A resident of the Tambov region gave birth to twins two and a half years

The share of young women of the area fell to the Sign Double Happiness. In Yana Alekhine was born second twins. And all this for a year and a half. Such is the case when the twins are born one after the other — a rarity. And if the first born of a young mother there were two girls, now born a girl and a boy awaited. On discharge from the hospital happy mom and correspondent visited, Karina Alymova.

The excitement and joy in anticipation of the emergency meeting today have all the members of a large family Alyokhins. Here and grandparents and uncle and aunt, and even a very small Lera and Vic came to meet his mother. Most worried father — Alexander. His wife he had not seen for more than two months. All the while, John, together with a new baby in the hospital. Finally, they are discharged.

Second twins born Seraphim and Sergey December 25. At birth, they weighed only 300 pounds-ta. So Jan had some more time to spend with a new baby in the hospital, away from her husband and daughters. And now, the family Alyokhins that has become far more than a couple of people, again assembled.

Alexander Alekhine: "When I first saw them, I was very happy, it's indescribable."

Immediately after leaving the young mother hurries home. For now housework Yana has increased by half.

While breastfeeding babies are asleep, half old Vick and Lera mother did not give a moment's peace. And so in the morning. By the way, the morning of my mother's four kids starts early — sometimes, and have to get up at six in the morning.

Ian Alekhine "Wake up, we start to sing, play, wash, wash our hands. Then at 9 am starting to feed everyone, all eat gruel, then play all day. "

Nurse helps the kids and grandma. Natalia remembers when granddaughters was only 7 months old, John learned that pregnant again. And again with twins.

Natalia SHepel: "I came home from work, I was resting, wake up, she pats me on the arm and crying -" Mom, twins. " I say "John, honey, of course, up to you." But it was hard, as it is, "Mom, what would I do? As we are going to feed them? What do I do? 'I said,' John, this is all resolved questions. "

All questions and really resolved, and at the same time and the doubts were dispelled. In the old Yana and her husband had never had twins. Hence the birth of twins, another for everyone — a real miracle. In addition, caring for the kids and grandparents. Particularly, it is recognized Boris Mitrofanovich, loves to tinker with the little grandson.

Boris Lenchenko: "77 years, 3 stroke, and I still do them. Especially my joy — that this baby, Serge, boy. And what about some women, some women are scandalous. "

Jan can only rest in the evening, when daddy comes back from work.

Ian Alekhine "I'm just saying, that's dad drove, the car pulled up to the house and everything they stand at the door waiting for my dad. And they do not depart from it, do not even give him a hand wash. Yes, we love dad? Yes! "

Alexander works in the Sign farm, and most of the time at work. Beloved grandchildren financially help parents Yana and Sasha. But money is not always enough. Alekhine live in a rented one-room apartment. For such a large family is not enough space here.

In the district administration Alekhine promised all these problems will be solved. And, by the end of this year. Large family in Znamenka receive a free plot of land for building a house.

Yuri Rogachev, mayor of the district of the Sign: "Let this site that they like, all communications — is the gas, water sewerage, electricity. Free, at the expense of the district. And I think it will be a good gift. We only welcome it — give birth to a little more on the Sign earth. "

In addition, before the end of the year Alekhine receive benefits under the program "Social development of village." Then the whole family will be able to live in a big house. By the way, in his youth John Alekhine, mother of four kids, underwent a serious operation, after which, she was told doctors she could not have children. Medical mistake or fate, but the prophecy was not fulfilled.

Ian Alekhine "I am very happy that I — mother of these children, a family. Maybe in a few years, triplets or more can be of two boys, as it will, as God wills. And, of course, this is happiness, without them I can not imagine my life. "

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