A search in the Rechitskoye member of the BPF

Employees Homel KGB raided the Rechitsa area in the house BPF member Oleg Karbalevich. During the election campaign activist working in teams of alternative candidates for the presidency — Gregory Kastusiou and Vladimir Neklyaeva.

As the Mr. Karbalevich, searched the home of three officers of the KGB, which was led by Captain Kolosov was carried out in the framework of criminal case the riots in Minsk.

We activist seized a computer system, printing machine, a small video camera, as well as brochures on the results of monitoring of BHC, the human rights situation of 2009, Review-Chronicle of violations Human Rights Human Rights Center "Viasna". They took even the sheets for a poll.

The search lasted almost two hours.

In the master's house in the village Karbalevich Perasvyatoe is domiciled Rechitskaya community BNF.



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