13th crystal skull. The mystery and legend of the thirteen skulls

About the mysterious crystal skull ancient American civilizations long been known. Now, one of these alleged "Skulls of the Gods" is found in Europe — namely, in Bavaria (Germany). Sometime, perhaps, this instance (see picture) belonged to one of the Nazi leader Heinrich Himmler!

According to Swiss journalist Luc Burgin in "Secrets", a skull (weight — 12 kg, dimensions — 17.5 x 21 cm) was found in the attic of a former Bavarian informants Himmler. Artifact was hidden in a secret compartment in the old wooden windows. There store it in a badly worn a leather backpack.

Scientists have known about twelve crystal skulls. This — thirteen.

Obviously, the artifact somehow came to Europe from Central or South America, where the Aztec or Mayan priests were sent with them religious rituals.

According to legend, all 13 skulls collected together December 21, 2012, when the Mayan calendar ends, will create a new era of light and prevent the apocalypse.

In Bavaria kept hidden Nazi list of rarities. In a four-page document called the 35 valuable art treasures that need to be moved shortly before the end of the Second World War from the Sudetenland (South Bohemia) in the Bavarian Augsburg. Paragraph 14 of the document states: "The Crystal Skull. 263-2 FRSS collection Rana, № 25592, leather case, crystal skull, South America. (Der Kristallschadel. 263-2 FRSS Sammlung Rahn, No 25592, Lederkoffer, Kristalltotenkopf, Kolonien, Sudamerika. ).

According to the list the skull belonged to a former German researcher Otto wound.

Scientist involved in the Nazi expedition sent in search of the Holy Grail, and in 1939 under mysterious circumstances, was killed.

Hocus Pocus or sensational discovery?

The authenticity of the existence of the legend of the Crystal Skull is disputed. Scientists have questioned the authenticity of the alleged skull of the gods in the British Museum.

According to researchers studying the skull with an electron microscope, in the instance found polishing crystal probably made in the 19th century, and the skull to make in Europe. Then have acted some grinding centers, such as Idar-Oberstein (Germany, Rhineland-Palatinate).

However, doubts remain forever, because the age of crystal can not be dated precisely.

It is possible that the cranium than magic could be the subject of decor from Idar-Oberstein.

Crystal Skulls

Sensational discovery British archaeologist F. Albert Mitchell-Hedges, confirmed the ancient legend of the tribe Maya, that on earth there are 13 crystal skulls that can prevent planetary catastrophe. It is, in the Maya calendar, falls on the year 2012.

This legend has long passed from mouth to mouth in Central America. According to the beliefs of the Mayas and Aztecs, the world was destroyed four times, and we live under the fifth sun. Under the first giants lived, they destroyed the water. Kite has destroyed the people who lived under the second sun. He turned people into monkeys, and only two survived — a man and a woman. The inhabitants of the third world eat some fruit. It destroyed the heavenly fire.

Under the fourth sun people died of starvation. End of the fifth of the world will shake the earth and of the whole of life will cease. Mayan calendar dates back to 13 August 3114 BC and ends December 21, 2012 It is associated with Venus. In the accompanying manuscript writings, called codes, contains numerous predictions. It also says that 13 crystal skulls exist from the days when there were 12 inhabited planets. Their inhabitants handed skull Atlanta. But Maya got them already from them. For a long time scientists did not attach significance to these words, until finding Mitchell-Hedges did not make them think. 13 skulls story began in 1927, when Mitchell undertook an expedition to Central America, hoping to find the remains of the lost civilization of Atlantis.

And, without knowing it, they discovered the ruins of the "City of fallen stones", which once occupied the Maya. On his seventeenth birthday, Anna, adopted daughter of Mitchell, found in the rubble of an ancient altar made of transparent quartz and polished human skull in natural value. Those who touched this skull horrible things start happening. first time it happened with the Anna. One night she put a surprising discovery beside his bed. All night she dreamed strange dreams of Indian life a millennium ago. Initially it is not linked these dreams with the skull. But strange dreams continued to visit her whenever the crystal skull was next to her headboard. These were all new details of the life of ancient Indians, including no known before. something similar to what I saw in his dreams, Anna Mitchell-Hedges, experienced the researchers and other so-called "British Crystal Skull." Psychics and highly sensitive people as one say that the skull evoke them special, almost hypnotic state, accompanied by unusual smells, sounds and vivid visual hallucinations.

Sometimes visited them "strange visions from the past, and perhaps of the future." Crystal Skull attributed mystical powers. If a long time staring into the eye socket, they can see the "other skull, bony fingers, rocks, distorted faces and mountains." Moreover, the researcher Dordland admitted that while working with the skull he often heard the mysterious sounds, "the sound of silver bells, quiet but clear … voices in unison singing strange songs in a strange language … whispering and tapping different." Crystal Skull really affect to those who approach him. Some are uncomfortable and strange fears. Some even fainted and briefly lose their memory. Others, on the contrary, a strange calm and even experiencing bliss. There are people who, after a "talk" with Skull "Mitchell-Hedges" cured of serious illnesses.

And it is quite the mystical properties of the Crystal Skull Jose Indikez told someone in an interview with the famous researcher Joshua Shapiro. In 1990, in Las Vegas, this respectable and very wealthy gentleman said that in his youth in the ruins of the ancient Mayan city found a crystal skull carved with strange symbols on it. Nakhodka he kept all his life, like a magic talisman. The fact that Indikez accidentally discovered amazing property skull: if his clenched in his hand and at the same time to articulate their desire — it is necessarily true. Exactly Indikez achieved in life everything you wish for. Three years after this conversation Indikez died and miraculous skull mysteriously disappeared. In the early 60's studying the skull, "Mitchell-Hedges" engaged critic Frank Dordland.

He found in it a system of lenses, prisms, and channels, creating unusual optical effects. What is striking is that even perfectly polished crystal under a microscope to be seen the next. He decided to seek advice from the famous company "Hewlett-Packard", which was considered the most authoritative on the examination of the quartz. Examination results shocked everyone. Study conducted in 1964 in a special laboratory of the company "Hewlett-Packard", showed that the skull had been made long before the emergence of the first civilizations in this part of America. In addition, rock crystal of such high quality in these areas does not occur. "Antediluvian" skull was made from a single crystal, contrary to all known laws of physics. But this mysterious stories related to the skulls, are just beginning. Winter of 1994, the hostess ranch near Creston (Colorado, USA), circling the horse his possessions, found human skull made of transparent glass or crystal. But he was crushed and twisted, as if before a cure was very malleable. Where he came from and why it is so mutilated remains a mystery to this day.'s interesting that in this area the most frequently observed UFOs crippled cows. Intrigued finds historians and ethnographers have found ancient Indian legend of the thirteen crystal skulls "Goddess of Death." They are kept separate from each other under the watchful eye of the priests and special warriors.

Thirteen priests in different places at the same time had to look into "the" skull and were thus able to communicate and get information about everything — past, present and future, that is, it was a kind of computers connected to the entire universe. And legend said that dedicated could see the turtles day return of the gods, including most of Kukulkan — bearded Caucasians "god of the planet Venus," which used to be, "in times of complete darkness," descended from heaven, and gave the Indians skills: writing, mathematics, astronomy, learn how to build a city, use the calendar to grow rich crops. Similar skulls were found not only in America (Mexico, Brazil, United States), and Europe (France) and Asia (Mongolia, Tibet). Their was much more thirteen. But not everyone was as perfect as the "Mitchell-Hedges." It seems that it was the later and not very skillful attempt to create something like a perfect skull, which was thought the Indians who once gave people the gods.

It turned out that the ancient crystal skulls interest not only historians, but also some secret society. So, literally under the nose of archaeologists in Honduras disappeared so-called "Rose Quartz." The investigation established that before the disappearance of his several attempts to steal the secret cult priests. Crystal Skulls interested and serious state structures. In 1943 in Brazil after robbery attempt local museum were detained by German society "Ahnenerbe." During interrogations, they showed that were brought to South America on a special mission to find and remove the Crystal Skull "Goddess of Death." But why most secret agencies of Nazi Germany needed crystal skulls? Secret to the Third Reich was not only to conquer the land, but also to seize power in the unseen world.

This was done by the chief scientific research institute of the Order of the SS "Ahnenerbe" ("Ancestral Heritage"). "Secret Cardinal" of the mystical order was a descendant of an ancient magical kind support "knowledge devil" Gruppenfuhrer SS Carl Maria Villigute. It was on his initiative emissaries "Ahnenerbe" and scoured the world in search of magic props. Were especially interested in the methods of the priests of Atlantis. Nazis hoped that this knowledge is "the progenitor of the Aryan race" will allow them not only to create a superman, but through the magic of the other subordinate , subhuman. Today, some researchers suggest that the crystal skulls found were born in Atlantis, and only narrowly survived the disaster. One of the most respected scholars of crystal skulls Frank Joseph became interested in: who could belong to the skull "Mitchell-Hedges"?

On this task were two independent groups: the New York Police lab and psychics. And they both said that the crystal skull of a young girl, whose portraits have been very similar. However, not all the skulls are human. There are even (for example, "Skull Maya" and "Alien Skull"), which have the features of animals and aliens. Maybe they belonged to other sentient beings, once visited Earth? Taken together, they could tell us about our past and help to avoid disaster. There is still time to 2012, and perhaps crystal skulls left to us as a gift to the more advanced civilizations, will be told how to do it.


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