A terrible flu ferrets can mow all mankind

Dutchman turned the bird flu virus into a terrible weapon

The latest research in the field of avian influenza can lead to an epidemic of the disease and death of millions of people. "In comparison, the anthrax did not represent a significant threat," — said researcher Paul Keim. Ferrets, ill with avian influenza, caused the scientific scandal in the U.S.. We went to talk and the threat of bioterrorism.

New deadly H5N1 strain of bird flu has been developed by the Dutch scientist Ron Fusheyrom in Rotterdam, said delfi.ee. This strain of bird flu is most dangerous to humans. The investigation results of the Dutch scientist at the Congress in Malta in September of this year caused an uproar among scientists, writes informational site of the newspaper "Haaretz".

Scientists around the world have expressed concern about the Dutch research microbiologist, who brought in the laboratory deadly strain of bird flu, which led to immediate death ferrets — animals closest to human immune system.

"You can not imagine anything more dangerous to people than a new strain of bird flu," — says Paul Keim of Natsitsonalnogo Council biosecurity. In the past, Keim did research virus anthrax (Anthrax).

As the head of group of scientists who worked on the infection, Ron Fauher to create a lethal version of the virus rather mutogennyh only five steps, and it is likely that the disease is able to make their own notes mir24.tv.

Experts, a series of tests on ferrets as the airways of these animals have a structure similar to the human one. They showed that the spread of a new strain of H5N1 is an incredible rate.

In addition, to check the results obtained in the Netherlands, working research groups at the Universities of Wisconsin and Tokyo. They also plan to publish the results of their work, both articles now under consideration by the National Science Advisory Board USA on Biosafety.

The study has already caused a storm of controversy and divided the scientific community: some require the immediate cessation of all experiments, since the random error virus can break free and destroy humanity, while others believe that only such studies can protect humanity from the further mutation of the avian flu.

Scientists who examined the genetic characteristics of the avian influenza virus H5N1, on the recommendation of the American authorities cut articles about their research to the detailed description of the methods they used did not give a potential bioterrorist to create a new deadly strain of the virus, according to the blog ScienceInsider.

The Ministry of Health reported that the National Science Council on Biosafety U.S. recommended two scientific groups "do not include in the original articles, methodological and other details that will reproduce the experiments to those who would use them to harm," RIA Novosti reported.

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