Alien race in the teachings of Asmara.

When our planet emerged and flourished civilization: the first, second and third, was intense life on Mars and Maldek. But the inhabitants of Planet Maldek so broke in the differences that own weapons exploded planet. Souls of all the people began to incarnate on Mars, where at that time was a complete civilization, but a little late to start wars and those souls who came from Maldek, also helped to destroy life on Mars.

Then came the flowering of civilization of Lemuria on our planet and all souls, aggressive and angry war, now incarnated on Earth. They helped destroy civilization: Lemuria, Atlantis, and now also want to enslave our civilization. To do this, they put a lot of effort. But the main problem is that all of this is the work of the Grey and Reptilian. They helped destroy Maldek, some of them helped with the orbits, and most embodied in the body through the birth canal (the womb). Over time, they embodied more and more. The purpose of Reptiles and Grey — to enslave and subjugate all who can, to conduct experiments on them and eat them with energy. Later, they successfully destroyed all life on Mars, although some are still living in the depths of Mars and keep the history and knowledge of the civilizations.

Now they are doing well and are well on our planet — the collapse of Lemuria, Atlantis and the gradual preparation of our civilization. When about 2,000 years ago, some were born BogoSuschestva to give a little bit of knowledge to the progression of civilization, this is Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed (Muhammad), and many others. There were more than 40 beings who were in different places in the world to lay the new way of thinking for the next 2000 years. But here they were awake, Soul Reptiles and Grey began vigorously implemented to change the teachings of Saints, who gave new knowledge. For example: they have altered the Bible and other scriptures, to make people feel that they are servants of God, that they were ashamed that they were sinners, and Jesus took the sins of all mankind, so that they have an inferiority complex and much more. But Jesus never told anyone that you — the slaves, he did not take the sins of mankind, this is not possible, he would take negative from people if they healed from illness.

Reptiles and around Planet Grey created special three guards, the people connected to them, when they be slavery, guilt, shame, aggression, etc. And sometimes through the grille they cause people negative feelings.

The first grating. Thrust worship, a sense of bondage, guilt, aggression, fear, shame, etc.

The second grating. Craving for racial and ethnic differences, curses, omens, desire or love to hunt fowl, animals (all living beings), etc.

Third Lattice. Craving for terrorism, the desire to enslave people, to subjugate, a sense of meaning,
sense of importance, a sense of superiority, etc.

There is a primary pattern of Co-Creation of the original human DNA created for biological forms on the planet with a magnetic nature. Beings of Light from the original DNA from the start moved to another universe, where he maintained the original DNA. Later, under the influence of alien civilizations of different natures were trying to change human nature prosredstvom crossing, but the experiments were not successful, because The curators of the time were the Sirians, and they, too, are magnetic. These events took place over a million years ago. Later took over the situation seriously. First some inoplnetnyh civilizations put to the entire solar system and every planet artificial electromagnetic field. In addition to supply all of humanity began to advanced technologies on electromagnetism and radioactivity. Helped establish the electro-magnetic force crystals for power and wealth. As an example, in Atlantis. Then began incarnating Spiritual Masters and Masters of the Spiritual Hierarchy electromagnetism, giving teachings of the merkabah and teach what is the true Light. So, after a full cycle of 25,920 years of the electromagnetic field are constant, which resulted in a reduction in size and increased subordination. For example, most of the Grey and Reptilian are electrical in nature, and their body is specially adapted to this purpose. Human biological body can not be compatible with the electricity. Give an example: kittens, one planted on Wednesday electricity: 80% — electricity, 20% — magnetism. Other in magnetism: 80% — 20% of magnetism and electricity. They were grown for 3-4 years, and their movements were watching what the outcome. Who increased magnetic field that was balanced, to show wisdom, love and individualism. Second emotionally unstable, pryavlenie stupidity and savagery, more amenable to any violence, programming, and many other instability of it is not known what to expect, but this is 80% of the electricity, not 100%.

Similarly, and with the people. Now humanity began to develop technology allegedly electrical, maybe someone is interested, that was electrical in nature. The next step — the transition to electricity and humanity can not be any means to help. Therefore, it is important to begin to rebuild their home, this led Creator Lightworkers Magnetic DNA Evolution. For example, our brothers from Sirius with Magnetic DNA whole civilization ascended in a 5-dimensional space, they bdili and saw to it that nobody pokolechil and created a cocktail of their DNA, from which nobody knows what to expect. If you do not save ourselves, then, alas, we are doomed. It was noticed that when you return to the magnetic nature of undergoing big changes, like a man, and at the world: the human growth increases, additional cancer changes the chemical composition of the body, and much more, even the plants increase in size by 2-3 times .

Our grandparents had 12 pairs of DNA, or rather not pairs, and tubes, which contain information, and as a tube of losing information into a 2-helical DNA. Thus there is a division into two parts, ie there is a duality. After hybridization with alien civilizations, people have 7 pairs of DNA. After activating three lattices reptiles and Gray began to work 1 pair — 2-helical DNA. To overcome the guards, you must change attitude, character, morality, in general, the attitude to everything and life too. On the basis of religious people formed just such mentality, outlook and mentality that just shows what you have character, thoughts and attitude to everything. Based on this, scientists, businessmen and creative people invented television, books, movies, ie all. And what kind of vibrations you radiate, this information you get. This is how to cook in its own pot. Go to prison, to create comfort and enjoy your own conclusion. For example: the country of Tibet, and Israel, who see themselves as victims, fueling a lattice, while the other tyrants, like America, China and some African countries — if something is wrong, just war, they feed off each Grid. And all of humanity — some religious people to worship God and the Holy Ghost, one feeding the Grid, like the rest of humanity goes arrogant, proud, does not believe in anything and feed off each Grid.

It's time to get out of jail, throw off the shackles, prison clothes and become a worthy a planet, solar system, galaxy, universe, and most importantly — the Source. This means that you need to love, respect, honor the Saints, Avatars, and cosmic hierarchy, especially its source and stop exercise ignorance zhlobstvo, rudeness, disrespect, etc.

Not all races are set Reptiles negative. Among many wickedly minded Ras Reptiles and about half are trying to treat people with understanding, respect and compassion. Unfortunately even them is very difficult. Almost everything in the universe alien races are not well disposed towards the people, because people on Earth are in the category of one of the most primitive beings in the galaxy and the universe. But most races in the universe are hoping that people will start to wake up.

The physical body is not entirely bad, if you make the effort, then the body will be very impressive. Most alien civilizations more advanced than those in the technical, spiritual and mental quality of life. In this regard, relevant to people as a herd of cattle. Not so many planets that have so many resources to the life of different forms. So when they see people kill themselves and the resources of the planet, they are hard to hold back and not interfere.

At the moment, Reptiles and Grey are very willing to 2013,2017,2030 GG for the maximum reduction of vibrations of people and the planet to almost start to take power into their own hands. Also occurs control over most of the Presidents and politicians, from the impact on them to make the right decisions. In addition, since 2000, began to embody the soul of demons (ie, there are coming from destructive (negative systems)) and is also a big problem. To help souls living on this planet, it was decided to help. And at this time, to give new knowledge, raise the vibration came and embodied 144,000 enlightened beings (Vissarion, Universal, Lapin, Starlion or New Eydch Masters Strelnikov Seklitova, Mikushina, Dzhasmuhim and many others), 78,000,000 Indigo and Crystal Beings , tens of thousands of Beings of Light come from the constellation of the Pleiades, Orion, Canis Major, Andromeda and others, as well as some cosmic hierarchy. In order to give the correct teachings, Asmara had to learn what are the main problems people have and how to properly recover from the crisis and develop. It now provides the knowledge, lifestyle and gives energy source, which is called "all that is" for the development.

You may even help certain amount of information (although it is closed for the people, but let's try to lift the curtain to the truth that is hidden …). At the opening of archives and records from specific locations of the Akashic Records and human DNA revealed many interesting …

More than 1 million years ago, our compartment Galaxy "Milky Way", and in particular constellation of the Pleiades, which included We have been imposed on the God — the Creator and Co-Head of the Archangel Melchizedek. At the beginning of his reign, things did not go the way he wanted, and he decided to conduct an experiment. Decided that from our solar system to create a "concentration camp" for the shower in the form of punishment that do not behave in the embodiments and degraded. Thus, on Maldek Mars and Earth began incarnating soul with serious problems, which subsequently also led to the death of Maldek (Phaeton), the destruction of life on Mars and on our Planet. When beginning more and more to embody problematic shower, it all led 850 000 years ago to a global planetary cataclysm, in which most of the Lemurians was destroyed. Later when all the stable, began a series of new events. Since our creation of a magnetic nature, and to the Office of the Archangel Melchizedek was also magnetic. But the problem of the Soul on a "like attracts like", began to attract the creatures from outer space with electric, electro — magnetic and radioactive nature, which subsequently began to establish and build a pyramid crystals interspersed with crystals to activate the electro — magnetic fields of Earth and the Solar System . This is also accompanied by strong electric discharges periodically penetrates all the planets in our Solar System. Thus, both artificially Electro — magnetic field throughout the Solar System. All life forms began degradation. In turn, began to fly alien civilizations from different planets as electrical in nature (Greys, Reptilians, Insectoids, humanoids, etc.) and Electro-Magnetic tyrants (Humanoids, the Anunnaki, etc.). Their plans were initiated in reality — they started a global enslavement, slaves and the creation of Planet mining treasures. For some, such as copper, the DNA of humans, animals, and for others — gold, diamonds, human protein material (DNA molecules, blood, skin and other materials for their work and experiments). In addition to our planet plug-sidered a Payload (loss) system, as Many souls went on Evolution in negative system. But also a lot of spiritual beings, and to send to wake Amenities, such as the Order of Melchizedek, and other Orders of the Beings of Light. But the main problem is that all these spiritual beings secured Electro-magnetic in nature. Of the same nature are fixed and negative beings, and what is it all leading?

If you look at our Galaxy Dance "Milky Way" 1 million years ago — all went into Oneness. Since then, many star systems pass through the through the corridors of evolution. Let's say, for 1 million years were 5-6 million years of evolutionary development. But to date, our solar system and our planet mostly late for 5 million years, as went not for the corridor because of the transition to the Electro-magnetic in nature. Equivalent, if a person has one foot length of 1 meter, and the other — 50cm. What is it all leading? Most likely to skew the entire skeleton. Similarly happens with the Galaxy "Milky Way" — the Pleiades constellation is nedorostkom. Because of this galaxy "The Milky Way" launched a purge and now a couple of thousand years in the constellation of the Pleiades to be all destroyed. But there is another way — all to reconstruct the magnetic field is not the old model and the new. In this period of time on our planet has already begun this process occurs. Everyone has to decide for themselves and make a decision and then firmly follow the path he has chosen. If the choice was correct, then you can restore the planets, solar system, and the constellation of the Pleiades in the beautiful and full dance. True, the power will need to make a lot more than just live and be complicit in the destruction of all life forms on the planet.
Secret Curtain Store

That has been and is the Creator knows. Seeing the whole picture of what is happening initially, he prepared a surprise, which is a mystery to everyone. Knowing how much karma was dropped by mankind because of reckless postukov Archangels, who may not have karma, as is the assistant of the Creator and the whole Karma fell on the "shoulders" of all living forms, residents Maldek, Mars, Earth, Orions, Sirians , Pleiadians and many others. (In this case, the Karma is meant by negative capsules at raskapsulirovanii which is a series of negative events, and of course, the world must fulfill them. Example: You want to download a good movie. Next, you download this one file (your file — a capsule). After unzip the file (capsule), you can view the film as an observer, but in this case you are not an observer, and an actor in a film called "Life" and while he still is negative.

Now is the time when the Creator decided to remedy this situation — where there was a negative, will be a plus, because the law of the Cosmos — all have an equalizer.

Surprise of the Creator was to be to implement a Universal DNA (Diamond DNA strands) to all life on the planet, after which humanity and all life forms on the planet will be able to release the accumulated karma. Diamond DNA strands were the mystery deep Creator and rarely given to anyone, but everything comes to my time. This stage involves first electrically, then electromagnetic later — magnetic, even passing through the crystalline nature of the universal nature and reach. Moreover, the magnetic and crystalline nature can also coexist with universal nature. While electrical, electromagnetic and radioactive nature will forever disappear. Around the Planet in 2003 were started (activated) 4 Major and 2 Minor Universal Grid (Consciousness of Light). At this point in time given and gradually implemented energy and knowledge. This process may take several decades. The Creator is not interested to lose some of the Galaxy "Milky Way" because of someone mistakes and lessons.
So, everything is in your hands, to believe or not to believe, or to take responsibility and help all living beings of the planet and the planet itself, as there is a chance.

Alien race. Teaching of Asmara.

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