Alexei Marochkin: no censorship, but the censors at the Artists Union has

Artistic community, "Chasing" these days celebrates its dvatstsatsigodde. However, the anniversary exhibition at the Palace of Arts marred trivial event for Belarus — five works were removed from the exposure of political considerations. Guest "Free Studio" — one of the founders and the first head of the "Chase" Alex Marochkin.

Michas Scoble

Michas Scoble: "Sir Alex, this has become a vicious tradition — if the community," race "is hosting an exhibition, make sure any product covered by the ban. Whose picture this time did not pass the censorship?"

Alexei Marochkin: "First of all three posters Vladimir Krukovsky. Remember his classic work," What kind of people are we? ". The palms that hold shattered arms pursuit … The second poster is called "Freedom to political prisoners". And the third is not admitted to the exhibition poster is dedicated to the Belarusian People's Republic. Did not get to the exhibition as a picture of Victor Nikita and my "Wall" (by the way, to the exhibition in 1997, she "took"). And I understand why the authorities are wary today: sitting behind bars iconic people — politicians, former presidential candidates. Do not hit the exposure and another one of my new work — "Ghosts or winners." The "race" has long been feeling the pressure from the authorities, as well as from the leadership of the Union of artists, but to him, I'm positive. Why do occur, these scandalous prohibitions? This is a serious conversation. And here I must say a few words about the leaders of the Union, which is the second term in office are — and the chairman and vice. "

Scoble: "You somehow do not want to call them, but they are not anonymous. President — Vladimir Savic and assistants — Gregory Sitnitsa and Sergey Timokhov."

Marochkin: "If these people have come to the leadership of the Union, immediately began positive developments. Almost annually Biennale of painting, drawing, arts and crafts. Staged exhibitions in Moscow, where is our playground. Thanking our guide, was planned and exhibition, which is now held at the Palace of Arts. But — how come it happened … I'm not so blame our leaders, here you need to talk at all about the atmosphere that prevailed in our country. "

Scoble: "In the artistic environment very well indeed belong to the leaders of the union. Pier, and Savic, and Sitnitsa and Timokhov — talented, set in the independent guys … If you appreciate them so, then why offer the official exhibition of the works that knowingly cause a negative reaction from the authorities? "

If the works are covered by criminal penalties, then this is the appropriate authorities …

Marochkin: "We really appreciate them, but we expect that with respect to our leaders will be legally and practically justified., You see, they put pressure on the top and ordered to purge prepared an exhibition of works … But, according to the ordinance, and our creative union, and in accordance with Criminal Code, the exhibitions should not be works that promote inter-ethnic conflicts, war, pornography, insulting the head of the country. So, all the products have been removed from the exhibition, the same patterns do not fit. And even if it went well, then they should be dealt with Union leaders are not. If works are covered by criminal penalties, then this is the appropriate authorities. way, before it was, even when I was chairman Gennady Buralkin. Was — was removed from the exhibition work, there were white stains on the walls. And Chairman, I remember, said: "I take his power will not. There the relevant authorities. "And then it took over the Ministry of Culture, the then Minister Sosnowski issued a decree that lists exactly what to shoot. And then — the guys are not smart enough, and it happened what happened. Should be noted, however, that the management Union has the right to withdraw the product from the show, but only one reason — because of the weak level of art. "

Scoble: "And this argument sounded?"

Marochkin: "Do not sounded. Argument was this: that there was no policy. Certainly, we have the same politician …"

Scoble: "And exactly who starred works? This happened in your presence?"

they insisted that this and it will not work, individuals: Chairman Vladimir Savic, Deputy Gregory Sitnitsa and chairman Vladimir Zinkevich …

Marochkin: "We chose the leaders of the Union of Artists. We trust them, and she has to rush into the arms … However, they insisted that this and it will not work, individuals: Chairman Vladimir Savic, Deputy Gregory Sitnitsa and Chairman of the Board Vladimir Zinkevich. Besides the deputy chairman Sergei Timokhova. What kind of experts on the phone is not recommended to remove the concrete work, but "you do see that there was not there …?" Maybe for some his work I have to sit in prison. So take that, look closely. When I asked: "This is censorship?" What I heard in response: "We do not have censorship." Censorship is not, except that the censors — so it turns out. "

Scoble: "Let's talk about your work," Ghost, or winners, "which also received a pass to the Palace of Arts. I understand that this is a very thankless job — explains his painting. But let's go on a quotation for Radio Liberty. So what we see on the web? "

Or, as is illustrated by the expression: "For the benefit of Belarus I crawl on all fours with Moscow"? …

Marochkin"In writing this I pushed the events of December 19. I'm in an art form reflected what I saw with my own eyes at the Independence Square. On the picture on the left side — the crowd with shields, and face it like a devil with horns. As an artist, I can not take these shchytanostsav, these black ghosts who attacked and beat poet Vladimir Neklyaeva as angels. This is not angels. At the center — the specter of a winter hat. way, I drew a picture before being Gaddafi put on a winter hat. So I work out, then the guys were laughing. I allegorical, metaphorical form showed that the so-called "winner" handed a flower essence — whether a rat, or a dog. present the painting as an association and garages, and the glass is broken. But there are not real people. baleen you will not see. Did not I have the right to express artistic means what happened? However, if someone offered me: to illustrate the book by Vladimir headrest — a collection of sayings head of the country, then I guess I do not could. As is illustrated, for example, the expression: "If the opposition win, they will put us all on the count"? Can you imagine the picture? Or, as is illustrated by the expression: "For the benefit of Belarus I crawl on all fours with Moscow"? And even scary to imagine. "

Alexei Marochkin. Ghosts, or winners

Scoble: "If it's someone else said, then immediately fell to under a directive."

Marochkin: "You're right. Somehow when meeting with the Minister of Culture Pavel Latushko I said to him:" I am the authorities ignored. And I have nothing to do. Not all the time to
write the same scenery. But you have not given me for 20 years, not a single order! I say, if you want zatsuglyats man, zatsuglyaytse his work, even painting does something else … By the way, as he did to Pavel Yakubovich cartoonist Oleg Karpovich. He did a wonderful satirical drawings. Jakubowicz took him to work in "Sovetskaya Belorussia" and — all zatsuglyav Karpovich, it is more political cartoon is not engaged. "

Scoble: "And you said Minister Latushko?"

Marochkin: "He just said nothing. Clear that no state fished they did not dress because black lists exist. Our country is a pharisaical policy: if there is no censorship, but in practice there as there is a right and a telephone. Recently we wanted to do Zhodino at the art school, an exhibition dedicated to Constantine Kalinowski. As soon as the authorities found out — banned on the vine. "

Scoble: "The authorities apparently tired every time censor art exhibitions at the Palace of Arts, you have decided to take the palace itself. As you can tell by the Minsk City Executive Committee's proposal to transfer the balance of the Palace of Arts on the city?"

because of the "race" to be taken away Palace of Art. And we are caught in this palace "…

Marochkin"Yurydychyna the city has a right to it. Palace — our property. This is confirmed by relevant documents. But we know that sometimes our government can not prove anything. Documents is, and can come up with some kind of clue, for example, can not be repaired and m . etc. Although the current leadership of the Union of artists did all that in the Palace of Arts was cozy. And now, when you come back to a sense of celebration is not leaving you, and art exhibition — it's always a feast. pafarbanyya walls. And not all brought to an end, but the building — in the center of the city, and the creative union protects them. And it will be a big loss if he will depart Kommunkhoz. However, it turns out that we, by our actions provoke colleagues who will say that this is because of the "race" to be taken away Palace of Art . And we are caught in this palace. "

Vladimir Krukovskiy. What kind of people are we?

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