2012. End of the world. George Kavassilas.

Who we are, where, and where to send?
What does "Transfiguration" and the related date of 2012?
What does the activation of the planetary light body in 2013?
Could this mean that the planet Earth will turn into a star?
What role play in all this Divine Feminine particles?
Can the Divine Feminine be "forgotten hero" of what is happening?
What is the grand illusion?
Who and what is a "Galactic Federation of Light"?
The harmonic synchronization of our DNA into the precessional cycle.
Understanding Life after the Transfiguration.

Yeah, it's pretty comprehensive topic to read, but to some extent is still attainable for our mind. This second presentation, which was shot exactly a year after a video in 2009, 21 March, at the spring solstice, George in particular says the following things:

What does the Transfiguration of our Divine Mother Earth Sophia, and the activation of her planetary Light Body on the physical and practical level?
What it will become, when it becomes the essence of light?
Do they know about the upcoming Earth Transformation elements of the ruling elite and their alien rulers? What role will be played over the planet Mars?
Why and how LHC so frightened many scientists after the first series of experiments? What is happening to our nature and environment on Earth?
George himself has a long history of extraordinary journeys of consciousness, in all dimensions of our universe. This experience began for him in 2003, when his college I first found him (as the embodiment of) the true meaning of life on this planet. What is happening here is much more important than we are taught from childhood to be. YOU, the reader, are much more significant in a large and beautiful perspective of the world than you can imagine.

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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