A search in the agency OAPR

Chief editor of the well-known portal "Ura.ru" Aksana Panova issued a statement through a Facebook page, writing that in the wording of the search is conducted. According to her, all the representatives of the journalistic activity had been blocked on the second floor. With regards to the fact that trying to find the same law enforcement officers, is unknown.

Parallel to this, according to Aksana Panova, the search took place in the offices of lawyers organization. In addition, people in masks were directly at the door of her apartment, which at the time housed a woman and mother of a young child Aqsa.

In such cases there is no need to resort to legal advice online, as is clear, and she Aksana says that such law enforcement actions are only a cover. These events are associated with fair contributions against the governor of Sverdlovsk region Kuyvageva, General Borodin and Deputy Attorney General Ponomarev.

In the near future is going to come Panova to Ekaterinburg from Baku, where she was forced to go the night before.

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