Zodiac of Dendera

In the world there are many places where the ancient sages used different tools to describe the motion of the sun on the zodiac. Most of these devices have been destroyed by time. But, fortunately, we have kept one, the clearest, the most mysterious and the most beautiful artifacts — stone zodiac disc in Dendera temple on the banks of the Nile.


Dender same zodiac — drawing.

Zodiac of Dendera

"Performing in detail in high relief, the ancient astronomical card contains all the information necessary to calculate the Earth traveling from one zodiac sign to another in the course of 25,625 years *(Author's error, the complete cycle consists of 25 920 years)precessional cycle "Greg Braydon

And further

"It was clear that the creators of this amazing artifact to trace the movement of the planet among the stars"Greg Braydon

In addition to the constellations and the precession cycle of the zodiac can see our solar system, with the Sun, the Earth and the Moon (three circular disc with the images of the gods in the center circle).

One can endlessly admire the knowledge possessed by the ancient sages who created that zodiac and argue about where they were known. In principle, this and this blog exists.

The same who are interested in this artifact can recommend works Pavlova SN "Message from the past. Deciphering Dender sign. "

Here are representative main points of her research.

  1. All anthropomorphic figure with a human head, the falcon and the bull — are planets in the solar system with fixed at some point coordinates.
  2. Between Mars and Jupiter there is one, is not known on the planet today. Pavlov suggested that the Phaeton, or rather what remains of it."We have to Dender Zodiac practically unique in the world of documentary evidence of the planet Phaeton *".(Now, in place of the planet X is the asteroid belt). Does this mean that the zodiac was established even before the global catastrophe that occurred more than 11 thousand years ago? (!)
  3. "In the ideal astronomical chart accuracy, which has been involved in creating a round Dender zodiac, out of sequence location sozdvezdy zodiac Leo, Cancer and Gemini is absolutely impossible, without admitting that this important information is encrypted. What's that? "Pavlova SN Hmm … Maybe there is fixed a starry sky to planetary catastrophe …

Another researcher Dender Zodiac — Greg Braydon draws our attention to an important detail:"Between the images of Pisces and Aquarius is too much space, which is sometimes called the" anomaly "and" gap "between the two marks. What makes this disk space Dendera particularly interesting is that it contains a special symbol known as the square of Pegasus, which appears between the images of two fish Pisces and has a mark that can not be read on the CD. Traditionally, this character is associated with this artifact — a physical sign, containing the so-called program of fate. "Maybe for us, living in the time of change of era Aquarius Pisces, this detail is key. Here encrypted what awaits our planet in the near future. And how plate "program of fate" is inserted in this place, Mezhuyev Piscean and Aquarian?


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