this asteroid belt. After the collision with the satellite Marduk planet was split into two halves. During the next pass through the inner solar system is itself Nibiru, Marduk, facing one of the halves of the "Goddess of Chaos" and turned it into an asteroid belt. The second part of Tiamat after "meeting" head-on with another satellite Nibiru came into a new orbit, which now acquired called "Earth". Despite the fact that scientists are convinced of the impossibility of such a scenario, proponents of Sitchin believe that it explains the reason for the separation of the continents on our planet and the nature of the layers in sedimentary rocks. Confirm correctness of the American writer found in the fact that the continents of the Earth centered on one side, and on the other is a vast ocean.

Kidnapped by the gods

In Sitchin's book "Divine aliens" in accordance with the theory paleocontacts retold stories of the Bible, Sumerian and Egyptian sources, from the Garden of Eden and to Gilgamesh. The writer is convinced. that all references to deities in fact point to the Anunnaki, and makes no distinction between modern humans alien abduction cases and the same actions by paleoastronavtov. Stressing that he was never personally been abducted, Sitchin points: in our time, this is considered as a negative experience, coupled with painful experiences, then "in ancient times, the accession to the gods was a great and unique privilege. Only a few were awarded this. "

Descendants of close contacts of people and aliens deified perceived in ancient times as demigods. In the Bible, according to Zechariah Sitchin, clearly states that the Anunnaki chose their wives from the daughters of man and had children by them, as a rule, a very eminent personalities. These demigods are described in Mesopotamian literature, and in ancient Egyptian mythology, and, to some extent, in ancient Greek sources. After all, the same Alexander the Great believed that the children of the gods entered into a relationship with his mother.

Ancient Anunnaki?

The argument that the Sumerian and Egyptian civilizations had an extraterrestrial source, does not exclude the probability of having to Sitchin on Earth earlier and possibly more advanced cultures. The conclusions he starts from the Sumerian and Assyrian legends. King Ashurbanipal, for example, saying he could read the texts, dating back to antediluvian times, and talked about the cities and the people who destroyed the global cataclysm. So for the investigator only a firm "yes" is the answer to the question of the existence of an unknown civilization to the Sumerians, and even before the Great Flood.

Just as literally as the Mesopotamian and Egyptian mythology, takes Zecharia Sitchin and the ancient Greek writings of Plato, though emphasizing that he is somewhat involved, points to the location of Atlantis. "Whether it is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean, which later became known as the My, or in Antarctica? It is not clear what the title of the reports [Plato] actually. But there are no issues — once upon a time there was a kind of civilization that was destroyed or disappeared as a result of a terrible accident, the Great Flood, or other similar phenomena. "

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