2012 and Kundalini Earth

Kundalini — is coiled, dormant cosmic force behind all human life force coming from the earth.

Kundalini is by its nature a higher consciousness, the energy that creates the spiritual teachers of mankind.

The science of Kundalini has always been one of the most esoteric aspects of Hindu philosophy. Kundalini comes from the Sanskrit word kundalini, which means "to fold rings."

The symbol of the Kundalini — fiery serpent coiled in 3? turnover in the root chakra — one of the seven energy bands along the human spine.

Esotericism, astrology, ancient prophecies say that the Age of Aquarius, which includes the human race — the era of women. The first time in 12,960 years the earth will begin to move toward the center of the galaxy and point to the edge of the constellation Aquarius. December 21, 2012 the Earth's axis points to the edge of the constellation, and for the next 2160 years the earth's axis will move through the constellation Aquarius.

Scientist and esoteric Drunvalo in his book "Luminous Snake: Motion of the Earth and the rising Kundalini sacred feminine," writes, "to 21 December 2012 will end precession of the equinoxes, and will open a new 13,000 — year cycle. By this time, the previous cycle is over, and the old, male methods of control over the lives of humanity exhausted themselves. By this time the woman takes over control over humanity, and bring it to light. "


The gravitational influence of the Sun and the Moon, the Earth makes a slow circular rotation like a giant spinning top. Moon and Sun to their attraction try to "turn" the axis of the Earth, resulting in the phenomenon of precession.


Precession cycle of 25,920 years, one astrological era is 1/12 cycle and is 2160 years old.

Precession is the key to the opening of the Great Year for a period of 25,920 years. Great Year is formed by the addition of three different movements. Rotating around its axis counterclockwise (diurnal cycle), the Earth orbits the Sun at the same time (also counter-clockwise). Earth passes successively 12 zones Zodiac (annual cycle), indicating a new constellation every 2,160 years.

To detect vibrations of the Earth axis requires 2,160 years of continuous astronomical observations, to discover how the Earth's axis, accumulating deviations from constellation to constellation, every 12,960 years "flips."

Over 25,920 — year cycle of rotation around the galactic center axis of the Earth "turns" in two points: one is inclined to the galactic center, the other — turning away from him.

According to the Mayan calendar, December 21, 2012 — and is one of the two points.


According to an ancient prophecy, the luminous energy of the Earth — Earth's Kundalini, which moves like a snake in the two turning points of the Earth changes its position on the surface of the planet. This life force is developed and moving, is focused at a new point.

Earth's Kundalini is always "tied" to a single location on the Earth's surface and remains there 12,960 years. She then moved to the new location in accordance with the cycle of precession. The prophecies say that 12,960 years ago, she moved and curled focused in Tibet.

According to the Mayan calendar, luminous snake — Kundalini was set in motion in 1949 and has already completed the move to a new location — the Andes Mountains in Chile — new home of Kundalini Earth — the center of the spiritual awakening of the planet. This movement is not only marks the transition from male to female spiritual energy, but also shift the focus of the spiritual forces from Tibet and India to Chile and Peru.

According to the esoteric, earthquakes occurring in the world in recent years, according to the "overflow" of the Earth Kundalini.

Drunvalo says that Kundalini Earth — serpentine energy, coiled deep in the bowels of the planet, thousands of years ago there lived in the ancient continent of Atlantis: "The fall from the sky huge asteroid debris for 3000 years before the destruction of Atlantis was not only an omen of the end of the continent, but the cause beginning of the disaster. Kundalini Mother Earth, or Luminous snake began to move into a new place to bring into balance what was to become the new world.

Priests of Atlantis Nakkalskoe fraternity, due to its intuitive knowledge, they have accurate information on where to move Luminous snake and where it settles, coiled like a cobra, in the bowels of the earth, to spend a long 13,000-year cycle.

Nakkalskoe Brotherhood follows the Great White Serpent — Earth's Kundalini — to the high Himalayan region in the western part of the region now called Tibet. "

Under the influence of the Earth's Kundalini was created the famous "Book of Changes" — I-Ching. On the territory of the Kundalini energy influence living Buddha — the founder of Buddhism, the world religion, which is imbued with a deep understanding of human energy fields and higher dimensions of consciousness. Tibetan Buddhism — the only living religion, which has preserved the memory of the Mer-Ka-Ba — "Light Body of man."

Kundalini energy will transfer to the new power of humanity existence — the 4th dimension. This will happen by changing DNA helices. In the monastery of Likir, a 25-meter statue of Maitreya Buddha — the Buddha of the Future, held practice of activation and DNA changes. The monastery, located on a hilltop in the Indian state of Kashmir, repeating the ring-shaped hills, has the form of a coiled snake. Likir symbolizes not only the Earth's Kundalini, but the DNA helix.

"Om mani padme hum" —

"Oh! The jewel in the lotus! ".

This mantra opens new levels of power and knowledge to move to a new energy there.


Dalai Lama XIV so says the sacred meaning of the mantra "Om Mani Padme Hum" — the personification of purity of body, speech and mind of the Buddha. Money — "pearl" is related to the altruistic aspiration to enlightenment, compassion and love. Padme — "Lotus Flower" is related to wisdom. Hum represents indivisibility practice and wisdom.

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