Zodiac signs and their impact

The Sumerians and Babylonians believed that the gods to man and his deeds can be found by observing the motion of stars and planets, and that an experienced astrologer can detect motion and the changing characteristics of celestial bodies or signs of future health disaster. So they made similar observations, and the results recorded on the plates and then interpreted from the astrological and magical perspective.

These observations, interpretations and commentaries are the basis of astrology, the practice in the world of the past 5000 years. According to ancient legend, perpetuated by the Greek writers, the Babylonians made such observations within a few hundred thousand years. Although such incredible claims we can not accept, though it must be acknowledged that the period during which the plains of Babylon were observation of the sky, covers thousands of years. Throughout this period, stargazers have gathered a lot of purely astronomical facts — and if not for the ban imposed on their exercise omnipotent magicians of them to get good astronomers. Sorcerers maintain its credibility and develop their craft, preferring to receive personal benefits from it, and not low-income, expand scientific knowledge of the sky.

Egyptians borrowed the Zodiac from the Greeks, and they, in turn, — the Babylonians. In its most authentic form of Zodiac was originally found in the second room Temple Roof in Dendera in Upper Egypt. He is now in the National Library in Paris. Egyptians modified the shape of the characters. On the back of the calf, they placed a crescent moon rising from a full moon. Twins portrayed god Shu and the goddess Tefnut. Place in the constellation of Cancer Cancer took Scarab (scarabaeus sacef). Leo Leo is in the boat, and his tail in his hand goddess lion chases whip. Virgo is represented by a woman with wheat ears. Libra represented weights between bowls where drive sun resting on the horizon, a prominent figure on the disk mount-child (Harpocrates). Archer turned to draw the bow centaur with two faces, one facing forward and the other — back. The body of the animal has wings and two tails, one of which — the tail of a scorpion.

At the tip of one of the wings of the falcon Horus seated or Ra. Centaur front paws are in the boat. The front part of the body is the body of Capricorn the goat with two goat legs, and back — fish with fins. Aquarius represented Nile god, Hapi, who holds two runs over the edge of the vessel for libations, symbolizing the Nile and the Nile south of the north. On the head of the god — bunch of plants from the Nile. Constellation of Pisces is represented by two well-rounded fish floating on both sides of the lake or river.

Zodiac adopted and used in their religious systems, the Persians and the followers of Zoroaster, and he came from Iran to India. In China the knowledge of the Zodiac came along with Buddhist missionaries. In this country, it has become an indispensable tool for astrologers. The Chinese seem to have some kind of local zodiac signs which were presented to the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, crocodile, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, chicken, dog and pig. The order of the sign from the Sumerian zodiac. This suggests that the local Chinese Zodiac of a character hour for astronomical purposes and not used. It was distributed mainly in the central and eastern China and Japan. According to some experts, a certain knowledge of the zodiac were the Aztecs. It seems that every civilized nation of the world used the Zodiac in one form or another, mainly for astrological purposes.

It is interesting to note that the Egyptians gave a much higher value of thirty-six deans than constellations of the zodiac. Their lists are found in the royal tombs at Thebes, for example, in the tombs of Seti I and his son Ramses II figures of gods carved on the deans of the zodiac, the Dendera. This value is probably due to the fact that each Dean ran a third month, that is, ten days, and the Egyptian week consisted of ten days. Reproduction gods deans and their names in hieroglyphic writing, and in Greek, are in my book, Gods of the Egyptians (vol. II, P-312ff.). Signs of the zodiac were used to decorate the coffins. A well-preserved set of characters can be seen on the inside of the sarcophagus Soter (Theban Archon) stored in the British Museum (No 6705). On the sarcophagus of the Nehru-Neji-Tefft also presented signs of the zodiac, accompanied by figures of the gods of the planets and the deans (No 6678).

This sarcophagus was made in the IV century BC Other images on it astronomical vignettes apparently copied from the walls of the royal tombs at Thebes.

Zodiac Signs found in cathedrals and churches of Italy and France. They found a Church of England *. Sometimes the signs of the zodiac are associated with the twelve, and one curious little theological work with Zodiac compares the Christian life and details the twelve components of its virtues, the inner light, ready for death, the holy confession, temperance, patience, listening to the word of God, etc. For Zodiacus Christicmus should Horologium auxiliaris tutelarisAngeli ".

Settled in North Africa, descendants of Arab tribes drew all twelve signs of the zodiac on the paper. These amulets were all residents of the desert and the caravan. The indigenous inhabitants of the Gold Coast, especially artisans, metal, worn metal rings to which a circle made of welded wire gold zodiac signs. Travelers are usually appealed to local jewelers to make a request, "the zodiacal ring," and is currently in the UK has a large number of similar products. Converted to Christianity by Portuguese missionaries, local residents took the cross, which was considered a Christian amulet and enthusiastically carried on itself. The illustration XXII presented a golden cross from Cameroon, specially made for the venerable local Christian, always bore him. But the symbol of the new faith in its pure form is not satisfied Cameroonians, and he had doubts concerning the properties of the Protect the cross. After much thought, he took it to the market and ask the jeweler to add cross symbol zodiac signs. After that, he began to consider his cross this amulet, having "great magical power" and wore it with pride.

Another interesting amulet Gold Coast presented on p. 323. This gold disc diameter of 1 and 3/4 inches. In the center a round hole symbolizing the solar disk. Surrounds zigzag line representing divergent light rays from the sun. Imposed on the hole gold sacred heart with swirls and geometric boundary. Located around the twelve signs of the zodiac, carefully made of gold wire and welded to the convex basis. This amulet was meant to be worn on the chest as a pendant, but the last owner has attached to it a wire chain with buckles, and now it can be worn as a bracelet.

All dates are inclusive. Astrological year begins in the spring. Zodiac Signs are listed in a counter-clockwise direction. With each of the three main elements associated zodiac sign: the land — Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, with air — Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, with Fire — Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, with water — Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.

Now you can list the influence in the astrological signs of the zodiac aspect.

Aries. — His lord — Mars, day of the week — Tuesday, color — red, stone — amethyst. If entry into Aries year delayed, the effect of this disastrous for the entire thirty-day period. It controls emotions, instincts and energies of those born under his sign, and provides them with an unbending will power, speed of perception, great vitality, quick temper, generosity and good-natured disposition. On the other hand, such people are likely to have differences in family life, checkered fortune and a lot of enemies. They will have a few children, if at all. Beneficial affects them Mars.

Taurus. — His steward — Venus, day of the week — Friday, the color — green, gemstone — agate. Taurus presides over crops, supervise the work and distribute the results, ensuring the prosperity of honest workers. Venus endows those born under this sign people cheerful and friendly disposition, fertility. In particular, controls the Taurus neck, makes a person inflexible, stubborn, reserved, not to forget an insult, reluctant to part with the precious hopes and dear soul stuff. Usually, people born under this sign, enjoy a long, peaceful life and have a large circle of acquaintances.

Gemini. — Their ruler — Mercury, day of the week — Wednesday, Stone — Beryl. They control all the affections and love people's feelings, symbolize the union that is the source of power. Mercury controls the arms and shoulders of people born under this sign, gives them an understanding and knowledge of the arts and sciences, the spirit of adventure together with some variability. Life is full of such people usually ups and downs, periods of excitement and anxiety.

Cancer. — Its rulers — the moon, day of the week — Monday, stone — emerald. Those born under this sign are men and women have a delicate constitution and a limited ability to judiciously use. They are a little arrogant and overconfident, prone to paradoxical and easily inclined to the opinion of others on any matter differ punctuality and cheerfulness. Cancer control lungs, chest and stomach were born under the sign of his people. These people are prone to cancer, and tuberculosis. In old age they are usually lucky. Women usually inherent fertility

Leo. — Its ruler — the Sun, day of the week — Sunday; stone — ruby. Those born under this sign are courageous, brave, generous, conscientious, sentimental, emotional, ambitious, self-ruled, crave fame, hot-tempered, fond of money and pleasure. Their hobbies are passionate, and the expression of personal opinion vigorously to achieve interspersed unexpected losses. Sun rules the heart and the backs of these people. They are susceptible to pleurisy, palpitations, fever, rheumatic pains, pains in the joints and diseases of the urinary bladder. They have a lot of friends and enemies, unable to harm them.

Virgo. — She is ruled by Mercury, day of the week — Wednesday, stone — gray jasper. She makes those born under the sign of her compassionate people and gives them prudence, tact, intuition, the ability to run the household and manage the affairs in general, and a love of art and agriculture. These people have the ability to increase property prone to illicit affection, their love affairs are often the cause of strife in the family. Virgo controls stomach, intestines genitals.

Libra. — Their ruler — Venus, day of the week — Friday; stone — emerald green. During the rule of Libra is characterized by relatively equal duration days. Those born under this sign are balanced character and have different justice, but they lack the courage and initiative, they are risk averse and have artistic inclinations, and the women are very loving. Libra control kidneys.

Scorpio. — His steward — Mapq day of the week — Tuesday, Stone — * red topaz. He dominated in the period of the year, full of diseases. Those born under its sign are brave and persistent, but at the same spiteful and envious, and he — the star, the symbol of serving all the battles, fights and all sorts of strife. Scorpio controls genitals and uterus. Men born under this sign are prone to fistula.

Sagittarius. — His lord — Jupiter: The day of the week — Thursday, stone — blue turquoise. As the overriding during maintenance men to hunt it controls hips Hunters and often throws them from their horses. Those born under the sign of its people have a difficult to understand like, but full of energy and love for the arts and sciences. The influence of Jupiter gives people wisdom, generosity, insight, modesty, shyness, simplicity in the behavior and vitality.

Capricorn. — Its rulers — Saturn, day of the week — Saturday, Stone — Black Onyx. Born during his reign people hesitant, delicate and thin, but their outward apathy stands just a mask hiding the ambition, the desire for fame, selfishness, and a tendency to double-dealing. Usually they are several times married, but the children have little, their affections are different variability. These people are prone to rheumatism, skin diseases and bone fragility.

Aquarius. — Its rulers — Saturn, the day of the week — Saturday to the stone — a dark sapphire. Aquarius endows those born under the sign of his people thoughtfulness, a tendency toward mysticism, prudence, loyalty, love of art, strong will, patience, hard work, courteous manners, and a strong, sustainable passions. Such people have weak shoulders and legs, they often suffer from cramps and spasms. This sign does not protect traveling by sea.

Pisces. — Their ruler — Jupiter, day of the week — Friday; stone — chrysolite. The influence of this sign is especially harmful. It is called "hell Zodiac." Fish control the foot. People born under the sign of them, are prone to arthritis and pustular eruptions. This sign makes them weak, cowardly, lazy, cunning and foreshadows his misery, failure, loss, dishonor, collapse and death. On the other hand, some believe that it can be used to achieve a responsible position and to gain the friendship of powerful and wealthy people.

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