2012 — under the banner of the 4th Reich

Of course, we all heard about the Third Reich, started World War II. But the third time was, therefore, have to be the other two? And they were! That's only right we would like to improve our reader Nicholas Chizha all Reicha existed only in Germany. And indeed, the word "Reich» («Reich») — German and translated as "state", "empire".

The history of the first and most powerful of the Reich began in 962, when Otto I, king of the East Frankish kingdom, Germany declared the Holy Roman Empire. Capturing Italy, he found that it was Germans deserve to continue the tradition of the great Romans. The descendants of the King did not disappoint, and the Age of the century the Empire increased its power, adding more and more land. At the height of it consisted of Italy, Burgundy, the Czech Republic, Alsace, Belgium, Silesia, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Lorraine. In this case, the power of the Holy Roman Empire was not hereditary. Each new emperor elected board electors and had a very limited capacity. And with the end of the XV century, the basis of authority and does become the Reichstag — the highest representative body of the imperial estates, has taken the legislative and judicial functions. At the same time, to the title of "Holy Roman Empire" began to make an addition — the "German nation", apparently to avoid confusion with the Germans, the ancient Romans. But gradually, Germany is increasingly losing its leading positions in the world, and with them most of the territories. The end of the Holy Roman Empire also put Napoleon. In 1806, shortly after his troops defeated the German army at the battle of Austerlitz, the last German Emperor Franz II was forced to abdicate. Thus ended the glorious history of the First Reich.

Second Reich — Prussian colonizer

The Second Reich was created 65 years after the fall of the First. In 1871, the Prussian chancellor Otto von Bismarck and King William I announced the creation of the new German Empire. A prerequisite for this was the defeat of the French in the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-1871. First, France paid as indemnity five billion francs, rather strengthened the Prussian economy and military might. Secondly, the victory significantly raise the profile of Prussia, and it started to join many German country. Even Austria, which has refused to join the German Empire, soon to enter into the military alliance. But at that time the economy of European countries is largely dependent on the number of their colonies. Despite the fact that the end of the XIX century, Germany has established some of their own colonies in Africa and Asia, the young empire was difficult to compete with Britain, France, the Netherlands, Portugal and other countries that are engaged in long before colonization. Striving Reich's political and economic dominance in Europe was one of the reasons the start in 1914 of the First World War. When in November 1918, Germany lost the war, the German people rose up against the hapless monarch. Emperor Wilhelm was forced to flee abroad, and the German Empire was renamed the Weimar Republic. Since ceased to exist Second Reich.

The Third Reich — Hitler's NSDAP

In 1922, a book by German writer Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, "The Third Reich". It was she who inspired Adolf Hitler in 1934 to realize the dream of a unified German state. This idea comes in handy. Defeat in World War I for many years in Germany led to the economic crisis. Weakened by the war the government has lost most of the territory collapsed manufacturing and agriculture. In this case, by the Treaty of Versailles the Germans were forced to pay the victorious countries huge reparations. As happened in the late 1920's — early 1930's global economic crisis has brought to Germany poverty, hunger, unemployment. Of course, once a great nation wanted to take revenge. There were growing radicalism. With this in 1932 for the first time in the elections in the Weimar Republic a huge percentage of the vote received the Communists, and more people to join the National Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP). Became clear — the end of the Weimar Republic. Now to Germany had to choose which way to go: a communist or national socialist. But it happened in February 1933, a fire at the Reichstag, which have been accused Communists, Communist Party knocked out of the political race. And in 1934, power was in the hands of the Nazi Party led by Adolf Hitler. Thus began the history of the Third Reich. Well, what it was over, everyone knows. In September 1939 came the Second World War, which ended in 1945, the total defeat of Germany and her allies. Third Reich came to an end.

Fourth Reich — the Wehrmacht in the ice

Can Germany be the Fourth Reich? When in 1990 is the alliance of Germany and the German Democratic Republic, European leaders really got worried whether this will lead to the creation of the new Reich and World War III. Two months before the fall of the Berlin Wall, Margaret Thatcher even expressed these concerns to Mikhail Gorbachev. But further peace policy of the new united German state calmed heads of European countries. So the Germans will want in the future to restore its former glory and to revive the unified German Empire, is difficult to predict. But even if you want to, this is unlikely to happen in 2012.

However, there is a more mythical version: some argue that the Fourth Reich already exists. Moreover, it was founded immediately after the fall of the Third fleeing defeated Germany by the Nazis.

The rumors that the Germans have a secret base in the Antarctic, appeared in 1930. Germany then sent an expedition to the icy continent, and during the war there often sent German ships. For what? It was said that the Third Reich there develops territory called New Swabia, where the company brings scientists, military, support staff, and prisoners of war, which is used as a labor force. And perhaps that is fled to the South Pole on submarines lost the war the German government.

According to unofficial data, in 1946 the United States was even sent to Antarctica battle fleet to destroy the New Swabia. But in 1947 this operation canceled reason: that the Germans gave the Americans a rebuff that they were forced to retreat, that the U.S. government signed a ceasefire with New Schwab and came to an agreement on the exchange of advanced German technology for raw materials, or personal expedition not found and returned with nothing …

Manages a hidden in the ice Wehrmacht none other than … Adolf Hitler. Can it be? The fact is that in 1945, when Soviet troops took Berlin, Hitler's body was never found. In the garden of the Reich Chancellery were found two burned corpses supposedly Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun. But a year later, there were rumors that Hitler actually fled. Then the Soviet scientists excavated at the proposed site and the death of Hitler dug there jawbone and skull fragment. After consulting with a medical card Nazi leader, researchers have sewn to the conclusion that the bones belong to Hitler's name. Not long ago, the world shook sensation: in fact, these remains, which are still preserved in the archives of the FSB, the women! Such a conclusion was reached by the American archaeologist Nick Bellantoni, who has analyzed the DNA of the bones. Is it likely manipulation of facts by scientists — in order to appease the people? Hard to say. So, perhaps, the 122-year-old German leaders still live in Antarctica, making plans for world domination in 2012 and expects to again raise the banner above the Earth Reich? Only this time — a quarter!

Oleg Gorosov

Category: The prophecies and predictions, visions and hypotheses

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